15 Best Anime Characters with Wings Ranked

15 Best Anime Characters with Wings Ranked 1024 576

In anime, it isn’t rare to see something strange. People with wings is something anime fans would be familiar with, but that doesn’t make our winged characters any less captivating.

In fact, we tend to look at these characters a lot more if they sport wings.

Here, I’ll list down the top 15 winged characters based on popularity on various ranking sites and polls that fans have participated in. Some of your favorite winged beings may be on the list, so stick around to check it out.

15. Dark Mousy of D.N. Angel

Best Anime Characters with Wings

Dark serves as one of the main characters of D.N.Angel.

Dark is an artwork by Hikari created centuries prior to the anime and manga. During the ritual for Injecting life into artwork, a Niwa interrupted them, resulting in half of the Black Wings attaching itself to the Niwa Genes. The Niwas now call this “Dark’s Curse.”

Dark is known for cooperating with the Niwa Family to steal artworks made by Hikari. During the events of the anime, Dark is the alter ego of his new host, Daisuke Niwa.

Through one of his past hosts’ Dark gains a familiar in the form of a demon rabbit named With. With has the ability to transform himself into a clawed dark creator with wings, or as Dark’s wings.

14. Carla of Fairy Tail

Carla of Fairy Tail : Best Anime Characters with Wings

This list isn’t just for human-like beings; we also have other creatures in all types of forms in this list.

Carla is an Exceed, a cat-like race that originated from Edolas. She is the Exceed companion of the Dragon Slayer Wendy Marvell and the daughter of Queen Shagotte. When Natsu first met her, she and Wendy were a part of the guild called Cait Shelter. As an Exceed, she can conjure up wings that allow her to fly.

During the time skip, she created a human form and can still use her magic for her wings.

13. Nanael of Queen’s Blade: Exiled Virgin

Best Anime Characters with Wings

Wings are usually associated with angels. This character is an actual guardian angel that got sent to earth.

Her descent to earth is actually due to her frequent misconduct back in heaven. Hence, she was sent to supervise and participate in the Queen’s Blade tournament as a trial.

In addition to the trial, she was given another condition to make it difficult. Nanael was also instructed not to spill the Holy Milk that is inside a bottle attached to her hip. In a weird turn of events, Nanael reached the rank of an Archangel during the OVA.

12. Monet of One Piece

Best Anime Characters with Wings

Monet originally had a human appearance, but she had her arms and legs replaced with the limbs of a bird. In her new appearance, she resembles a harpy. She is also a member of the Donquixote Pirates.

Monet is loyal to her captain since he saved her and her sister Sugar when they were young. Her wings double as her hands and grant her the ability to fly, just like a harpy. In addition, she has an ability called Snow Sword that allows her to use her wings as a sword.

11. Nymph of Heaven’s Lost Property

Best Anime Characters with Wings

Not exactly human or an angel, the character Nymph is an Electronic Warfare Angeloid. Her mission was to retrieve Ikaros and return with her to Synapse. However, she failed the task and was heavily punished.

At the start of the series, she looks down on humans, but after getting to know Tomoki and his group, she starts to respect them more. Her wings are called Stealth Wing; they appear sheer and grant her the ability to use them like a radar.

10. Howl Jenkins Pendragon of Howl’s Moving Castle

Best Anime Characters with Wings

Ghibli fans weren’t given the opportunity to see much of Howl’s Bird-like beast form, but Howl does, in fact, have wings. Howl is a well-known wizard in the town Sophie grew up in, apparently known for stealing young girls’ hearts.

He courted the Witch of the Waste at one point in his life but eventually dumped her. This caused the Witch to put a curse on Howl. As a result, Howl can turn himself into a Bird-like creature, even sprouting two broad black wings on his back.

After the events of the movie, it is unknown if Howl can transform into this being again since his curse has been broken.

9. Happy of Fairy Tail

Best Anime Characters with Wings

Another Exceed on the list, Happy makes it here together with Carla. Happy is the Exceed partner of Natsu. Since Natsu considers Happy a friend, he does not contract motion sickness when being flown by him.

While still an egg, Happy was found by Natsu six years prior to the start of the series; when his egg hatched, it immediately stopped an ongoing fight in the guild, inspiring Natsu to name him “Happy.”

A different version of Happy is also present in Eden Zero, but this version cannot sprout wings and fly like the Happy in Fairy Tail can.

