20 Best Gemini Anime Characters Ranked by Popularity

20 Best Gemini Anime Characters Ranked by Popularity

These days, anime fans have the luxury of searching up their favorite characters’ blood type, zodiac sign, birthday, and even their height and weight. This allows fans to learn more about the characters they admire, and some of these facts even help the likability of the characters. For example, fans may be drawn more to a character who has the same birthday.

Let’s look at characters who are born under the sign of Gemini. According to Time of India, Geminis tend to be flexible and extroverted. They are also extremely witty and bring life to a party. However, they tend to be indecisive and maybe even nosy when it comes to personal matters.

This list is about 20 Gemini anime characters who are popular amongst anime fans. Do they display the typical Gemini traits mentioned above, or do they break the status quo? Also, is your favorite Gemini on this list?

20. Shinobu Sensui – Yu Yu Hakusho

20 Best Gemini Anime Characters Ranked by Popularity

Birthday: June 6

Another fact about Geminis is they tend to contradict themselves. Sensui might be the most notable Gemini that displays this trait. Not only does his characteristics and desire clash, but it seems like he has multiple personalities to boot. Sensui serves as the primary antagonist for the Black Saga of Yu Yu Hakusho. In his youth, he was actually a Spirit Detective that was recruited by Koenman.

Before his madness overtook his personality, Sensui had a black and white view of the world. This perspective allowed him to rid devils without much thought. However, this changed when he met a demon named Itsuki.

19. Rob Lucci – One Piece

20 Best Gemini Anime Characters Ranked by Popularity

Birthday: June 2

Rob Lucci seems to be a character with a one-track mind. He thinks anyone who opposes the World Government is wrong and should be eliminated. He hardly shows emotions and seems to lack any bonds with any of the characters. He was introduced as a part of the CP9 as the strongest member in the assassin unit. However, he got defeated by Luffy and was eventually dismissed at some point.

18. Hisoka Morow – Hunter x Hunter

20 Best Gemini Anime Characters Ranked by Popularity

Birthday: June 6

This might be because he is somewhat of a villain in the series, but Hisoka tends to display capriciousness, one of the less positive traits of a Gemini. Hisoka is a hunter and a former member of the Phantom Troupe. Promisingly strong people tend to interest him, which is why characters like Gon and Killua were spared. He hopes the both of them will grow strong enough to challenge him in the future,

He served as the series ‘ antagonist during the Hunter’s Exam and Heavens Arena arcs. After that, however, he became a supporting character in Yorknew City and Green Island arcs. It seems like he has returned to his villainous ways in the manga, but it’s never really clear for characters like Hisoka.

17. Chihaya Ayase – Chihayafuru

20 Best Gemini Anime Characters Ranked by Popularity

Birthday: June 1

Chihaya doesn’t seem like your typical Gemini, but she is a popular Gemini amongst anime fans. Chihaya is the female lead of the anime Chihayafuru. She is one of the daughters of Kenji and Chieko Ayase. She has an older sister named Chitose, who works as a model. Chihaya is stated to have remarkable hearing skills, which gives her the edge in karuta. She hopes to see her childhood friend, Arata Wataya, again through the game. Thus she starts the karuta club with her other childhood friend Taichi Mashima.

16. Yui Yuigahama – My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU

20 Best Gemini Anime Characters Ranked by Popularity

Birthday: June 18

Yui displays both strong and weak points of your typical Gemini. She can easily read the emotions in a room and adjust how she approaches people accordingly. However, she keeps her actual emotions hidden, even away from close friends and family. 

Yui is a student in Sobu High School Class 2F and becomes the first official customer of the service club. She later becomes a club member. Hachiman initially described her as the popular dumb type of character but was later proven wrong as she is intelligent and has strong social skills.

15. Elizabeth Liones – The Seven Deadly Sins

20 Best Gemini Anime Characters Ranked by Popularity

Birthday: June 12

She might not be the perfect fit for the Gemini personality, but she does fall under the Gemini dates. Elizabeth Liones is the adoptive princess of the Kingdom of Liones. She is also the incarnation of the Goddess Elizabeth and the deuteragonist of the Seven Deadly Sins Series.

