Disney Characters That Start With V: Iconic Names

Disney Characters That Start With V: Iconic Names

The Disney universe has so many characters that it can be hard to keep track. So let’s have a look at some of the many characters that have names starting with ‘V’.

1. Van (Cars)

Disney Characters That Start With V: Iconic Names

A metallic dark green Chauncey Motors Cavalcade XXL, he is married to Mini (making their names MiniVan) who is obsessed with travel and seeing the world.

They first appear in Radiator Springs and meet Lightning McQueen. McQueen is having to repair the road he destroyed, and they’re lost and looking for Interstate 40. 

Later on in the film, they are seen again lost in the desert, likely due to Van’s insistence that he doesn’t need to consult maps because he has GPS.

Van is not willing to compromise on the map thing, and considering himself somewhat of a professional traveler, he hates asking for directions as well, meaning he and his wife spend a lot of time being lost.

Van and Minny appeared again during the Radiator Springs Grand Prix as spectators, with Mater’s flyby causing a bunch of maps to come flying out of his trunk.

2. Vanellope von Schweetz (Wreck-it Ralph)

Disney Characters That Start With V: Iconic Names

A character from within the game Sugar Rush who drives the Candy Kart and is best friends with Wreck-It Ralph. She tends to have sparkles and confetti in her hair and a green outfit with striped pants.

One of the glitches, in the game she is shunned and ostracized by the rest of the racers, and lives alone on the inside of Diet Cola Mountain.

This has dampened her spirits, and she is not happy about being banned from racing by King Candy. It turns out that this ban is the result of the king hacking the coding of the game to remove her and all memory of her past, as she was actually the royalty of the game.

This is the cause of her glitchiness, and the king realizes that having her cross the finish line in an official race would reset the game, undoing the damage and restoring the original coding. 

So, instead the king has spread the rumor that she will lead to the game being unplugged, turning everyone in the game against her.

She in fact was a princess of the game, although she didn’t like the title and so referred to herself as the president instead.

3. Vanessa (The Little Mermaid)

Disney Characters That Start With V: Iconic Names

The human form Ursula transformed into to ensure Ariel couldn’t fulfill her end of the deal, she is an extremely attractive woman who attempted to wed Prince Eric.

With features similar to Ariel, she has flowing hair that is dark in color, a simple cream dress and a perfect figure.

Likely, this similarity to Ariel is an intentional move by Ursula, as the prince’s recollection of Ariel when she saved him from the storm is hazy at best and she hopes to capitalize on this.

As she is just Ursula in disguise, she is very duplicitous. In public and when trying to win over the prince, she is calm, kind and demure, but when things don’t go her way and she’s in private, she is destructive and malicious. 

4. Verne (Treasure Planet)

Disney Characters That Start With V: Iconic Names

An alien pirate in John Silver’s crew, he has the suction cup feet of a lizard, and other features of a fish such as a large tail, and otherwise looks like a demon with gray horns and spikes with a large mouth.

Generally found doing evil and pirate-y things, he participates in the raid on Benbow Inn and eventually is likely thrown to his death after being forced by John Silver to chase after Jim, Amelia, and Doppler when seeing them escape through a hole.

He is never seen again after that, so it is likely he perished in the hole, which is shown as having many exposed electrical wires. 

5. Victor (The Hunchback of Notre-Dame)

Disney Characters That Start With V: Iconic Names

One of the trio of gargoyles, he is a close friend to Quasimodo. Speaking in a very upper crust British accent, he is easily the most intelligent of the three but suffers from nervousness and cowardness.

However, Victor does know when he should attack to protect his friends, although he will apologize afterwards if he did hurt anyone.

Apparently he suffers from a lack of confidence, as when things start to go south he tends to panic and go into a sort of anxiety attack.

He and the other two gargoyles are very close to Quasimodo, even encouraging him to leave the cathedral and experience the wider outside world despite Quasimodo’s reservations.

