10 Best Over 40 Actresses (2022 Update)

10 Best Over 40 Actresses (2022 Update)

Some celebrities seem to wear their age on their sleeves, making it easy to tell how old they are. However, others seem timeless, never aging even after being on screen for several years. Below is a list of actresses who still look twenty-one though they’ve crossed the threshold into middle age.

1. Angelina Jolie

10 Best Over 40 Actresses (2022 Update)

Many consider Jolie one of the best actresses ever, and they’re not wrong. The woman is a sensation who never seems to grow old. 

Born June 4, 1975, the actress hits 47 in 2022. However, her face could still pass for a woman in her twenties. Her good looks are probably a result of her mixed ancestry.

Jolie hit the industry in 1999 with her role in “Girl, Interrupted” Before then, she was a big part of several minor productions. She also studied film for a while in New York before joining the Los Angeles’ Met Theatre Group.

At age sixteen, Jolie journeyed down the path to modeling and was featured in several music videos. Notwithstanding, her acting career was her breakthrough, and today, she’s famous for her roles in many blockbuster movies.

2. Charlize Theron

10 Best Over 40 Actresses (2022 Update)

Theron, a powerful woman in the industry and one of the highest-paid actresses, remains a sight to behold. She walked into fame after playing a lead role in The Devil’s Advocate. Charlize had also starred in other movies, which won her several accolades.

The prolific actress came into the world on August 7, 1975, and is the only child of Gerda and Charles Theron. Though she envisioned herself being a dancer, she bagged a modeling career at 16 and moved with her mother to Milan to pursue the career. 

After struggling, she made it big time, and she’s now one of the most influential people in the world.

3. Gwyneth Paltrow

10 Best Over 40 Actresses (2022 Update)

Tall, slender, with a youthful smile, Gwyneth Paltrow remains one of the actresses whose beauty never fades. She is the daughter of Bruce Paltrow, a notable director, and Blythe Danner, an award-winning actress. 

Gwyneth and her family moved to Massachusetts when she was eleven. Here, she started receiving acting lessons under the supervision of her parents. 

Paltrow debuted with a minor role in the movie “Shout.” Afterwards, she starred in several films for five years before landing a role in Shakespeare in Love.

This role caused her to win the Golden Globe and an award for the best actress in a leading role. However, Gwyneth’s success didn’t end there. She continued to play in several movies, including The Royal Tenenbaums, Iron Man, and two lovers.

4. Kate Hudson

10 Best Over 40 Actresses (2022 Update)

One look at her, and you can tell that she has an ambient personality. Her character, however, isn’t the only thing to love about her. Aside from having a stunning figure, Kate has a beautiful face. 

She was born in 1979 to Bill Hudson and Goldie Hawn. Though her father was a star, she was raised by Kurt Russel, her mother’s boyfriend. As a result, she considers Russell to be 

her father. 

Her biological father was not the only entertainer in the house. Her half-brother, Oliver, is an actor. She’s also a niece to Wyatt Russell – a hockey player and actor, and the granddaughter to Rut Hawn, a musician.

From all indications, she was born to be an entertainer. As a child, she loved to sing and dance. Though her parents thought she would take up a career in singing, she opted for acting.

She has starred in several movies lie Desert Blue, 200 cigarettes, and Gossip.

5. Kerry Washington

10 Best Over 40 Actresses (2022 Update)

Kerry gained popularity for her role as Olivia Pope in the movie, Scandal. This role not only boosted her fame but also earned her three nominations.

Kerry was born in 1977 to Earl Washington, a broker, and Valerie, a professor and consultant. She graduated from George Washington University, earning a double major in sociology and anthropology. Despite her degree, she learned to dance from Jennifer Lopez. 

She debuted with her role in Magical Makeover. Since then, she has acted as several characters in different movies, earning her several nominations and awards.

6. Jennifer Garner

10 Best Over 40 Actresses (2022 Update)

Garner, who became famous for her role in Alias, is one of the sensational actresses in the industry. Born in 1972 in Texas, she worked her way up to stardom through hard work and determination. 

She is the child of Patricia Ann and John Garner and the second of three girls. Growing up, she took ballet classes which influenced her love for acting.

Garner enrolled as a chemistry major at Denison University but soon switched to the Theatre when she realized she preferred acting. This decision paid off as she has starred in several award-winning movies.

7. Laverne Cox

10 Best Over 40 Actresses (2022 Update)

Cox is one of the prominent actresses whose age is difficult to believe. This woman isn’t just over 40 but a few steps away from becoming 50. 

Cox became famous for her role as Sophia in the Orange Is the New Black series. Her fantastic performance earned her a nomination for an Emmy Award. In 2015, she became 

the first transgender woman to win a Daytime Emmy Award as a producer.

8. Rachel McAdams

10 Best Over 40 Actresses (2022 Update)

McAdams took up acting at 13, beginning with roles in her school’s Shakespearean productions. After graduating with honors in Theatre, she went into acting full-time. 

The stunning actress first gained recognition for her role in The Famous Jett Jackson. However, her breakthrough came with her role as Regina George in Mean Girls. The movie was followed by the Notebook, another box office success.

9. Rose Byrne

10 Best Over 40 Actresses (2022 Update)

Rose Byrne is one of the actresses that is “ageless.” Her slender stature and naturally beautiful face never seem to age despite appearing in several movies over the years.

She was born in 1979 to Jane and Robin Byrne. Byrne got her first role in Dallas Doll when she was 15. Since then, Byrne has featured in countless movies like Star Wars, Insidious, and Bridesmaids.

10. Zoe Saldana

10 Best Over 40 Actresses (2022 Update)

Zoe Saldana gained recognition for her performances in sci-fi movies. Though born in New Jersey in 1978, she and her family moved to the Dominican Republic when she was ten. Here, she picked interest in dance which led her to take dance lessons.

Her experience as a dancer exposed her to performing in Theatre, leading her to her first role as Eva Rodrigue on Centre stage. From that moment, she became involved with major actors and actresses and grew in the industry at a fast pace.

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