She was initially an alleged survivor of the destruction of Danafor and was taken in to be the daughter to King Bartra Liones. During the incident of the rebellion of the Holy Knights, she set out on a journey to find the Seven Deadly Sins. Later in the series, she awakened her ability as a goddess and started to participate in battles actively.

14. Charmy Pappitson – Black Clover

20 Best Gemini Anime Characters Ranked by Popularity

Birthday: June 3 

Another character who seems like they do not seem to fit the Gemini persona. Charmy is a dwarf-human hybrid in the anime Black Clover. She serves as a 1st Class Junior Magic Knight and belongs to the Black Bull Squad. Despite being so small, Charmy thinks a lot about food and is a big eater. Oftentimes she prioritizes what her stomach wants over the problem ahead.

13. Teru Mikami – Death Note

20 Best Gemini Anime Characters Ranked by Popularity

Birthday: June 7

This one is another hard guess, but Teru is, in fact, born a Gemini. Teru was chosen by Light himself to be Kira’s prosecutor and temporary replacement when Light was suspected of being Kira. During the period when people were looking at Light, Teru took hold of Gelus’ Death Note and filled in the role of Kira. Teru looks up to Kira as his God and does most actions to please him.

12. Sosuke Aizen – Bleach

20 Best Gemini Anime Characters Ranked by Popularity

Birthday: May 9

The Gemini sign is often looked at as being two-faced as the symbol is of two people, either twins or someone who tends to have two personalities. Aizen seems to fit the bill as a two-faced schemer in the anime Bleach. Fans originally thought Aizen was a loyal member of the Soul Society, till later, it was shown that his true goal was to take the Society down.

Luckily, this traitor was defeated by Ichigo when he waged war against the Soul Society. He was sealed away and imprisoned by Kisuke Urahara.

11. Asmodeus Alice – Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun

20 Best Gemini Anime Characters Ranked by Popularity

Birthday: June 6

After several characters that don’t fit the bill, Asmodeus comes in portraying typical Gemini traits. Like most people born a Gemini, Asmodeus displays some pretty good with and can think of plans on the go. However, he can easily get sidetracked with his true goal whenever Clara is involved in a competition with him.

This demon is good friends with Iruma and even claims to be his loyal servant. But, sadly, he isn’t well aware that Iruma isn’t even a demon.

10. Hikaru & Kaoru Hitachiin – Ouran High School Host Club

20 Best Gemini Anime Characters Ranked by Popularity

Birthday: June 9

What better way to represent the sign other than actually having Gemini Twins? The mischievous twins of the Ouran High School Host club are Gemini-born and share different traits of the Gemini sign. Hikaru is the elder twin and is often referred to as the leader twin. However, Haruhi pointed out that he is the less mature of the two.

Meanwhile, Karou is the younger twin and is displayed to be more mature and level-headed. According to Haruhi, Karou can survive without Hikaru and is much more pleasant alone. Karou was the first of the twins to realize Hikaru was developing feelings for Haruhi.

9. Shinji Ikari – Neon Genesis Evangelion

20 Best Gemini Anime Characters Ranked by Popularity

Birthday: June 6

Aside from being indecisive, Shinji doesn’t seem to display any of the other common Gemini traits. Shinji is the main protagonist of the mecha series Evangelion. He is also the designated pilot of Evangelion Unit-01. After the death of his mother and his father’s abandonment, he went to live with his sensei for 11 years. Then, he was summoned to pilot a machine capable of defeating the Angels.

8. Ash Ketchum – Pokemon

20 Best Gemini Anime Characters Ranked by Popularity

Birthday: May 22

He is not the smartest Gemini out there, but he is shown to be clever when it comes to thinking of outside the box strategies for Pokemon Battles. He’s also a social butterfree making friends across different regions. Ash is a pokemon trainer from Pallet Town whose lifelong goal is to become a Pokemon Master. 

Despite already being a League Champion in the Orange Islands and the Alolan Region, Ash still travels the globe searching for even stronger opponents.

7. All Might – My Hero Academia

20 Best Gemini Anime Characters Ranked by Popularity

Birthday: June 10

When people talk about all the positive traits a Gemini could have, all I think about is All Might. Even in the hero’s weakened state, All Might has always worked hard to be a great example of a hero to his students and society. All Might is the former Number 1 Pro Hero in the series and even earned the title of the Symbol of Peace.

