Disney Characters That Start With W: Iconic Names

Disney Characters That Start With W: Iconic Names

Nearing the end of the alphabet, let’s have a look at many of Disney’s iconic characters starting with the letter ‘W’!

1. Uncle Waldo (The Aristocats)

Disney Characters That Start With W: Iconic Names

A goose who has often spent too long at the bar, his green hat is sometimes struggling to stay on his head.  The uncle of Abigail and Amelia Gabble, he is outgoing and quite silly, but is shown to be missing his tail feathers due to a run-in with a chef.


Disney Characters That Start With W: Iconic Names

A robot with the scintillating name of Waste Allocation Load Lifter – Earth-Class, ‘he’ is confronted with the mammoth task of shifting all the garbage on Earth to make it somewhat more livable. 

After 700 years of being alone, he has somehow developed a sentience and personality, including an almost boundless curiosity.

After meeting with EVE, another robot sent to find any signs of biological life on the wasteland of Earth, he immediately falls for ‘her’ and does everything he can to help her, which in fact is more likely to interfere with her.

Running on triangular caterpillar tracks and sporting a square body with a pair of arms and a head with large eyes, he is powered by solar energy and lives a lonely existence.

However, his determination sees him change the course of humanity forever, helping humans and robots connect in a way they haven’t for centuries. 

3. Walrus (Alice in Wonderland)

Disney Characters That Start With W: Iconic Names

Almost like Honest John from Pinocchio, the Walrus is a shyster and conman who is not below lying or trickery to get what he needs.

Often seen together with his dim-witted accomplice the Carpenter, he cna’t see far enough ahead to realize that his constant get rich quick schemes and inability to defer gratification is leading to nowhere but the bottom.

Due to the Walrus’ greed, he is quite portly anad is seen in a fetching vest, bowtie and top hat with a cane.

4. Wardrobe (Beauty and the Beast)

Disney Characters That Start With W: Iconic Names

The former lady-in-waiting of the castle, she was an opera singer before taking on the role at the castle, only to be cursed like the rest of the servants.

Very outgoing and jovial, the Wardrobe is a caring, motherly figure however she is very sad that she can no longer partake in all the fun of opera including dressups, makeup and singing.

She appears as a white and green wardrobe with gold linings.

5. Wasabi (Big Hero 6)

Disney Characters That Start With W: Iconic Names

An applied physics student at the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology, he is a nervous and perfectionist type who doesn’t like danger or risk, as well as a bit of a clean freak.

Despite his large, muscular frame and physical prowess with weapons, he is actually quite the nerd and fully aware of it. He’s also a valued member of Big Hero 6. 

Often the voice of reason and common sense, he likes to look before he leaps and wants a solid plan before action, a personality trait that comes in handy many times when Hiro and others foolishly run in.

Despite his size, he uses technology to his advantage like the rest of Big Hero 6 with his use of plasma technology to make large bladed hand weapons.

6. Water Rat (Ichabod and Mr Toad)

Disney Characters That Start With W: Iconic Names

Friend of friend of Mole, Angus MacBadger and Mr Toad,  he appears as an English gentleman replete with a green hat of the like Sherlock Holmes would wear, an accompanying brown suit with a well maintained mustache.

While prim and proper, he is forced to reveal that due to being a member of society he has a duty to report Mr Toad’s actions of the stealing of and attempted sale of a motorcar, although he does apologize profusely when he finds out it was actually a scheme by the weasels.

7. Wendy Darling (Peter Pan)

Disney Characters That Start With W: Iconic Names

A young lady living in the United Kingdom, she has always loved bedtime stories told to her including Peter Pan, and continues to keep them going by retelling versions to her siblings.

Her father is not a fan of her resistance to grow up, and this likely only makes her desire to stay in adolescence all the stronger. Upon her father, George, stating that tonight would be her last night in the nursery, she hopes to go to Neverland.

After meeting with Peter Pan and being taken there, the experience causes her to mature and realize that her growing up isn’t so bad, and she takes on the role of the de facto mother of the Lost Boys.

After defying Captain Hook, she also demonstrates bravery by walking the plank to her supposed death, but her faith in Peter Pan is restored as he saves her at the last minute.

