Byakugan Vs. Sharingan Vs. Rinnegan: Which Is the Strongest Eye

Byakugan Vs. Sharingan Vs. Rinnegan: Which Is the Strongest Eye

Dojutsu are shown to be some of the strongest ninja skills introduced to most of us in Naruto. Out of all the Dojutsu shown in the anime, the “Three Great Dojutsu” are hailed to be the strongest of them all. But among the Byakugan, Sharingan, and Rinnegan, which one is the supreme eye?

The Rinnegan is hailed as the most powerful eye among the Three Great Dojutsu. However, the Rinnegan is also heavily based on the wielders’ capabilities. If the eye is implanted on someone who cannot control its power, then the wielder puts themselves at risk of “losing themselves.” 

But we can’t ignore the immense power it gives the wielder. The other two Dojutsu are nothing to laugh about either. Let’s have a look at all three Dojutsus and compare them.


Byakugan Vs. Sharingan Vs. Rinnegan: Which Is the Strongest Eye

The Byakugan is a Dojutsu that originated from the Otsutsuki Clan. According to records, the clan’s members are horned celestial beings, and its descendants are the Hyugas. Later the Byakugan became associated with the Hyuga clan more.

The Byakugan grants its wielder an almost 360 field vision around themselves and the ability to peer through objects. It allows users to monitor targets at a distance and survey areas. They can also see the chakra circulatory system, which the Hyuga clan used to develop the Gentle Fist style to take advantage of this knowledge.

Compared to the Sharingan

Unlike the Sharingan, the Byakugan is present upon birth. People wielding the Byakugan have enlarged and white irides with no distinguishable pupils.

The Byakugan is also said to be able to see chakra to a greater degree than a Sharingan. While it may not be stronger in terms of granting its users power, it is superior to the other eye in terms of penetrating perceptive ability.


Byakugan Vs. Sharingan Vs. Rinnegan: Which Is the Strongest Eye

The Sharingan is the Dojutsu of the Uchiha Clan. but only a few members of the Uchiha clan are said to have activated this. The Sharingan is also described as ‘the eye that reflects the heart’ due to the terms of how to acquire it. The wielder will first develop the Dojutsu when they experience a powerful emotional condition, usually regarding another individual who happens to be precious to them.

While it is often shown to be activated due to a negative emotion such as hatred, the Sharingan can also be triggered by other positive emotions. Such as when the user is driven by the desire to protect or reunite with a loved one.

The Dojutsu can be transferred by implanting the eye to another wielder. However, the new wielder will be unable to deactivate the Sharingan, thus consuming more chakra. This is why non-Uchina users tend to have the transplanted eye covered up to conserve chakra.

The Two Abilities of the Sharingan

Those who possess the Sharingan are granted two broad abilities: the ‘Eye of Insight’ and ‘The Eye of Hypnotism.’

Through the ‘Eye of Insight,’ the user can see chakra but not as detailed as the Byakugan. In addition, the user’s perception is also heightened, allowing the user to read lip moments and perceive fast-moving objects. The ability is often used to anticipate opponents’ attacks based on the opponents’ muscle movement.

The Sharingan is also called the Mirror Wheel Eye, allowing the user to copy almost any jutsu it can observe. A user will be able to perform and modify the jutsu according to their needs in battle.

The last ability is the “Eye of Hypnotism,” which allows the user to perform Genjutsu techniques through the Sharingan. The Sharingan can influence an opponent’s thoughts, suggest movements, and can even extract information via eye contact. In rare cases, the user can completely control the target’s body. 

The Sharingan also allows users to perform other abilities. Izanagi enables the wielder to bend reality for a short amount of time and even change reality into illusion and vice versa. However, the use of this ability comes with a cost; the user may end up blind if they use any of these abilities.


The Sharingan can evolve into the Mangekyo Sharingan if the wielder is experiencing the trauma of loss. In its evolved state, other than the Sharingan’s base abilities, the eye will grant the wielder unique user-specific jutsu. It is also described as the ‘heavenly eyes that see the truth of all creation without obstruction.’

A Sharingan can transform into a Rinnegan by combining Asura and Indra’s chakra to bring out the chakra of Hagoromo Otsutsuki’s chakra. Awakening the Rinnegan also restores eyesight if the user had been blinded through the effects of Izanagi.


Byakugan Vs. Sharingan Vs. Rinnegan: Which Is the Strongest Eye

Hailed to be the strongest of all Dojutsu. According to legends, when the world is in disorder, a Rinnegan wielder will be sent down from the heavens. The user will either become a god of creation or a god of destruction.

A single eye transplant of the Rinnegan will already grant the new user great capabilities, but if the new user is unworthy, they will put themselves at risk of ‘losing themselves.’ A Rinnegan allows the user to see chakra flow greater and through other barriers, excluding a smoke bomb. The holder can also easily master any jutsu and the five basic nature transformations. 

It is also the only eye that can fully decipher the Sage of Six Path Stone Tablet, allowing the wielder to utilize the Six Paths Technique. Meanwhile, single-eyed users were also granted unique abilities.

Madara was able to create corporeal shadows but is only visible to those who have Rinnegan. Sasuke’s allows him to shift spaces, create portals and use Amaterasu. Momoshiki uses both his eyes for different purposes; he can absorb ninjutsu on his right then release an amplified version of it with his left. 

The Rinnegan, while having a general form, varies in appearance depending on the user. It still keeps the basic appearance of a wheel. However, its color and some elements change per user.

Even if the Rinnegan is said to be the strongest eye, it all depends on the user. Will the user even be able to fully utilize it to its full potential, or will he lose himself to the power? The Rinnegan sits on the throne on top because it grants its users immense powers and abilities and can only be wielded by a chosen few. 

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