His real name is Toshinori Yagi, and he is the eighth holder of the quirk One for All, which he received from his sensei Nana Shimura. He later passes on his quirck to his on protégé, Izuku Midorya. 

6. Umetarou Nozaki – Monthly Girls’ Nozaki – Kun

20 Best Gemini Anime Characters Ranked by Popularity

Birthday: June 6

Having contradicting personalities isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes it’s even adorable, or at least Chiyo thinks so when it comes to Nozaki. Nozaki is a mangaka who writes about romance, but he has no clue about romance at all.

Nozaki is a high school student and the crush of Chiyo Sakura. Unknown to his classmates, he is actually a famous manga artist named Sakiko Yumeno. He is pretty dedicated to his current romance series, Let’s Fall in Love, where he enlisted the other characters in the anime to help him work on the manga.

5. Kisumi Shigino – Free!

20 Best Gemini Anime Characters Ranked by Popularity

Birthday: May 26

While he may not be part of the swimming team, Kisumi is another popular boy from the anime Free!. Who wouldn’t love him with all the positive Gemini vibes he brings to the show? He started out as a character who would pop on occasions to a regular cast member in the recent Free! Anime. 

Kisumi attends Hidaka University with Haruka Nanase and Asahi Shiina, and it seems like he is the latter’s best friend. However, it is noted in the series that Haruka doesn’t like Kisumi. According to their Wikia, Makoto started becoming close to Kisumi when they were in junior high school, and Haruka became jealous. Unlike most of the cast, he doesn’t swim. Instead, he is a basketball player and is only seen supporting his swim team friends during competitions.

4. Hinata Tachibana – Tokyo Revengers

20 Best Gemini Anime Characters Ranked by Popularity

Birthday: May 21

Hina is a character from Tokyo Revengers. She is the main reason why Takemichi desires to change the past. She is shown to be very outgoing together with an upbeat personality. When the people around her are down or have low morale, she seems to be capable of boosting others up and inspiring them to persevere. 

3. Ai Ohto – Wonder Egg Priority

20 Best Gemini Anime Characters Ranked by Popularity

Birthday: June 15

Visually Ai does look like a character you would create for a Gemini, but it doesn’t seem like her personality matches her sign. Ai is the main character of the anime Wonder Egg Priority. Unlike an outgoing Gemini who thrives in popularity among their peers, Ai is a shut-in who decides to quit school because of her heterochromia and several other reasons.

Ai is extremely dedicated to people who she considers a friend. In the series, she befriends another girl named Koito Nagase, who was also bullied. When Koito committed suicide, Ai dropped out of school. However, because of Koito, she begins using the Wonder Egg to learn about her friend’s demise.

2. Koshi Sugawara – Haikyuu!!

20 Best Gemini Anime Characters Ranked by Popularity

Birthday: June 13

Like several characters here that only display positive traits of the Gemini sign, Koshi’s wit and ability to read the room are on point with a Gemini. He is the vice-captain of Karasuno High’s male volleyball team and plays the role of a substitute setter and pinch server. Despite having a strong position in the team, Koshi is very gentle with his team members.

He acts as the team’s pillar of support. He decides to stick to the team even in his third year, a time when most juniors would instead focus on their studies over extracurricular activities. In the manga setting in 2018, he becomes an Elementary Teacher over at Miyagi.

1. Itachi Uchiha – Naruto

20 Best Gemini Anime Characters Ranked by Popularity

Despite being the most popular Gemini character, he doesn’t exactly show Gemini-like traits. Maybe he shows the two-faced characteristic of a Gemini at some point when fans got to learn about his reason for leaving Konoha and his brother behind. Itachi is the eldest son of Mikoto and Fugaku Uchiha. He was incredibly talented that he eventually served as a captain in an Anbu unit.

Before the start of the series, he became an international criminal because he murdered the entire Uchiha clan, save for his younger brother, Sasuke. He also joined the criminal ninja group, the Akatsuki. Most of us saw him as a villain, but after his death, Itachi’s true motives were revealed, leaving several fans puzzled about how to feel about the character. His actions were mostly in the best interest of both Sasuke and Konoha. When Naruto learned about this, he decided to make Itachi a hero in Konoha instead of a villain.

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