5 Best TV and Streaming Shows of 2023

5 Best TV and Streaming Shows of 2023

We are almost halfway through December and it is time for the yearly roundup activity. 2022 was a great year for the TV and online streaming industry. While many shows released their new seasons, some series also dropped their first seasons. Some shows, although hyped, could not make it up to the mark as well. Overall, the competition was great and the quality was top-notch. Throughout the year, Windstream Internet kept helping in keeping up the entertainment. With its promise to deliver high-speed internet, great prices, and amazing Windstream customer service, it was our fun mate.

Nevertheless, we have compiled a list of the best shows for you based on a wide variety of content. Without further ado, here is your roundup of the top streaming and TV shows in 2022. Dig in!

Stranger Things 4

Stranger Things, a Netflix original, has become one of the most popular shows among all age groups. 2022 took us back to Hawkins in the highly anticipated Volume 4, after the wait of 3 years. And it was everything we had hoped for and more. It didn’t matter if the run-time was longer than usual, Stranger Things Volume 4 broke some big records.

It was watched over a billion times and most importantly re-introduced by Kate Bush to the world. Spotify shared that the streaming of Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush increased up to 8700% after the song was featured in Stranger Things’ thrilling scene. The next season is expected to be released in 2023 but can be delayed.   


It makes sense if you weren’t interested in watching it first. Star Wars fans have had to deal with a lot of content that was dragged and didn’t live up to the original quality. When Andor was announced, many asked themselves, do we need to know more about the best character from a galaxy far far away? Well, we are sure that after watching Andor, the answer came out as yes. 

Andor didn’t have the familiarity and this might be the best thing about it. The show mixed the real-life problems set in everyone’s favorite space opera. And the outfits; are out of the world (pun intended). Overall, Andor has managed to restore fans’ faith in the franchise.

The Bear

Talk about a dry comedy that will make you laugh. The Bear on Hulu and Disney+ took a different take on the relations between two Italian-American cousins. These two run a Chicago beef sandwich shop that isn’t going very well. Spoiler alert, we got extreme anxiety watching its seventh episode. Critics have lauded this show for with excellent story and top-notch acting. 

It goes deep in exploring the relationship dynamics, the importance of kinship, and most importantly the role of good food in life. It was a Michelin star show and performance.

Euphoria Season 2

Just like season 1, Euphoria’s second season was an instant hit. Released on HBO and Sky Atlantic, the show made rounds on the internet for a long time. The story is about a middle-class teenager, played by the famous Zendaya, and her addiction problem. The showrunner in the latest season focused on showing tender moments, and some that would make you laugh out loud. 

The world is being shown through the eyes of a drug addict who also has to deal with other harsh realities of life. The good news for the fans is that Euphoria has been renewed for the third season, all set to be released in 2023.

House of the Dragon Season 1

For those going through missing the Game of Thrones era or being disappointed by its end, House of the Dragon came to the rescue. The first season of the show, based on George R R Martin’s book Fire and Blood was released in 2022. The show was renewed for a second season just after its first episode was aired. With Emma D’Arcy, Olivia Cooke, Matt Smith, Rhys Ifans, and Ewan Mitchell as lead cast, shooting for season 2 will begin in March 2023. 

The show is set over a century before Game of Thrones started. It centers around the Targaryen civil war that happened between the two factions, Greens and Blacks, which resulted in the weakening of the imperial family. It is a must must-watch. 


To get into streaming, you simply have to start. Watch the movie alone or with friends, bring in some popcorn, and let the fun begin. We hope and expect 2023 to be as good as 2022 was for TV and Streaming shows and also for the fans. With new seasons announced for the next year, we can only get excited.

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