20 Best Leo Anime Characters Ranked by Popularity 

20 Best Leo Anime Characters Ranked by Popularity 

Many anime characters are given birthdays by their creators. Since they have a birthday, they have an astrological sign. Therefore, not only can you celebrate your favorite anime character’s birthday, but you also get to explore the traits they show from their astrological sign. 

Leo is the fifth sign in the zodiac cycle, represented by the lion, and is a fire sign. Anyone born between July 23rd and August 22nd is considered a Leo. 

Leos are known for their leadership qualities and their fiery personalities. They are confident and aren’t afraid to show off, and they like to be the focus of attention. They have a larger-than-life ego and can be aggressive, arrogant, and jealous. Leos can also be impatient.

However, Leos are also known for being loyal to their loved ones. They are brave, protective, compassionate, and love very fiercely. They can also be creative and humorous. 

Now we will take a look at some of the most loved anime characters who just happen to be Leos. While some of them boldly display traits of being a Leo, others are not as prominent. Please keep reading to find out the top 20 Leos from anime, ranked by their popularity. 

1. Kusuo Saiki

20 Best Leo Anime Characters Ranked by Popularity 

Kusuo Saiki is the protagonist of the manga and anime series The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. His birthday is August 16th. He has several psychic abilities. 

When Kuoso was younger, he was more outgoing and had a personality that was more characteristic of a Leo. However, as he got older, he had to hide his psychic abilities from others, making him more introverted. 

But Kuoso still displays other Leo traits, including loyalty. He often sacrifices his own happiness to make those around him happy. Although he is only a teenager, he shows a lot of responsibility, including not relying on his powers to get things that he wants but rather achieving things independently. 

Despite not wanting to be the center of attention, Kuoso can be prideful and stubborn at times. 

2. Sasha Blouse

20 Best Leo Anime Characters Ranked by Popularity 

Sasha Blouse, also known as the Potato Girl, was born July 26th and is a character in the Attack on Titan series. Sasha is a friendly, fun-loving character. Other character traits consistent with her being a Leo include her courage and intuition. 

Another Leo trait that Sasha possesses is her shameless love for food. She eats constantly and unapologetically, even stealing food at times. A non-Leo characteristic she has is her self-consciousness about her accent. 

3. Yato

20 Best Leo Anime Characters Ranked by Popularity 

Known initially as Yaboku, Yato is the protagonist of the anime and manga series Noragami. His birthday is August 10th.  

Yato is a minor god but dreams of being a great god that is worshipped by many. This is, of course, his Leo personality shining through. He also thinks that gods can do no wrong and are above good and evil, himself included. 

He can also be unpredictable, lazy, and impatient. 

4. Sasuke Uchiha

20 Best Leo Anime Characters Ranked by Popularity 

Sasuke Uchiha is a character in the Naruto universe. His birthday is July 23rd. 

Sasuke displayed the Leo trait of loyalty toward his parents, brother, and clan as a child. He was also very loving. However, after the death of his parents at the hand of his brother, his personality changed, and he grew cold. 

As he got older, Sasuke had an enormous ego and thought that he was better and more talented than everyone on Team Kakashi, including his teacher. As time progressed, he became more of a team player. 

Most Leos desire recognition, but not Sasuke. He is driven by revenge and is more focused on getting results rather than recognition. 

5. Tenya Iida

20 Best Leo Anime Characters Ranked by Popularity 

Tenay Iida is one of the main protagonists of the anime and manga series, My Hero Academia. His birthday is August 22nd. 

Tenya displays many positive Leo traits, including loyalty and bravery. Tenya is loyal to his family and friends, but primarily to his school. He is a brave fighter and determined to become a Pro Hero. 

The most prominent characteristic of a Leo that Tenya possesses is his leadership ability. He loves to lead and is very good at it. He took it upon himself to coach his classmates in swimming over the summer, and he is class president. 

He is a stickler for rules, which is not precisely a Leo trait, but he has been known to be reckless. 

6. Tuxedo Mask

20 Best Leo Anime Characters Ranked by Popularity 

Mamoru Chiba, better known as Tuxedo Mask, is a character in the Sailor Moon franchise. His birthday is August 3rd. 

