Disney Characters That Start With U: Iconic Names

Disney Characters That Start With U: Iconic Names

Generally you can’t spell many names with ‘U’, and the Disney universe is no different. However, there are a few names including some very iconic characters so let’s have a look and see if you can think of anymore.

1. Ugo (Luca)

Disney Characters That Start With U: Iconic Names

Uncle to Luca, he is a sea monster who prefers to live in the deep ocean, an ability available to him due to his bioluminescence.

His preferred home base is in the deep ocean off Porto Rosso, Italy, and he immensely dislikes sunlight and the surface.

With an appearance of an angler fish, he has a glowing light that dangles in front of his face and rotating blue eyes. Like many deep sea animals, he has see-through skin and his internal organs are visible but he covers up his bottom half with shorts.

Not the most social being due to his living deep down, he likes to feed on carcasses and spends most of his time talking to himself.

Despite this, he is a nice and kindly sea monster, but brought to warn Luca off going to the surface. He harbors a fear of humans and the surface to a near fatal incident that occured years previously.

He has become so used to living in the deep, that the lower pressure of the near-surface causes his organs to malfunction, requiring Luca to do a form of CPR by punching his heart.

2. Uma (Descendants 2)

Disney Characters That Start With U: Iconic Names

A main villain in the Descendants 2, she is the daughter of Ursula and a pirate, leading a pirate crew alongside Harry Hook, the son of Captain Hook.

Unofficially the leader of the Isle of the Lost, particularly since Maleficent was taken down, she often appears in all blue and black, with flowing blue locks with her mother’s necklace around her neck.

She can cast spells due to the necklace, such as using a love spell on Ben, and can also conjure up a variety of potions.

She can transform into a giant cecaelia, with aqua-colored tentacles.

Uma has no qualms about doing what it takes to help bring the villains of the Disney cast back to their former glory, including kidnapping Ben, winning challenges by subterfuge, cheating or lying.

Often teased due to her smelling like fish, Uma can’t seem to wash off the stench that occured after Mal dumped a bucket of shrimp on her.

3. Ursula (The Little Mermaid)

Disney Characters That Start With U: Iconic Names

Known alternatively as the Sea Witch, she is half-human, half-octopus and formerly lived in King Triton’s palace. Her constant use of dark magic and her underlying greedy personality puts her at odds with the kingdom.

Eventually she was exiled, and has sworn revenge over the kingdom, hoping to one day gain the power of the trident for herself. This sense of revenge is particularly targeted at merfolk, who she irrationally hates due to her banishment.

Now housed in the remains of the Serpentine, a massive skeleton lined with a garden of writhing polyps, she plots constantly. 

These polyps were actually duped merfolk as Ursula had offered them a bargain based on their desires or wishes but which could not be fulfilled, so that Ursula could claim them as her own creations by possession of their soul.

This goes further than just letting the merfolk’s own greed be their downfall, but she specifically draws them into the scheme through a combination of fake sincerity and piling on the pressure to get them to accept a deal which seems good on the surface.

Ursula is helped in her nefarious schemes by moray eels, Flotsam and Jetsam. She sees them as her babies, despite the two being separate species.

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