6. Victor Hugo (Cars 2)

Disney Characters That Start With V: Iconic Names

Leader of the Hugo Family Lemons, he is falling apart and breaking down all the time, but has built up a criminal network including tow trucks to get him where he needs to go. 

Victor is a vehicle referred to as a 1983 Volgar Hugo NG-1, which is a fictional car, and he is a modified version of a Yugo GL painted with a pale yellow paint job.

Victor is working together with Gremlin, Pacer, and Trunkov to get the most out of their oil resources.

Victor’s criminal scheme involves using alternative fuels by using Allinol in combination with an electromagnetic pulse generator to cause racers to crash in the World Grand Prix, forcing all cars to keep using gas. thus getting more profits to the criminal gangs.

7. Victoria Rivera (Coco)

Disney Characters That Start With V: Iconic Names

AKA Tía Victoria, she is the great-aunt of Miguel.

Being very hard to please, she often appears in a dress with a head of black hair tied up in a bun. She is likely never able to compromise on anything, especially if it involves Tía Rosita. 

She is dismayed at many of the phrases uttered by Miguel, such as him not believing in the Land of the Dead.

A shoemaker when alive, she specializes in making huaraches, a type of traditional sandal.

She is very perceptive, being the first of all of Miguel’s relatives in the Land of the Dead to realize that Miguel hasn’t properly passed into the Land of the Dead as he is not dead.

While she is unwilling to go against Imedlda’s dictates, her realizing that Hector was murdered by Ernesto and caused the whole rift in the family in the first place causes her , to expose him to the audience.

Victoria helps broadcast his rant about Hector and subsequent murder attempt, turning the entirety of the Land of the Dead against him and thus getting permission for Miguel to return to the Land of the Living.

8. Vincenzo ‘Vinny’ Santorini (Atlantis)

Disney Characters That Start With V: Iconic Names

A demolition expert who serves as explosives technician, he joins the expedition to find Atlantis after getting out of jail through the good graces of Mr Whitmore.

Sporting a large mustache and sharp haircut, he is very passionate about explosives but has no time for the magic said to be keeping Atlantis safe. Eventually warming up to Milo, he is a vital part of the team.

Not exactly enamored by the history behind Atlantis, he’s keen on using explosives to solve any and all problems, including knocking over a column to make a bridge.

It turns out that Vinny was bribed to help steal the crystal keeping Atltantis together, but he has a crisis of conscience and decides to join Milo and his team to try and save Atalantis. 

9. Vinnie (Bolt)

Disney Characters That Start With V: Iconic Names

One of the three pigeons, Vinnie is a green pigeon and the leader.

Meeting Bolt as he is dealing with his head stuck in a grate, they offer a bit of help but are generally quite useless, as pigeons generally are.

Eventually turning Bolt onto Mittens, who is terrorizing all the pigeons of the city, Vinnie realizes that their lies may get Mittens killed, only to realize that this is likely the best day ever for Vinnie and his friends.

Despite spending most of his day sitting atop a giant billboard with Bolt’s picture on it, he doesn’t realize that the dog he’s been talking to this entire time (as well as seeing pictures everywhere with Bolt on them) is the same one.

10. Violet Parr (The Incredibles)

Disney Characters That Start With V: Iconic Names

AKA Vi, she is the eldest of the three kids from Mr Incredible and Elastigirl.

Boasting the powers of invisibility and being able to create protective force fields, she is a  socially withdrawn girl that uses her powers to hide from the gaze of others, including her crush.

Due to the family being targeted by villains, they are forced to move constantly, causing internal issues due to having to uproot their life constantly.

Her Super uniform is a red unitard complemented with black bottoms and an ‘i’ insignia on the chest. This is paired with an orange belt, black gloves, black boots, and a black eye mask. Sometimes the color scheme changes to purple and pink.

While Violet is awkward, as she matures she is more inquisitive and uses her powers to explore the world. She is very protective of her family, particularly her two siblings as they are not as capable of protection as her father and mother.

