Disney Characters that Start with C: Iconic Names 

C Disney

Disney has so many iconic characters throughout history, starting with any letter of the alphabet. With so many shows and movies that Disney has produced, you might be surprised that there’s a character you share a name with. In this list, we will try to list a lot of unforgettable characters who start their name with the letter C.

Take a look at all the fantastic characters that start with the letter C. you might find someone who shares a name with you.

Camilo Madrigal (Encanto)


The Madrigal family is full of quirky members. Camilo is the cousin of Mirabel and the younger brother of Dolores. He has the ability to shapeshift.

Candace Flynn (Phineas and Ferb)


Candace is the older sister of Phineas and Ferb. In the series, she spends most of the show trying to bust her brothers but never seems to succeed. She has a massive crush on another character named Jeremy Johnson.

Carl the Robot (Meet the Robinsons)


The future is filled with mechanical advancements, and Carl is one of them. Carl is a nifty golden-bodied robot who specifically works for the Robinsons. He tells the younger Lewis, who will invent him in the future, that he wants a muscular body. 

Cassim (Aladdin and the King of Thieves)


In Aladdin and the King of Thieves, Cassim is the father of Aladdin, who left his family in search of riches. Upon his arrival in Agrabah, he could no longer find his family and left the town again. At some point in time, he joined the Forty Thieves and became the leader.

Chad (A Goofy Movie)


Chad is one of the students at Spoonerville High School. He is usually seen with another student named Lisa.

Chai (Raya and the Last Dragon)


Chai is an odd character in Raya and the Last Dragon. Raya encountered him when she was searching for the Dragon Gem in Dang Hai’s house. He seems to be only concerned about his job and putting flowers on Dang Hai’s altar.

Chicken Little (Chicken Little)


Chicken Little is the protagonist of the film with the same name. Chicken Little has been bullied ever since he can remember, usually because he is shorter than the average male characters. So he spends the first part of the film trying to change his image into someone who is cool.

Chip Potts (Beauty and the Beast)


Chip is a small teacup and the son of Mrs. Potts. He was originally a young boy who got cursed when the Beast and other inhabitants in the manor transformed. However, he managed to regain his body once the curse was lifted.

Cobra Bubbles (Lilo & Stitch)


Cobra is a social worker in the film Lilo & Stitch. he was initially antagonistic towards the family, insisting Lilo has to go to another home since Nani cannot take care of her properly. However, he was the one who reminded the Grand Councilwoman about their rules since taking Stitch away from Lilo is considered a crime. 

Copper (The Fox and the Hound)


At the start of the film, Copper is a young Hound Dog that befriended Tod the Fox. He eventually grew up to become a proper Hunting Dog and was set to hunt Tod along with his owner. However, he decides to save Tod at the end of the film. The two have not become friends after the events, but they are no longer after each other.

Cruella de Vil (One Hundred and One Dalmatians)


Cruella is a fur-obsessed fashion antagonist in 101 Dalmatians. In the film, she tried to kidnap several dalmatian puppies to make a spotted fur coat. Despite not having any magic, she’s a notable and primary member of the Disney Villains.

Cinderella (Cinderella)

cinderella 1

Cinderella’s father died unexpectedly, leaving her under her evil stepmother’s care. Her stepmother and step-sisters treated her like a maid, leaving her to do all the household chores.

Cass (Big Hero 6)


She is typically referred to as Aunt Cass by her two nephews. Cass is the guardian of both Hiro and Tadashi Hamada. She also owns the Lucky Cat Café, which is a café located right below their house.

Celia Mae(Monsters, Inc.)


Celia seems to be a mix of multiple types of popular monsters. Based on her appearance, she seems to look Gorgon-Cyclops-Medusa-like. She works as a receptionist at Monster, Inc.

Chaca (The Emperor’s New Groove)


Chaca is the eldest daughter of Pacha and Chicha. She is also a camper in Kronk’s chipmunk troop in Kronk’s New Groove.