8. Mr Wesley (Home on the Range)

Disney Characters That Start With W: Iconic Names

Working with the cattle rustler Alameda Slim, he is the businessman not afraid to deal in the black market and the stolen cattle.

Often seen in all purple and with a nasty look on his face accentuated by a mouth full of yellow teeth.

He hates waiting and expects everyone to operate on the timeline they’ve agreed upon.

Eventually, karma comes back to bite him, as he is beaten up by the cows for his evil deeds.

9. Wheezy (Toy Story 2)

Disney Characters That Start With W: Iconic Names

A squeaky toy penguin with a broken squeaker, he has become unable to communicate well due to only really being able to exhale a breath.

Andy was responsible for breaking him, but his mom promised to fix him only to leave him on a shelf, gathering dust. He was close friends with Buzz and Woody but ended up in the yard sale.

Unfortunately, the dust also heavily aggravated Wheezy’s asthma and couldn’t call for help due to his broken speaker.

He is often seen with a red bowtie to complement his tuxedo look.

Eventually, Wheezy is seen again with a working squeaker, crediting Mr Shark for finding a replacement squeaker in the toy box. He also entertains with a great rendition of the classic Toy Story song with a deep, soothing singing voice.

10. White Rabbit (Alice in Wonderland)

Disney Characters That Start With W: Iconic Names

An anthropomorphic rabbit often seen in a formal suit with an oversized pocket watch and umbrella, he is the originator of Alice’s curiosity into Wonderland.

Although coming across as a somewhat confused old man, among all the characters that Alice ends up encountering he is one of the more sane individuals.

Generally quite nervous and high strung, he realizes he is late to his role as a herald for the Queen of Hearts, who is known to punish tardiness with execution.

After mistaking Alice for his maid, he asks her to find his gloves, only for her to eat a sweet which makes her grow in size and the rabbit to promptly conclude she is a monster and running off.

11. Wiggins (Pocahontas)

Disney Characters That Start With W: Iconic Names

Governor Ratcliffe’s manservant, he is seemingly blissfully unaware of his master’s evil acts and cruelty, perhaps because he is rather dim-witted and clueless.

He does, however, have a large range of skills including making artistic creations out of hedges and trees and correctly predicting the cause of the Indians’ anger.

While often having to anticipate Ratcliffe’s moves, because he is not on the same wavelength as the governor, there is often conflict between the two.

12. Wilbur Robinson (Meet the Robinsons)

Disney Characters That Start With W: Iconic Names

Son of Franny and Lewis Robinson, he loves to time travel and uses stealth with spycraft to remain undetected, often using the fake position of a Time Continuum Task Force member to avoid suspicion.

Often seen with a slick of black hair, Jimmy Neutron-style, coupled with a black T-shirt, he is very good at seeing danger coming and how future timelines will get influenced by his and others actions through use of the time machine.

13. Wilbur (The Rescuers Down Under)

Disney Characters That Start With W: Iconic Names

Brother of Orville and operator of Albatross Airlines, he is a big lover of music and a careful pilot. A large white albatross complete with blue scarf and aviator goggles, he is an accomplished professional.

However, when the job is about rescuing a kidnapped child, Wilbur shows his compassion and is willing to help despite the conditions. This even extends to when he is landing at too small an airport and is warned off it, only to do it anyway.

Wilbur eventually is tasked with warming Marahute’s eggs.

14. Wilden Lightfoot (Onward)

Disney Characters That Start With W: Iconic Names

Father of Ian and Barley, he passed away due to illness but a magical staff allows him to be brought back from the dead.

As an elf, he trained as an accountant and eventually met and married his wife Laurel. The spell doesn’t quite work as expected and he ends up coming back as an unfinished pair of legs but still joins in the adventure with his sons.

15. Wilhelmina Packard (Atlantis)

Disney Characters That Start With W: Iconic Names

One of the older members of the crew, she is the team’s radio operator. A colorful history filled with perhaps too many marriages, she now works for Bell Aerial Experiment Association in their Communications divisions, as the R&D chief.

She is one of the crew members who has been hired to instead steal the giant crystal, the Heart of Atlantis, and help sell it on the black market for a hefty sum.

Eventually, she reneges on the deal once convinced to do so by Milo, showing her to have a conscience of sorts.