8. Raynare of High School DxD

Best Anime Characters with Wings

Raynare is a Fallen Angel from High School DxD and also serves as the first antagonist.  She disguised herself as a human high schooler named Yuuma Amano and became Issei’s first girlfriend. She later causes the death of Issei and Asia, only for the two to be reborn as devils.

Issei is able to defeat Raynare with his newfound power. Before being terminated by Rias, she begs for her life. When she revealed herself to be a fallen angel, she grew a pair of black wings, and her age and clothes also transformed.

7. Suigintou of Rozen Maiden

Best Anime Characters with Wings

She is the first doll created by Rozen. She dreams of becoming Alice to gain the attention and affection of her creator the most amongst all of the dolls.

Apparently, it was revealed that Rozen stopped visiting her at some point and got abandoned in the Miniature Garden.

Suigintou uses her ragged black wings as one of her weapons, using its arrow-like feathers to her advantage. The feathers can form into a shield, a sword, and even two black dragons.

6. Ikaros of Heaven’s Lost Property

15 Best Anime Characters with Wings Ranked 1024 576

The Angeloid that Nymph was after also makes the list! Ikaros is an Angeliod who fell from the sky and imprinted Tomoki. She is initially believed to be a Pet -Class Angeliod, a type of Angeloid that can wield a Transport Card. The card allows her to summon anything she orders to her location.

They find out as the story progresses that she is a Strategic Battle-Class: Type-Alpha Angeloid. She apparently nearly destroyed Synapse by accident under the orders of a child master. As this type of Angeloid, she can fly at Mach 24 with her wings.

5. Yue of Cardcaptor Sakura

Best Anime Characters with Wings

Yue, along with Cerberus, are the guardians of the Clow Cards. His role is to judge the next master of the cards. He spends most of his time in the first two seasons of Cardcaptor Sakura in his human form, Yukito Tsukishiro.

He has big angelic wings that he uses for flight. Yue’s magic is based on the Moon and heavily depends on his Master’s powers. He is also not affected by Clow Cards under his protection.

4. Ryuk of Death Note

Best Anime Characters with Wings

Ryuk is a Shinigami who becomes overly bored with his world and looks for ‘entertainment’ in the human world.

Ryuk was the one that dropped the Death Note, hoping the one who will find it is someone interesting. The Death Note is recovered by Light Yagami, who uses it in a grand attempt to rid the world of injustice and evil.

Ryuk is shown to have no attachments to any of the characters. He is shown only to aid Light when he feels it’s interesting enough or if there’s a sort of merit for him.

Ryuk has feather-like wings that enable him to fly. He also has an addiction to the Human World’s apples because the apples in his realm are mostly withered and taste like sand.

3. Kanade Tachibana of Angel Beats

Best Anime Characters with Wings

Kanade is the Student Council President of the Afterlife school. She was given the nickname Angel based on Yuri’s belief that she is a servant of god. However, she claims that she is simply the Student Council’s President tasked to see the well-being of all the students in the school.

Kanade can produce angel wings from her back. The wings enable her to fly and can be used to slow her descent from high above areas.

2. Albedo of Overlord

Best Anime Characters with Wings

An NPC from the anime Overlord. She is the Overseer of the Guardians of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. In addition, she also has a role in managing and supervising the activities done by the Seven Floor Guardians. She is the middle sibling among her sisters.

Her wings aren’t just for show; Albedo can actually fly using her wings. In addition, during combat, she wears black full plate armor and wields a battle-axe.

1.Keigo Takami a.k.a “Hawks” of Boku no Hero Academia

Best Anime Characters with Wings

He isn’t called the winged hero for nothing. Keigo Takami leads the flock as the number 1 anime character with wings. Keigo currently holds the title of being the Number 2 Hero in Boku no Hero Academia. He is currently on the road to recovering his wings, which were burnt off by Dabi during the Paranormal Liberation War Arc.

His quirk, Fierce Wings, gives him a pair of large crimson wings that he uses to fly. Keigo can also telekinetically control every feather of his wings. He can also harden the bigger feathers of his wings and wield them like blades.

As much as I would like to name more, these are the top 15 anime characters with wings in terms of popularity. There are so many more winged beings in other anime, movies, and even video games. So, keep a lookout for these characters the next time you watch a show.

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