Disney Characters That Start with T: Iconic Names

Disney T

A lot of people name their children or pets after Disney Characters. With how many letters Disney names have covered, it is no surprise that your name might have roots leading to some of the most iconic Disney characters out there. Let’s look at the letter T and all the Disney names that start with it.

Tad (Finding Nemo)


Tad may seem like a bully in the school, but at least he’s honest. He even admits to being obnoxious. He is a butterfly fish that is part of Nemo’s school and strives hard to get attention. Unfortunately, he’s not the smartest, so he often results in bullying or doing really dumb things.

Tadashi Hamada (Big Hero 6)


Tadashi is the responsible older brother of Hiro, who created Baymax as part of his project in his school, the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology. Unfortunately, an accident in the film causes his death, and fans don’t get to see him for the rest of the movie unless in old recordings found in Baymax. 

Tae Young (Turning Red)

Tae Young

The Young is the Korean-Canadian member of 4Town, the featured boy group in the film, Turning Red. He is noted to be a huge animal lover as he habitually fosters injured doves and other animals in between tours. It was also revealed that this member was inspired by the BTS member, Jimin.

Taffyta Muttonfudge (Wreck-it Ralph)


Taffyta is a minor antagonist in the movie and is part of the game Sugar Rush. She is also said to be one of the best racers in the game. In addition, she is somewhat of a leader to the Sugar Rush gang, who all tend to bully Vanellope.

Tagalong (Robin Hood)


Tagalong is one of the children of Mother Rabbit. As her name suggests, she is usually seen tagging along with other characters, particularly her two other siblings, Skippy and Sis.

Tamatoa (Moana)


Tamatoa became an extremely memorable character after his song “Shiny.” He is a giant crab who collects all sorts of shiny objects and attaches them to his shell as a means to show high status. He lives in Lalotai, deep within the monster realm, and even seems to have a history with Maui. 

Tanana (Brother Bear)


Tanana is one of the female shamans, specifically in Kenai’s tribe. She loves everyone in the tribe and is always open to giving advice to them. Even when Kenai turned into a bear, she helped him find out how to become a man again, even if Kenai chose to remain a bear at the end of the movie.

Tank (An Extremely Goofy Movie)


Tank used to be one of the antagonists in the An Extremely Goofy Movie as he used to be the right-hand man of Bradley Uppercrust III. However, after Max saves him in the X-Games, Tank reforms his ways and decides to ally himself with Max. he later becomes the new leader of the Gamma Mu Mu and has the group stop cheating.

Tantor ( Tarzan)


Tantor is an African forest elephant that has been friends with Tarzan since they were little. Despite his large size, Tantor tends to be scared of almost everything that could potentially be harmful. However, he often pushes his phobia aside to help Tarzan on multiple occasions.

Tapper (Wreck-It Ralph)


Ralph isn’t very liked or even treated very well, but Tapper seems to be close enough to Ralph and supports him. Ralph would often go to this bartender for advice. He is an actual character in Tapper and Root Beer Tapper.

Taran (The Black Cauldron)


Taran has always been someone who strives to be noteworthy. Finally, he got his wish in the film The Black Cauldron, where he gets involved in an epic adventure to save Prydain. Taran meets several friends along the way who joins him in fighting against the evil Horned King.

Tarzan (Tarzan)


Tarzan is a man that was raised by apes after the death of his parents. He befriends an ape named Terk and an elephant named Tantor. Oddly, the three friends make a great team and go on many adventures in the movies and the series. Tarzan eventually grows up to become the leader and protector of the ape colony that raised him.

Ted (Finding Nemo)


People probably confused Ted for a Jellyfish, but this pink blob is actually an octopus and the father of Pearl. He eventually becomes good friends with Marlin after the father manages to return back to the reef with his son Nemo. 

Terence (Tinker Bell)


Terence is the male best friend of Tinker Bell and has one of the most critical jobs in Fairy Hallows. He is a dust-keeper fairy, and we all know how vital pixie dust is in the Peter Pan stories. Because of his job, Terence has a tendency to glow more than other fairies in his areas. In the books, it is said he has a big crush on Tinker Bell.

