Difficulties of writing a movie review essay

Patch Adams

Writing various types of essays is a common task that students might get in college or university. You can be assigned different kinds of papers, including argumentative essays, persuasive essays, narrative essays, etc. Students also often create admission essays or personal statements when enrolling in a desired educational establishment. One of the most compelling essays is different reviews, including movie reviews. 

Some students face difficulties when they try to write such papers. You can contact a professional essay writing service https://essayshark.com with any problem you meet with a paper and get practical and fast assistance. Skilled writers will create a sample that you might use to inspire and understand what a correctly written movie review essay must look like.

Read our article to get information about the difficulties of writing a movie review essay and how students can effectively overcome these issues.

Issues with the first steps

Not all students are aware that by completing the first steps of preparation and writing the movie review easy correctly, they will more likely succeed in the result. 

One of the most significant first steps is reading the manuals provided by a teacher who assigned you to write a movie review essay. By reading the instructions from a teacher, you will find out such vital aspects as the deadline, the type of formatting, the recommendations on structuring the tone of voice, and other crucial data. If you are unsure that you understand the manuals from a teacher correctly, feel free to reach out to him or her and ask about anything you need. Students who are worried that a teacher will think they were inattentive are risking facing difficulties writing the movie review essay by completing it incorrectly.

Another significant first stage of writing a movie review essay is watching the movie itself.

Skipping this significant stage will not let you write a comprehensive and meaningful paper. Even if you have watched this movie before, you need to watch it again because there might be some essential small details that you could miss. Your goal must be watching a movie with a bit of criticism.

Here is the list of the essential details to pay attention to while you are watching a movie:

  • Genre
  • Director
  • Screenwriter
  • Producer
  • Plot
  • Cast
  • Composer
  • Country and year of production, etc.

We recommend you watch the movie at least once and take notes during watching. Write down all the thoughts that appear in your head during watching. If you can write down such details as scene descriptions and the dialogues you want to mention in the review, do it. Because as more information you collect during watching, the best result you will get for your paper.

Issues with outlining

One of the difficulties students face when writing a movie review essay is creating a correct structure—outlining stands first among the obligatory actions to succeed in writing a paper. Thus, any paper must have an excellent outline to let the audience understand an author’s core points and ensure that the paper is logically arranged. Therefore, when students discuss the difficulties of writing a movie review essay, they often admit that they lack experience and skills in creating a good outline for their papers. We want to recommend how to make a structure for a review essay working and effective. Read about the core elements of a movie review essay:

  • The introduction

The first structural element of a movie review essay to consider is an introduction. The role of this opening part is often underestimated. However, an effective introduction can draw readers’ attention and make them interested in going through your review. If you want to catch readers’ attention, add some interesting information about the movie. Also, an introduction must present the film and its name and add some core statements that describe the movie’s plot.

  • The main body

The next important structural element of a movie review essay is the main body. One of the issues students need help with when trying to structure their paper is an inability to analyze a movie from different angles correctly. The correct analysis will let you add the main body with exciting details and facts your readers will like. Remember that a movie review must provide your ideas as an author and your original point of view regarding the movie’s plot. If you want to score a high grade for your movie review essay, note that the main body must contain information not only about the plot of a movie. You also should provide your thoughts about the director, composer, screenwriter, cast, and other elements that complete the film. Finalize the main body of a movie review with your recommendations. If your readers should watch this movie, suggest they do it.

  • The conclusion

The last but not least part of a movie review is a conclusion. Regarding movie essays, concluding must be provided in a specific way. This section should restate the ideas of an author that he or she gets after watching the movie. And remember to share your recommendations with the readers.

Issues with editing

Not all students realize that the editing stage is one of the most significant. Unfortunately, many of them tend to skip the proofreading stage, and this became a difficulty while writing a movie review essay. You need to spend more time editing a paper to avoid losing some specific mistakes that might be reduced. To avoid difficulties, go through the paper several times and ensure that you have written all the essential names correctly, including the name of the movie, actors, directors, producers, etc. Also, ensure that there are no repeated words, mistypes, and zero grammar and punctuational mistakes. If needed, you can use online grammar-checking tools like Grammarly, which lets you reduce errors effectively and quickly.

We believe that after reading our article, you will realize which difficulties of writing a movie review essay are the most widespread. If you are a student, remember that our recommendations for this article apply to any paper you might have been assigned to write.