Cheshire Cat (Alice in Wonderland)


One of the most iconic and symbolic characters in Alice in Wonderland is the mysterious, pink-and-purple-striped Cheshire Cat. The cat is supposedly Alice’s guide through Wonderland. However, he has caused Alice a lot of trouble by leading her into several dangerous situations.

Calliope (Hercules)


While the muses simply told the story of Hercules, they made the entire show even more entertaining. With all their music numbers, Hercules became an iconic movie to watch. Calliope is usually depicted as the lead muse due to her being the tallest member.

Calloway (Home on the Range)

Mrs. Calloway

Mrs. Calloway is one of Pearl’s cows on a farm called Little Patch of Heaven. She views herself as the head of the farm animals making her clash with Maggie, who is new to the farm. While she is prim and proper, Mrs. Calloway also possesses a temper.

Candlehead (Wreck-it Ralph)


Candlehead is featured in the film Wreck-it Ralph and is present in the game Sugar Rush along with Snowanna Rainbeau, Minty Zaki, and Crumbelina DiCaramello.

Carl Fredricksen (Up)


In the film, Carl is already old and has lost his wife. When he was only at the age of nine, Carl met an adventurous girl named Ellie. The two eventually grew close because they were fans of Charles F. Muntz, a well-renowned explorer. The two eventually married when they became adults.

Caterpillar (Alice in Wonderland)


Caterpillar is one of the many strange residents in Wonderland that Alice encounters. Caterpillar is well-known for smoking a hookah and making colorful smoke appear when he speaks.

Charlie (Finding Dory)


Charlie is Dory’s father, who had lived his entire life in a Marine Life Institute, where he met his wife. When Dory was born, he was worried that her memory might never improve. So after his daughter went missing, he kept setting down shells near their new home so Dory could find her way back to them.

ChiCha (The Emperor’s New Groove)


Chicha is the wife of Pacha and helps take care of Kuzco when he was living in their house. By the first film’s end, she and Kuzco become close friends.

Chien-Po (Mulan)

chien po

Chien-Po is one of Mulan’s friends she made during her time in the army. Chien-Po is the largest in height and width in his group. He is also the most gentle of the three and is extremely passionate about food. He dreams of being with a girl who would make delicious food for him and enjoy food with. He falls in love with Princess Su over their shared love for food.

Chip (Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers)


Chip is a chipmunk who first made his debut alongside his brother in Private Pluto. The two have been featured in several other Disney films since their initial one. Chip is the brother with a chocolate-chip-colored nose and is the smarter one among the two.

Chispi (Encanto)


She might be just a minor character, but she got people interested in Encanto when this Capybara came out in the trailer. Chipsi is a capybara who belongs inside Antonio’s room.

Christopher Robin (Winnie the Pooh)


With the number of times his name is mentioned in the film, it becomes hard to forget who he is. Christopher Robin is the best friend of Winnie the Pooh. He spends most of his time in Hundred Acre Wood, along with other magical toys.

Chuckles the Clown (Toy Story 3)


Chuckles the Clown was originally owned by a kid named Daisy, who accidentally abandoned him in a park with two other toys. Towards the end of the film, he gets picked up by Bonnie.

Chum (Finding Nemo)


Chum is a mako shark member of the Fish Friendly Sharks support group. In the meeting, he accidentally ate his fish friend and took Marlin as his replacement.

Clayton (Tarzan)

Clayton 1

Clayton was sent to the jungle to keep Jane and her father safe while the two studied gorillas. However, he had another agenda; he was planning to use this bodyguard duty to hunt gorillas.

Cleo ( Pinocchio)


Cleo is Geppetto’s expressive pet goldfish. Despite being confined in her bowl, she travels with Geppetto to look for Pinocchio when he goes missing.

Coco Rivera (Coco)


Coco is Miguel’s warm-hearted great-grandmother, who suffers from degrading memory. However, this never stopped Coco from showing her appreciation and support for her family. She is the daughter of Imelda and Hector. Despite her father leaving her, she only has fond thoughts about her father.

