Demon Slayer Sword Color Meaning

Demon Slayer Sword Color Meaning

Demon Slayer has gained widespread popularity over the years since its release/ People have been raving about Studio MAPA’s fantastic work when it comes to animating the details of the manga’s fight scenes. Aside from the epic fight scenes, viewers were also amazed by the Nichirin Swords, a special type of blade featured in Demon Slayer.

The Nichirin Swords are the weapons specifically made for members of the Demon Slayer Corps. The blades are forged with a special ore that allows the weapon to absorb sunlight, which is a weakness of the demons.

Another unique thing to note is that these blades are also called “Color Changing Katanas” because they change color when their owner first draws them. In addition, if the blade does not change color, it means the owner still lacks skill. So what do these colors mean?


Demon Slayer Sword Color Meaning

A Nichirin Blade of this color is very rare, Tanjiro being one of the few users of this blade. The other user was Yoriichi Tsugikuni, a Demon Slayer from 500 years ago who made the Sun Breathing style.

Other than it being rare, it is also said that past wielders of a black Nichirin blade had died at an early age. The color also symbolizes Tanjiro’s Sun Breathing Style. Incidentally, black is also the color that absorbs the greatest amount of sunlight. 


Demon Slayer Sword Color Meaning

Nichirin Blades of this color belong to the sound pillar. The current Demon Corps member who owns this color blade is Tengen Uzui. Instead of one sword, Tengen actually carries two large blades. Breath of the Sound is based on Breath of Thunder; hence, amber has orange and yellow hints in colored pages of the manga and anime versions.


Demon Slayer Sword Color Meaning

Blue Nichirin blades symbolize water. It is also the first Nichirin blade a viewer will see in the series since Giyu is the Demon Slayer Corps member who wields a blue blade. Like the element the style and blade represent, Water Breathing techniques are smooth and fluid.

The other user of this blade is the primary instructor of the water breathing style, Sakonji Urokodaki. The man is a retired member of the Demon Slayer Corps, and he taught the style to Giyu, Tanjiro, Sabito, and Makomo.


Demon Slayer Sword Color Meaning

Something similar to the color of a regular rock represents the Stone Pillar. Grey Nichirin Blades are used by Demon Slayers who use the Breath of the Stone techniques. Gyomei Himejima uses a weapon fitting for his size; instead of a traditional katana, he uses a spiked ball chained together to the base of a handaxe.

His weapons are made of the same items and ore used for Nichirin blades and give off a silver hue. Like solid rock, Gyomei is shown to be strong and sturdy during battle, even towering most of his comrades in the Demon Corps.


Demon Slayer Sword Color Meaning

Green Nichirin blades represent the Wind Pillar. These blades are usually given to those who have mastered Wind Breathing, such as Sanemi Shinazugawa and his deceased combat partner Masachika Kumeno. The two of them trained under an unnamed cultivator. Because Masachika died, Sanemi went on and advanced as the Wind Hashira.

Just like the wind’s unpredictability, Sanemi has proven to be a whirlwind of a character. While Masachika is shown to be an open and kind Demon Slayer, not much is known about him prior to his death. The two Nichirin blade users were shown to have a brotherly bond.


Demon Slayer Sword Color Meaning

This is a new Nichirin Blade given to Inosuke Hashibira, who created the Beast Breathing  Style. This derived from the Wind Breathing style and was a personal creation of Inosuke, who developed it after living in the mountains. It may also take inspiration from the wind boars Insosuke grew up with.

Unpolished but powerful, Insosuke wields Dual Nichirin Katanas that are chipped with several gashes along the blades’ edges. This allows the blades to rip and tear demonic flesh rather than the clean cuts most Demon Slayers are known for executing. 


Demon Slayer Sword Color Meaning

Lavender or the Purple Nichirin blade are granted to those who belong to the Serpent Pillar. Not only does this color strike fear, the Serpent Hashira, Obanai Iguro, heavily modified his weapon. His blade looks similar to the Indonesian Kris Sword, with the shape modeled into a wave that resembles a twisting snake.

Like Inosuke, he is the first to get this color of the blade since the Serpent Breathing style is something he created himself. Mirroring a snake, the style makes use of several twists and turns. In addition, Obanai also uses his pet snake when he fights.


Demon Slayer Sword Color Meaning

This colored blade represents the Insect Breathing Technique. This is also a unique technique created by Shinobu Kocho. Since she lacks physical strength and cannot decapitate a demon’s head like her fellow demon slayers, she instead focuses on thrusting and piercing movements to inject poison into demons.

Not only does the light-absorbing ore of her blade deal damage, but also the Wisteria Poison allows her to kill demons just as efficiently as the rest of her comrades.

Light Pink

Demon Slayer Sword Color Meaning

Light Pink blades are given to those belonging to the Flower Pillar. Kanae Kocho, the late Flower Hashira, was given this blade. Unfortunately, she was killed several years prior to the story. The other known wielder of this colored blade is Kanao Tsuyuri, the adoptive younger sister of Kanao and Shinobu.

It is shown that the wielders are strong and graceful, just like the pillar that they represent.

Dark Pink

Demon Slayer Sword Color Meaning

A dark pink Nichirin blade symbolizes love. Love breathing is a breathing style that Mitsuru created based on her experience with the Flame Breathing Style. Her newfound style had her modify her blade to resemble a whip so she could effectively use her superhuman flexibility as a way to fight. Mitsuru is shown to be the most emotional among her comrades.

Light Purple

Demon Slayer Sword Color Meaning

This time, it’s a demon wielding a modified Nichirin Blade. Upper Moon 1 Kokushibo owns this blade and uses a unique breathing technique called Moon Breathing Technique. He used to be a Demon Slayer While he was still a human.


Demon Slayer Sword Color Meaning

Red Nichirin blades represent the Flame Pillar. Shinjuro and Kyojuro Rengaku both wield red Nichirin Blades. Just like the flames, the father and son are shown to be people of strong and loud personalities.


Demon Slayer Sword Color Meaning

This color blade represents the Mist Pillar. They’re known for being well hidden in battle, delivering hard-to-read attacks. The current Mist Hashira is Muichiro Tokito. However, it is unknown how he learned the technique.


Demon Slayer Sword Color Meaning

Yellow represents the Thunder Breathing technique. A standard yellow Nichirin was given to Zenitsu even if he did not master all of the six forms. The Thunder Breathing technique was taught to him by his teacher Jigoro Kuwajima.

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