Uncharacteristic of a Leo, Tuxedo Mask often has trouble communicating with others and can be emotionally distant at times. However, he does show other traits of the fire sign, including being loyal and protective. He is exceedingly devoted to and protective of Sailor Moon. 

7. Meliodas

20 Best Leo Anime Characters Ranked by Popularity 

Meliodas is a protagonist in The Seven Deadly Sins’ anime and manga series. His birthday is on August 6th. 

Meliodas is known for being fearless and outspoken, and especially for his odd and, at times, inappropriate behavior. 

Meliodas possess strong leadership qualities, which are characteristic of Leos. Not only is he a good leader, but he is the leader of a mighty group of people. 

He is very hard on himself and hates to show any signs of weakness, even when he is hurt. He is willing to help others, especially when they are distressed. He is calm most of the time but can get angry quickly when it comes to those he cares the most about. He is loyal and devoted, especially to the love of his life, Elizabeth. 

8. Hachiman Hikigaya

20 Best Leo Anime Characters Ranked by Popularity 

Hachiman Hikigaya is a character in the My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU manga and anime universe. His astrological sign is Leo since his birthday is August 8th. 

Hachiman does not really have the outgoing personality that is characteristic of most Leos. He is introverted, stays out of other people’s business, and is even considered by some to be an outcast. 

However, joining Service Club allowed Hachiman to make new friends, and he eventually developed leadership skills. 

True to his sign, Hachiman is very loyal to the friends he does have and goes out of his way to help them. 

9. Tomoe 

20 Best Leo Anime Characters Ranked by Popularity 

Tomoe is a fox yogai who is married to Nanami Momozono in the Kamisama Kiss manga and anime series. His birthday is August 19th. 

He is not prideful in his appearance. In fact, he seems oblivious to the fact that he is attractive. But he does know how to turn on the charm when necessary.

He does not trust others easily, so he does not have the typical outgoing Leo personality. However, he is loyal to and protective of his friends and loved ones, especially Nanami. 

He can be sarcastic and has a bad temper at times. 

10. Kanade Tachibana

20 Best Leo Anime Characters Ranked by Popularity 

Kanade Tachibana is known for being an angel and her heroine role in the manga and anime series Angel Beats. Her birthday is July 26th.

The most apparent Leo characteristic that Kanade has is her leadership ability, as she is the student council president of the Afterlife school. 

Uncharacteristic of her sign, Kanade rarely shows emotion and does not have the typical outgoing Leo personality. However, she is very devoted to her friend Otonashi. 

11. Taiga Aisaka

20 Best Leo Anime Characters Ranked by Popularity 

Taiga Aisaka is the main female character of the Toradora! Anime and manga series. Her date of birth is July 27th. 

Her aggressiveness and short temper (which are both Leo traits) earned her the nickname Palmtop Tiger. She is also sarcastic and prideful and gets upset quickly when someone mentions or makes fun of her short height. She is also very competitive. 

However, she is kind and loyal to the people she trusts. 

12. Kurisu Makise

20 Best Leo Anime Characters Ranked by Popularity 

Kurisu Makise is a heroine and protagonist in the Steins; Gate series. Kurisu’s birthday is July 25th. 

Kurisu is brilliant and mature, having graduated from university at the age of 17. While Leos often display these traits, they are usually accompanied by a large ego, but this is not the case with Kurisu. 

She is often sarcastic but is friendly to almost everyone, as long as they act respectfully and not inappropriately. 

13. Bulma

20 Best Leo Anime Characters Ranked by Popularity 

Bulma is one of the most significant females and overall characters in the DragonBall universe. August 18th is her birthday. 

True to her Leo nature, Bulma tends to act self-centered and spoiled. She is also very smart but can also be temperamental. 

She is very vain, using her beauty as a reason behind her selfishness, and is overly concerned with her hygiene. However, she can be friendly and helpful to others.

14. Leo de la Iglesia 

20 Best Leo Anime Characters Ranked by Popularity 

Leo de la Iglesia is a figure skater of Mexican-American descent on the anime series Yuri!!! On Ice. August 2nd is his birthday. 

