Disney Characters That Start With Y: Iconic Names

Disney Characters That Start With Y: Iconic Names

Yaarp, Yelana, and Yori are some of the many names we’ll consider in this list of Disney characters, so let’s explore this list of names starting with ‘Y’ and take a walk down memory lane of these iconic characters!

1. Yaarp (Lilo & Stitch)

Disney Characters That Start With Y: Iconic Names

With a lab name of Experiment 613, Yaarp is one of the many illegal genetic experiments done by Jumba Jookiba.

With a total of four arms and a pale green and blue body, Yaarp can let out devastating sonic booms to smash windows and destroy buildings. These yells can be so devastating that they will also cause deafness in humans.

After his pod landed in a fruit stand, it was still not enough to activate Yaarp but with the watering of the fruit by Mrs Hasegawa, this brought him up from his deactivated state. 

Gantu dons a pair of special noise canceling protective ear wear in order to successfully catch Yaarp.

2. Yama (Big Hero 6)

Disney Characters That Start With Y: Iconic Names

With his name meaning mountain in Japanese, and running an illegal bot-fighting ring, Yama is a criminal who looks similar to a sumo with his huge gut and top knot.

After getting hoodwinked by Hiro and losing a lot of money and face, he decides to respond with violence and becomes the nemesis of Big Hero 6.

After being arrested and released, Yama goes back to his criminal ways until he comes across Hiro by chance, immediately trying to enact revenge against him as is his way, being a ruthless criminal.

Yama is not dull: he realizes the power of Hiro’s robots and steals them due to realizing that Hiro can help him in other ways, such as access to the sculpture that Yama wants through Hiro’s ID.

3. Yama (Gargoyles)

Disney Characters That Start With Y: Iconic Names

Part of Clan Ishimura, and a member of the Redemption Squad, he was said to have betrayed the clan by aligning with a human. He is mostly gray in appearance with large horns curling over his head and forearms with spikes on them.

Eventually, this deal with the human Taro turned out to be a ruse and Yama then had to restore his honor in order to be accepted back into the clan.

Yama then realizes that the Redemption Squad is his only choice and despite being attacked, he likely survived due to the actions of his teammates such as Matrix.

4. Yang (Leroy & Stitch)

Disney Characters That Start With Y: Iconic Names

AKA Experiment 502, Yang is another illegal experiment that appears as a red salamander-like lizard with red volcanic vents on his back. He has black eyes and a big mouth relative to his body size, including having two fangs.

He can fire lava from the spouts and works closely with Yin to make a new island.

Once he was on Earth, he got activated by mistake and caused widespread destruction. Despite the best efforts by Lilo and Stitch, Yang’s power means he can only be stopped when caught in a containment orb by Jumbo.

Eventually, he escapes but is again neutralized, this time by anti-heat foam. He and Yin are rehabilitated, eventually creating a whole new island using their powers.

With his powerful abilities, Yang doesn’t care much about walking into traps or facing enemies, as he can destroy almost anything without a second thought. While this is a big bonus to him, it can also be his achille’s heel.

5. Yao (Mulan)

Disney Characters That Start With Y: Iconic Names

Arrogant and short-tempered, he has a distinctive black eye that never seems to heal. For some reason he dislikes Mulan and constantly belittles her, but eventually comes around to her.

Constantly using his battles and fights to try and get a wife, he is generally pretty clumsy and annoying which thwarts his ultimate aims.

Part of the trio including Ling and Chien Po, they are in the Chinese army and fighting against Shan Yu.

Yao would be effective if he could contain his short temper, and shows glimpses of brilliance as well as loyalty when the going gets tough. He also has impressive strength which he can use to win fights and does well when he focuses.

6. Yar (Dinosaur)

Disney Characters That Start With Y: Iconic Names

An elderly lemur who is father to Zini and Plio, he is a caring character who helps raise a dinosaur egg hatched by his daughter, and names him Aladar.

Often worried about how Aladar will turn out given the meat-eating proclivities of dinosaurs, he keeps a careful eye on him to make sure he is not a danger, showing he has no qualms about dumping the dinosaur should he show any aggression to his family.

Eventually, Aladar’s actions save the family from destruction by the fireballs from the sky, and though this is devastating for wiping out the rest of the lemurs, it does bring Yar around who realizes that he was perhaps too harsh.

7. Yax (Zootopia)

Disney Characters That Start With Y: Iconic Names

A male yak with a huge head of hair that covers almost everything except his snout and mouth, he can be found in the Mystic Spring Oasis. He is often seen with his horns poking out of the hairstyle and surrounded by flies.

He helps Judy out tremendously due to his amazing recall of Otterton’s last visit, including the vital information of the license plate.

Yax is a naturalist, and so walks around naked, much to Judy’s surprise. Often seen with a beaded necklace and most certainly a hippy, he also loves to dance.

8. Yaya (The Three Caballeros)

Disney Characters That Start With Y: Iconic Names

One of the live-action dancers, she is outgoing and beautiful, working as a food seller of traditional African and Afro-Brazilian food.