In the Incredibles 2, this growth in character is much clearer, and she shows a much stronger character range and responsibility, being the one who urges everyone to help rescue their parents and Frozone.

11. Vixey (The Fox and the Hound)

Disney Characters That Start With V: Iconic Names

Asked for help by Big Mama to find Tod, she is an attractive fox that Tod falls for immediately. Based on the character Maid Marian from the Disney Robin Hood film from 1973, she is a red fox.

Tod’s inexperience with the forest compared to Vixey causes him to fail in basic tasks, and due to Tod trying to impress her with these actions, she instead laughs at him, causing him to become angry and cursing her out.

Eventually Tod comes around due to Big Mama’s intervention, and the two become close. Later, this bond is shown to be strong with Vixey’s defense of Tod when he is getting shot at by Amos Slade and Cooper.

The constant hunting by Amos Slade and Cooper causes Vixey and Tod to work together, both of them taking a courageous risk to escape the inferno caused by the lighting of their cover.

12. Virana (Raya and the Last Dragon)

Disney Characters That Start With V: Iconic Names

The chief of Fang and the mother of Namaari, she is in charge of protecting the Fang territory from invaders.

Often having to ensure relations between the lands go swimmingly, she is busy having meetings and smoothing over links between the tribes, as well as trying to second-guess the moves of the Druun.

While Virana and her clan are blamed for their people being turned to stone because her daughter betrayed Raya, the story is not so straightforward.

With the Druun arriving back at Fang, due to Sisu’s death the Druun continue plaguing Kumandra and cause everyone to be petrified as the gem’s magic has faded away, leaving Virana vulnerable.

Virana is revived alongside Sisu when the gem fragments are rejoined, allowing her to visit the kingdom of Heart in victory, reuniting the various clans.

13. Vladimir (Tangled)

Disney Characters That Start With V: Iconic Names

A strong and most intimidating member of the Pub Thugs, he is first seen at the Snuggly Duckling pub.

While Flynn Rider doesn’t have much success in getting past him, Rapunzel shows her feminine qualities come in handy in trying to get past the thugs. This is also the key in changing Vladimir’s outlook on life, as he reveals his dreams to Rapunzel.

This causes him to realize that being a thug is not what he wants, but instead wants to collect ceramic unicorns.

He plays a vital role later on, helping cover for Flynn by putting forth Shorty for someone for the guards to arrest. He then again later helps Flynn by distracting Conli and then interfering with the guards.

14. Vladimir Trunkov (Cars 2)

Disney Characters That Start With V: Iconic Names

Leader of the Trunkov Family Lemons, he is a blue ZAZ-968 Zaporozhets with yellow side panels and hubcaps.

Keen to keep their oil profits high, Vladimir forms a criminal conspiracy with the other lemons that involves crashing out racers in the grand prix who won’t use their fuel.

15. Voyd (Incredible 2)

Disney Characters That Start With V: Iconic Names

A young lady wanting to be part of the Supers, she is often dressed in a lime green suit with elbow length gloves and blue hair.

She has the power of Dimensional Teleportation, allowing her to create voids and portals that can transport objects and humans from one place to another. This is a very powerful ability, enabling her to bypass the attacks of many other Supers and villains.

However, she seemingly needs to be able to see the location where she places the portals and has to use her hands or arms to place them properly, even so they tend to be slightly unpredictable.

She’s asked by Winston Deavor to help legalize Supers and their use of powers, and sensing an opportunity to meet her idols, she agrees to it.

Unfortunately, this meeting enables Evelyn to use her Hypno-goggles to force Voyd to capture Bob and Helen’s children and Frozone, although she fails to get the children. 

Despite attacks by the children later, Voyd shows how her powers can thwart even the very powerful attacks by Violet. However, Elastigirl’s elastic arms are able to get past this and knock the goggles off, bringing Violet back to reality.