Terk (Tarzan)


Terk is a rowdy female ape who becomes Tarzan’s best friend. Terk is also the adoptive cousin of Tarzan and seems to look at herself as Tarzan’s older sister since she is very protective of him even while they were growing up.

Terri and Terry Perry (Monster University)

Terri and Terry

Two characters in one, Terri and Terry Perry, are monsters with a single body but with two heads, each head having its own personality. Terri is a shorter conjoined twin who controls three of the seven tentacles they use as feet and seems to look at the brighter side of things. Meanwhile, Terry is the taller twin who controls 4 of the tentacles and appears to be on the cynical side.

Thomas (Pocahontas)

thomas@. V1

Thomas is John Smith’s fellow soldier and best friend. Thomas is shown to look up to John and is extremely loyal to him. Because he is young and inexperienced, he has a tendency to create several mistakes and conflicts. 

Thorny (A Bug’s Life)


Thorny seems to be one of the shortest ants in the movie. He is grumpy, short-tempered, and seems to be always ready to insult Flik for his absence and clumsiness. He often is on the lookout for Hopper and warns the rest of the colony upon his arrival. Eventually, he warms up to Flick by the end of the movie.

Thumper (Bambi)


Thumper is an energetic rabbit who got his name due to his constant thumping. He becomes fast, close friends with Bambi, and is the most talkative of the trio. 

Thunderbolt (One Hundred One Dalmatians)


Thunderbolt is a German Shepard actor famous for his own series where he is known as a crime-fighting wonder dog. The puppies are often seen watching his show in the movies and series. However, he plays as a deuteragonist in the film Patch’s London Adventure.

Tiana (The Princess and the Frog)


She’s a Disney Princess now, but at the start of the film, she was a hardworking waitress working for her dream to open her very own restaurant. However, this dream was put to a halt when she got transformed into a frog.

Tick-Tock the Crocodile (Peter Pan)

tick tok

The crocodile is a croc that is bigger than your average croc. At some point, the croc swallowed an alarm clock causing the croc to produce a ticking sound wherever the croc went. The crock has also devoured the hand of Captain Hook and hopes to eat the rest of him.

Tiger Lily (Peter Pan)

Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily is the daughter of the indigenous Indian Chief found in Neverland. She is also a long-time friend of Peter Pan. It is hinted that she has a romantic relationship with Peter Pan.

Tigger (Winnie the Pooh)


Tigger is probably one of the most famous characters ever to appear in Winnie the Pooh other than Winnie the Pooh himself. He is an energetic tiger stuffed toy that uses his tail to jump around. Often he loves to share his enthusiasm, even with those who don’t want it.

Timon (The Lion King)


Timon is a meerkat who Simba met when he ran away from the Pride Lands. Timon likes to take things easy and lives under the philosophy he and Pumba call Hakuna Matata. So he and Pumba became Simba’s guardians and taught him how to eat bugs and live an easy-going life without responsibilities.

Tinker Bell (Peter Pan)

Tinker Bell

Tinker Bell or Tink is a Tinker fairy who is usually seen assisting Peter Pan in his many adventures in Neverland. Tink has become such an iconic character that she even has her own franchise where she is the protagonist of several films. Tink easily gets jealous of Wendy because she thinks Peter might stop going on adventures with her.

Tiny the T-Rex (Meet the Robinsons)


A T-rex that wound up in the future. Tiny was first under the control of Bowler Hat Guy’s Mini Doris but later joined the Robinsons family as a pet. He makes a small cameo appearance in Wreck-It Ralph as a character in a video game.

Tip (The Little Mermaid II)


Tip is a penguin who decides to join Melody on her adventures. Tip and his friend Dash are desperate to be recognized as heroes. So they took the opportunity to become heroes by assisting Melody in getting to Atlantica to steal the trident.

Tipo (The Emperor’s New Groove)


Tipo is the first son of Pacha and Chicha. Like his sister, he displays very energetic characteristics of a child his age. He is often seen arguing with his older sister Chaca.