Cogsworth (Beauty and the Beast)

cogsworth 1

Before Cogsworth was cursed along with the Beast and the other members of the manor, he was the Beast’s majordomo. In his cursed form, he is an enchanted pendulum clock. He usually butts heads with Lumiere despite the two being close friends.

Colette Tatou (Ratatouille)


Colette is the only female cook at Gusteau’s Restaurant. Because of her gender, she wasn’t treated too well by other cooks but soon proved her worth with her knowledge and talent in the kitchen.

Coral (Finding Nemo)


She had a really short screen-time in the film, but despite being only in the opening, viewers could tell she would have made an amazing mother to Nemo and his siblings. Unfortunately, it is implied she had died in the film due to barracuda attacking their home.

Cri-Kee (Mulan)

cri kee

Cri-Kee is Mulan’s lucky cricket. However, he reveals to Mushu that he actually isn’t as lucky as the people believe him to be. Even though he knows he isn’t lucky, Cri-Kee continues to go on adventures with Mulan and Mushu.

Crush (Finding Nemo)


Crush is one of the many sea turtle that Marlin and Dory encounter. He speaks in a surfer-dude manner. After picking up Marlin and Dory, he helps the two reach Nemo. He has a son named Squirt, who talks the same way.

Cadpig (One Hundred and One Dalmatians)


Cadpig is said to be of the original litter of Perdita and Pongo. She is also the runt of the litter. In the original book, Cadpig is the one who nearly died. However, in the movie, the role was given to her brother Lucky. In the series, she and her two brothers share leading character roles.

Caleb (W.I.T.C.H)


Caleb was a murmurer created by Prince Phobos, who soon developed a will of his own, allowing him to break free from the prince’s command. He became the leader of a rebel group in Meridian.

Cassandra (Tangled: Before Ever After)


Cassandra is the real daughter of Mother Gothel. When Gothel learned of Rapunzel’s healing powers she left her daughter in favor of Rapunzel. Cassandra spent her childhood under the care of the Captain of the Guards. Upon Rapunzel’s return to the place, she became the princess’ lady-in-waiting. The two then developed a very close relationship.

Carlotta (The Little Mermaid)


Carlotta is a side character in the Little Mermaid films. She is one of the more notable maids under Prince Eric.

Councilor Chang (American Dragon: Jake Long)


She is a double agent of the Dark Dragon under the guise of a member of the Dragon Council. Before being sent to jail and marked a traitor to dragonkind, she used to serve as a councilwoman and a World Dragon. She is a blue dragon and can transform to her dragon form at will.

Cheese (Tinker Bell)


Cheese is one of the mice helpers that usually assist Tinker-talent fairies. He seems to stick around and help Tinker Bell and her friends regularly after his initial debut.

Cerberus (Hercules)


Cerberus is a giant dog-like guardian of the gate to the Underworld. He also belongs to Hades. The dog also appears in the series and the game Kingdom Hearts.

Chi-Fu (Mulan)

Ch Fu

He isn’t the most likable character in Mulan, and that’s probably the reason why people remember Chi-Fu. He is the Emperor’s trusted advisor, who usually comes off as strict and boastful, putting himself at odds with several other characters.

Candy Chiu (Gravity Falls)


Candy is a close friend of Mabel and Grenda in the series Gravity Falls. Upon meeting Mabel at a party, the two decided that they were the same type of people bonding over their unique view of the world. 

Clyde (Lilo & Stitch)


Clyde is Experiment 150 and was designed to be good at theft and evasion. He is programmed to work together with Bonnie. He ends up in Kokaua Town Prison but was paroled in a later episode.

Camilia Noceda (The Owl House)


She is the veterinarian mother of Luz. At first, she isn’t aware that Luz is in the Demon Realm, believing her daughter to be in summer camp.

Creeper (The Black Cauldron)


Creeper is a lacky of the Horned King in the film the Black Cauldron.

Chief (The Fox and the Hound)


Chief is an old Irish wolfhound dog in the film. He takes it upon himself to teach Copper how to be a proper hunting dog, even if it means hunting Copper’s best friend, Tod.

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