The Role of CBD in the Film Industry: A Look Behind the Scenes

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The film industry has traditionally been a litmus test for present-day social beliefs, attitudes, and trends. The way people make films, watch films, and evaluate film art reflects what they value and approve of at present and how their opinions change with time. This trend may be well observed in the history of cannabis depiction in film – from the devilish drug that makes people insane to a herbal remedy that helps patients address various medical conditions. Here is a brief review of CBD’s current coverage in film and the place of CBD in the overall filmmaking industry. 

Films about CBD 

Though there used to be little coverage of cannabis and CBD from a positive perspective in films, things are gradually changing today. What used to be mentioned as illegal pot smoking for getting high has transformed into educational and informational content about the hemp industry, the CBD market, and other aspects of cannabis reintroduction in the medical and recreational sphere. Here are two of the most famous CBD-related films recently released to educate the public. 

  • American Hemp (2019). This film takes an alternative stance to cannabis coverage. It presents an objective picture of the hemp cultivation industry in the United States by reviewing its history, development, and present-day state of industrial hemp production. This data is presented in the background of the broader history of weed criminalization throughout the 20th century and the harm of that war on cannabis for agricultural and industrial resources. The film is full of interviews with farmers and cannabis businesspeople who work on restoring the status of industrial hemp in the USA and expanding the use of hemp in the textile, construction, and health industries. 
  • CBD Nation (2020). This is the first detailed documentary featuring the history and present of CBD use in the USA. This film focuses on the potential benefits and medical uses of CBD. It discusses the present-day state of research on CBD use for epilepsy, PTSD, chronic pain, stress, and anxiety. There are many interviews with medical experts, scientists, and patients who use CBD when addressing their medical conditions. The film also covers several stories of significant improvement in medical conditions among patients. There’s an extended discussion of the current legal landscape for cannabis and the challenges that both users and brands face on the way to increasing access to the health benefits of CBD. 
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Actors Openly Using CBD 

It’s not only CBD depiction in a certain frame that can make the public more accepting of its use and popularization. Famous Hollywood actors also play a role in the change of public attitudes, as they become the ambassadors of a certain lifestyle. This way, CBD use by celebrities is also a popular practice that can convince millions of their followers to reconsider the role of CBD in medicinal use and consider it a non-intoxicating herbal remedy for various conditions. 

At present, the following movie stars reported using CBD: 

  • Kristen Bell. Bell became widely famous after starring in Happy Place and Frozen. She repeatedly reported using CBD cream to manage her joint and muscle inflammation and even launched a proprietary CBD brand, Happy Dance, in 2020. Unfortunately, the business didn’t succeed and was closed in 2023. However, Bell remains an avid advocate of CBD products for therapeutic and beauty purposes. 
  • Olivia Wilde. A world-known star of House, Olivia Wilde, states that she uses CBD lotions to relax after hard working days. She got acquainted with CBD products during her participation in the Broadway play, with exhaustive rehearsals taking a toll on her body and causing persistent muscle aches. 
  • Seth Rogen. There’s hardly any film celeb more associated with cannabis and CBD than Seth Rogen, whose Houseplant brand specializes in cannabis cultivation and CBD product manufacturing for medicinal purposes. Rogen also runs a charity NGO, Hilarity for Charity, that raises awareness of Alzheimer’s disease and funds research on CBD use for this health condition. 
  • Morgan Freeman. Freeman is a real legend in Hollywood and a keen advocate of CBD use for medicinal purposes. He has fibromyalgia and uses CBD to address chronic pain; his acquaintance with CBD products is very long, as Freeman confesses to using cannabis-derived remedies for many years. According to Freeman, CBD has been helping him enjoy a healthy life without debilitating discomfort. 
  • Whoopi Goldberg. Goldberg, a fan and advocate of weed and CBD, launched her own brand in 2016 to manufacture weed-derived products. She partnered with a California-headquartered company Om Edibles to launch a new product line of efficient CBD remedies for various health conditions. She repeatedly confirmed her regular use of CBD products. 

Why Is CBD Depiction in Film So Important? 

CBD is gradually becoming integral to people’s lives across the USA. It is a viable alternative to painkillers and antidepressants, and its medical uses are getting more publicized. Thus, CBD is the new mainstream in American culture, and it’s important that more people see its routine use in everyday life and films. For instance, many films have already publicized vaping and normalized the use of vape pens among CBD consumers. You can find high-quality vaping devices and learn how to choose them properly at

Moving on with CBD normalization and broad acceptance among users is impossible without its unbiased depiction in mass media. Thus, CBD use must get more publicized and covered in documentaries and fiction films to dispel people’s doubts and prejudices about its legality and efficiency. 

Final Word: CBD’s Brilliant Career Prospects 

As comes from the present review, CBD gets increasingly covered in the mass media, including film, to educate more people about its benefits and create a favorable ground for CBD adoption in everyday use for health and wellness purposes. Several documentaries about hemp and CBD have been released in the past couple of years, and many Hollywood celebrities are open about their CBD use for relief and well-being. Thus, it is reasonable to suggest that CBD has bright prospects for future adoption among the masses as a safe and non-toxic alternative for various health problems.

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