He is a talented figure skater, and as a Leo, he embraces his creative side by choreographing most of his programs. His programs are known for their originality, and he enjoys competing. 

Leo cares a lot about his friends and often thinks about them while he is performing. 

15. Mereoleona Vermillon

20 Best Leo Anime Characters Ranked by Popularity 

Mereoleona Vermillon is the noblewoman of the House Vermillion in the anime and manga series Black Clover. She was born on July 26th. 

Mereleona is known for her ferocious and fiery personality, which is a trademark of her astrological sign. She is also loud, aggressive, and has a short temper. 

Many people fear her temper, but she respects anyone who works hard to get stronger and better themselves, and she is good at motivating others. And as a member of a noble family, she obviously has excellent leadership skills.

16. Mina “Pinky” Ashido

20 Best Leo Anime Characters Ranked by Popularity 

Mina Ashido is a character in the My Hero Academia universe. Her nickname is Pinky because her hair and skin are both shades of pink. She is a Leo because her birthday is July 30th. 

Many Leos are known for being the center of attention, whether they like it or not. Pinky is easily the center of attention at UA due to her energetic and carefree personality. She is strong and gifted physically, but not so much academically. 

Pinky is very friendly and easygoing. She can be emotional at times, but most of the time, she is cheerful. She is also very courageous and does not like when other people bully others. She has even turned some bad guys’ attitudes around with her positive attitude. 

Pinky has been known to put herself in the way of danger to protect other people, especially her friends. 

17. Lavi

20 Best Leo Anime Characters Ranked by Popularity 

Lavi is one of the D. Gray-Man anime and manga series protagonists, with an August 10th birthday. Lavi is one of many aliases, and his real name is unknown. Lavi is a successor of the Booksman clan.

Lavi has many Leo personality traits, including constantly wanting to be the center of attention. He can also be impulsive, not hesitating to attack someone when he needs to. 

Lavi has a cheerful, easygoing, laidback personality most of the time. However, he does tend to get angry easily, but only over serious matters. 

18. Risa Koizumi

20 Best Leo Anime Characters Ranked by Popularity 

Risa Koizumi is a female protagonist in the anime series Lovely Complex. Her birthday is August 3rd. 

True to her Leo nature, Risa is usually the center of attention. This is because she is very tall and attractive. She also has a boisterous but energetic and easygoing personality. She is truly the life of the party anywhere she goes. 

Risa is self-conscious at times about her height, but most of the time, she is confident and has a loud, strong, and impulsive personality. She is friendly and cheerful, even putting on a happy face when someone hurts her feelings. Risa is also not afraid to show her emotions, especially when it comes to someone she likes. 

Risa also embraces the creative nature of her sign, as she enjoys fashion and listening to rap music. 

19. Manatsu “Cure Summer” Natsuumi

20 Best Leo Anime Characters Ranked by Popularity 

Manatsu Natsumi is one of the main characters of the anime series Tropical-Rogue! Pretty Cure. Cure Summer is her alter ego, which she transforms into using her Tropical Pact and her Heart Kuru Ring. Manatsu’s birthday is August 1st. 

There are five main Cures on the show, and Manatsu is the group leader, which is not surprising since Leos are natural leaders. She also has the trademark of Leo energetic and cheerful personality. 

Another Leo trait that she possesses is her impulsiveness. She is quick to act before she thinks. She is doing it for good reasons most of the time, though. 

20. Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez

20 Best Leo Anime Characters Ranked by Popularity 

And finishing off the list is Grimmjow Jaegerquez of Bleach. His birthday is July 31st. All the other anime characters that made the list are heroes or protagonists, except for Grimmjow, who is a villain. 

However, he is an amazingly cool character, and he has several obvious Leo traits. Grimmjow has a laid-back demeanor most of the time, but he also has a very short temper and is rude, impulsive, and violent. He is also egotistical. 

Grimmjow is also powerful, and he is confident in his powers. And although he is a bad guy, Grimmjow refuses to fight anyone who is injured and not at full strength. On the other hand, he’s still an antagonist and has more negative Leo traits than positive, which landed him at the bottom of our list.