16. Willie the Giant (Fun and Fancy Free)

Disney Characters That Start With W: Iconic Names

A magical giant who steals the Golden Harp, he is the main villain although perhaps slightly unaware of the effects of his actions. His appearance as a stormcloud perhaps reveals that he is a spirit rather than a human, especially given his tremendous powers.

He has a wide range of powers that surpass even some of the most powerful characters in the Disney universe, including flight, invisibility and shape-shifting.

Mentally, he is very underdeveloped, often appearing as child-like.

This causes him to not think his actions through, and is quite greedy, shown when he steals the golden harp and causes the Happy Valley to suffer.

17. Winnie the Pooh (Winnie the Pooh)

Disney Characters That Start With W: Iconic Names

A honey loving stuffed bear, he is quite overweight which can cause his seams to pop apart, but thankfully he has become very adept at repairing this quickly.

His only possessions seem to be pots of honey, which he finds hard to spell, and red shirts many sizes too small. He is constantly running out of honey due to his massive appetite. He has a big group of friends including many animals and Christopher Robin.

Winnie is naive to the point of incredulity, with his absent-mindedness causing frustration among the other inhabitants of Hundred Acre Wood. Despite his massive sugar and energy store from his constant consumption of honey, he is often quite sluggish and slow.

18. Winston (Oliver and Company)

Disney Characters That Start With W: Iconic Names

The Foxworth family’s butler, he is tasked with looking after Jenny when her parents go on one of their constant trips.

Switching between a tuxedo and blue apron, he takes on a variety of roles to keep the house running. Being understanding and caring, he nonetheless is not fully on board to adopt Oliver without her parent’s approval.

19. Winston Deavor (The Incredibles 2)

Disney Characters That Start With W: Iconic Names

The boss of a massive telecommunications company alongside his talented sister, Evelyn Deavor, he tries to get the Supers made legal again.

With a family history of supporting the Supers, he fondly remembers his father trying to help Gazerbeam and Fironic, giving them special phones that acted as direct lines for emergencies.

Unfortunately, with the legal changes to make Supers and their powers illegal, the two Supers don’t respond to a distress call by the senior Deavor and he is killed.

Possessing an amazing ability to relate and communicate with people, he spends a lot of time trying to meet all the Supers and convincing him to join the legalization cause. He is portrayed as being very affable and friendly to all, with a super business sense.

His strong morals worried his sister so much that she was loathe to reveal her nefarious plans to him, knowing he wouldn’t go along with it.

20. Woody (Toy Story)

Disney Characters That Start With W: Iconic Names

A toy pull-string cowboy sheriff owned by Andy Davis, he is the undisputed leader of the other toys, being wise and fair.

Andy’s favorite, he tries to mediate disputes to keep all the toys happy and puts on a brave face. His mind works quickly, shown by his many attempts to help save Buzz and avoid the machinations of the more villainous characters like Sid, Lotso and many others.

Growing in maturity due to the hardships and setbacks experienced, Woody develops into a mature and accepting ‘adult’ toy, who realizes that Andy won’t be there forever but it is his duty to try and be there for the other toys, even finding another owner.

21. Wreck-it Ralph (Wreck-it Ralph)

Disney Characters That Start With W: Iconic Names

A building wrecker standing at 9 feet tall and weighing over 600 pounds, Ralph is the bad-guy of the platform video game, Fix-It Felix Jr. 

Eventually tiring of being hated by everyone, he hatches the idea of becoming the good guy by jumping from his machine to another.

In fact, Ralph is misunderstood as the Nicelanders have constructed an apartment over his jungle home. He eventually succeeds in his quest to get a medal, inadvertently helping many of the other arcade characters along the way, causing them to realize his true, caring nature.

22. Wynnchel (Wreck-it Ralph)

Disney Characters That Start With W: Iconic Names

One part of the delicious Sugar Rush security team, they enforce King Candy’s rule over the Sugar Rush Kingdom.

Appearing as a tall and slender éclair decked out in police officer aviators, he also has a pink smear of frosting for his nose, and a brown glaze down his front.

Generally incomptent and cowardly, they eventually lose their jobs when the imposter king is removed from his oppressive rule.

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