Toby Turtle (Robin Hood)


Toby is a minor character in Robin Hood, but he is usually seen in rabbits’ company, making him stand out. Toby is seen to be good friends with the rabbit siblings and usually joins them to play.

Tod (The Fox and the Hound)


Tod is a young fox who gets adopted by Widow Tweed and befriends a hound dog named Copper. Even though Big Mama warned him regarding Copper, he still chose to believe in their friendship.

Tong (Raya and the Last Dragon)


Tong is the last surviving member of Spine Land in Kumandra after the Druun attacked the land. As the last of his people, he became the sole person in charge of guarding Dragon Gem Piece belonging to Spine. He eventually joined Raya and her group to save the world.

Toshiaki (Frankenweenie)


Toshiaki is a highly competitive 12-year-old boy in the movie Frankenweenie. He also attempts to copy Victor’s idea of reanimating dead animals for the school’s science fair competition.

Tramp (Lady and the Tramp)


Tramp is a stray mutt who falls in love with a pure-bred Cocker Spaniel in a wealthy neighborhood named Lady. Initially, he loved his life on the streets without a family. However, after meeting and saving Lady, he decided to become a house pet and raise a family with her.

Travis (Zootopia)


Travis was shown during Judy’s childhood as one of the notorious bullies in her school, including terrorizing Judy herself. However, alone Travis is aware of how powerless he is and tends to be very cowardly until another animal is willing to take him in. He is shown to enjoy the protection of bigger animals so he can continue to bully weaker ones.

Trusty (Lady and the Tramp)


Trusty is an old bloodhound dog that lost his sense of smell due to his age. However, he gained it back when he and Jock decided to rescue Tramp from the dogcatcher. Unfortunately, while chasing the wagon, Trusty was hit and seemingly killed. However, the movie’s ending scene confirms that Trusty manage to survive the accident.

Tuk Tuk (Raya and the Last Dragon)


Tuk Tuk is Raya’s reliable companion that she had since she was young. The creature is a fat pill bug, armadillo, and pug. He is often used as Raya’s primary mode of transportation. When Tuk Tuk was younger, he used to fit in Raya’s palm.

Tweedledee and Tweedledum (Alice in Wonderland)


The twins are hard to mention without the other. The Tweedles are a pair of identical twins Alice met during her adventures in Wonderland. The two are often seen playing where the button is or arguing with each other. They sat and chatted with Alice when they met her and were hoping to tell her more poems and stories before she snuck away.

Tyler Nguyen-Baker (Turning Red)


He used to be Mei’s biggest bully in school, but this boy is lonely and hopes to be popular. At the beginning of the film, he goes to great lengths to either bully Mei or garner positive attention for himself. However, when Mei and his friends discover he is a 4 Town fan, he gets accepted into the group, and his attitude toward them changes.

Tank (Lilo and Stitch)

Tank copy

Tank is Experiment 586, designed to grow large if he consumes metal. In the episode he was featured in, Stitch had to team up with Mertle to capture Tank. However, Tank ended up getting caught by Gantu at the end of the episode.

Tara (Kim Possible)


Tara is part of the cheerleading team Kim Possible is in and is generally pleasant and friendly towards the redhead despite being close friends with Bonnie Rockwaller.

Te Fiti (Moana)

te fiti

She is the mother island that got transformed into Te Ka when her heart was stolen by Mawi. She gives life to all the other islands and the sea. In a way, she is the spirit of life.

Ting Ting (Mulan II)

Ting Ting

Ting Ting is one of the daughters of the Emperor in Mulan II. She is the oldest and the most notably tall one among her sisters. Ting Ting is very conscious about her laugh because she has a tendency to snort. However, Ling found her laugh adorable, and the two eventually fell in love.

Terra Snapdragon (The Owl House)


Terra Snapdragon is the leader witch of the Plant Coven, making her one of the nine coven heads in The Owl House. She specializes in Plant Magic and can even use the plants to control other people.

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