Demon Slayer Manga Explained in Details

Demon Slayer Manga Explained in Details

Demon Slayer has become extremely popular since its release as an anime. Even the manga has gotten more viewers over the years thanks to the animated series release. While anime fans are excited over the anime’s third season, manga fans have already gotten to see the ending.

Even if you are a manga reader, the ending might be a bit unclear for most of us because not much dialogue was shown towards the end. For example, what happened to the Demon Slayer Corps after the ending? What happened to the demons after chapter 203? This article will explain the manga ending in detail from chapter 204 to chapter 205.

Did Tanjiro Become Human Again?

Demon Slayer Manga Explained in Details

Once the drug’s full effects started to hit him, Tanjiro managed to go back to being a human. However, the body parts that were healed while he was a demon were lost. When he became human again, Tanjiro completely lost his sight in his right eye. In addition, his left arm from the elbow down is also unusable; it even looks like an old man’s hand.

What Happened to the Demon Slayer Corps?

With Muzan finally defeated, the Demon Slayer Corps eventually disbanded. In chapter 204, Kiriya Ubuyashiki called the last two pillars, Sanmei and Giyuu, to announce the disbanding of the Demon Slayer Corps. Since the organization is already abolished, Nezuko and Tanjirou decide to return home to live out as civilians. Insouke and Zanitsu tagged along with the siblings and lived together with them. 

A more detailed chapter was drawn out in the extra pages of chapter 205 regarding how everyday life looked in the Kamado household. The family also gave flowers to all their fallen comrades. Also, at the end of chapter 205, it looked like the Demon Slayer Corps managed one last photo together. This might have been taken after the disbandment of the corps.

Which Couples Were Confirmed at the Ending?

Demon Slayer Manga Explained in Details

 Demon Slayer was never too strong in romance, but the series did hint at some couples that might end up together at the end of the series. Chapter 204-205 shows us who ends together in the extra pages of chapter 205, a map of the descendants was even shown.

Tanjiro marries Kanao Tsuyuri by the end of Demon Slayer. While it was heavily hinted in Demon Slayer, the couple was confirmed when Sumihiko was wondering what his great grandparents were like. A page in chapter 305 confirms that Tanjiro and Kanao have two descendants, Kanata and Sumihiko.

Meanwhile, Nezuko and Zenitsu also marry. As a result, they have 4 descendants, Touko, Yoshiteru, and two other unnamed great-granddaughters. Apparently, Zenitsu also wrote down the Demon Slayer Corps adventures in a journal that Yoshiteru found.

Inosuke and Aoi also end up together. In modern-day Tokyo, it is revealed that Aoba is their great-grandson. While Obanai and Mitsuri do not have descendants, their reincarnations are present in the final chapter of Demon Slayer. The two of them own a restaurant and are described as a loving couple with 5 kids.

Why Did the Manga Skip to the Modern Era?

People were expecting a couple of more pages explaining what happened after the Demon Slayer Corps disbanded. However, they didn’t expect to be brought to another era—Modern Day Japan.

There were talks about reincarnation throughout the series, one being Obanai and Mitsuri’s promise before their deaths. So one reason is to show a happy ending for those characters who died before they could experience the period of peace they desperately fought for. 

Another reason is to show how much Japan developed once the demons were taken care of. Thanks to the Demon Slayer Corps, Japan was able to progress as much as it did.

What Happened to Yushiro?

Demon Slayer Manga Explained in Details

While all the demons have died after the defeat of Muzan, Yushiro becomes the last survivor of the Demon Race. In chapter 205, it is revealed that he has survived and lived long enough to witness how the modern world works. It looks like no one is suspicious about his never-aging appearance.

By the last chapter, he goes under the name of Yushiro Yamamoto, an artist who has done several paintings of Tamayo. It looks like he dodges interviews and reports. Yoshiteru Agatsuma is apparently a fan of his works.

Chachamaru, his feline familiar, was demonized before the final fight with Muzan. It is believed that Chachamuru is still the same cat seen with Yushiro.

Do the Descendants Know About the Past of Their Ancestors?

It seems the only descendants who believe the stories about the Demon Slayer Corps are Sumihiko and Yoshiteru. Sumihiko grew up listening to his grandmother’s tales about the Demon Slayers and earnestly believe that their reincarnations can live happy lives in the present day.

Meanwhile, Yoshiteru found Zenitsu’s journal that recounts the battle of Muzan versus the Demon Slayer Corps. When he was talking to his older sister Touko, he announced that he believes the Demon Slayer Corps, who died fighting for a peaceful world, got reborn into a happier life.

However, Touko doesn’t seem to believe in it, thinking it was just another old man’s tale to impress children. It looks like the other descendants and reincarnations are also not aware of their past lives. Readers will get to see their reincarnations as either Sumihiko or Yoshiteru pass them on the way to school.

Are There Objects From The Past?

Demon Slayer Manga Explained in Details

The final panel of chapter 205 shows that Tanjiro’s Nichirin Blade is found in the Kamado household. Along with the Nichirin blade are the framed hanafuda earrings that Tanjiro used to wear and a photograph of the survivors of the final battle against Muzan. A journal that Zenitsu left was also found by his descendant, Yoshiteru. 

While not an object of the past, The Blue Spider Lily that Muzan was searching for was finally discovered by Inosuke’s descendant, Aoba Hashibara. He figured out that the flower only blooms during the day for a limited time during the year. 

This part explains why Muzan could never find the Blue Spider Lily since he could not search for it during the day.

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