Generally appearing in a pink ankle-length dress with a white shoulderless top and a green scarf on which she balances her tray of treats, she complements it all with a massive smile.

She is a big lover of flowers, showing a lot of affection when Donald Duck gives her a bunch.

Yaya also has control over magic, allowing her to make inanimate objects dance (including, of all things, the moon) and generally is the life of the party.

9. Yelana (Frozen II)

Disney Characters That Start With Y: Iconic Names

An older woman and the unspoken leader of the Northuldra, she will do anything to protect her community.

Yelana has long been suspicious of the Arendellians due to believing that they started the war leading to the long curse which imprisoned them in the Enchanted Forest by a mist.

Having long, gray hair with a plain tunic, she is often the voice of reason.

Initially hostile to Elsa, especially when her magical powers and ancestry is revealed, Elsa’s stopping of the Fire Spirit turns Yelana’s opinion around, at least slightly, Arendellians.

Elsa realizes King Runeard’s plan, thus using the strength of the Earth Giants to destroy the dam. This causes Yelana and Mattias to come to a truce, and are seen together when the forest is finally freed.

10. Yen Sid (Fantasia)

Disney Characters That Start With Y: Iconic Names

Clad in his iconic blue garb with a blue wizard hat adorned with silver stars and moons, he is Mickey Mouse’s mentor and very skilled in magic and sorcery.

Not having much of a speaking role, he has a fierce expression but is generally quite forgiving, especially knowing Mickey Mouse is a bit of a rapscallion. His other appearances tend to show that he is very caring towards his apprentices.

His power seems to be concentrated in his wizard hat, but he has a range of powers without it as well, such as having control over the flood that Mickey created in the castle despite not having the hat on anymore.

11. Yesss (Ralph Breaks the Internet)

Disney Characters That Start With Y: Iconic Names

In charge of BuzzzTube, she can completely change her appearance to keep up with whatever the latest trends may be.

She is an algorithm and a very successful one at that, generating massive revenue.

Yesss’ success has brought about an inflated ego but she is still very astute despite her lack of social skills due to being so busy.

While initially recognizing the star power of Wreck-It Ralph, she began to better empathize with him once realizing what he was really about and how he got into his situation, particularly due to his actions to help get rid of the corrupt King Candy of Sugar Rush. 

12. Yeti (Monsters, Inc)

Disney Characters That Start With Y: Iconic Names

Banished to the human world due to finding out about aspects of Henry J Waternoose III and Randall Boggs’ scheme, he enjoys being in the mountains of the Himalayas.

Appearing as a very large snow monster, he is covered in thick white fur and has a massive head, although he is very kind and caring. Hospitable to anyone that comes near his cave, he loves snow cones and is always willing to share with others.

He helps out Mike and Sulley by informing them of the existence of children in the village below the mountain ranges, which is a vital piece of information that helps the duo get back into the Monster World.

13. Yin (Leroy & Stitch)

Disney Characters That Start With Y: Iconic Names

AKA Experiment 501, she is an aqua-colored creature with multiple tentacles that can squirt water out. Once released, Yin’s experiment pod crashed into a palm tree and fell into a pool that happened to be below, activating her.

Almost the definition of single-minded, she can’t focus on anything else once she has picked out what her goal is.

She can drink large amounts of water with her tentacles and store it in her head. If she is near a constantly replenishing water source, she is almost unstoppable, such as when she turns on a tap in a backyard.

14. Yuckalinda (DuckTales)

Disney Characters That Start With Y: Iconic Names

A combination of an alligator head and snake body, Yuckalinda is depicted as a green monster with dark spots and a massive lion mane of orange hair. She really doesn’t like being woken up and takes out her sleepy rage on anyone nearby.

Using the large whirlpool near her lair to pull in food, she will rescue people from the whirlpool if she is fed something instead but this is perhaps unintentional.

She seems to like pretty much any type of food, but is absolutely obsessed with King Blowhard’s umma-gumma fruit, becoming so enamored with it that she gets distracted and helps pull up Scrooge McDuck, his nephews, and King Homer.

15. Yumi (Fillmore!)

Disney Characters That Start With Y: Iconic Names

A nasty character not concerned with using threats and intimidation to get what she wants, she uses computer viruses to achieve her plans, and doesn’t know when to stop.

Often appearing as a neat schoolgirl with dark hair and a headband with glasses showcasing bright green eyes, she has a cutting way of speaking.

16. Yuna Kamihara (Stitch!)

Disney Characters That Start With Y: Iconic Names

Living on an island off Japan and a 4th grade elementary school student, she is a bit of a tomboy who loves karate.

Becoming close with Stitch, Yuna shows she is very kind and uses her skills to put a stop to bullying and evil, sometimes even preventing crimes.

As she is still a young girl, she can still succumb to pressure but often comes out on the other side having learned something useful from the situation.

17. Yuni Verse (Wreck-It Ralph)

Disney Characters That Start With Y: Iconic Names

A character from Dance Dance Revolution,  she appears after Litwak’s Arcade is closed, dancing, generally acting as a lookout.

Appearing in the typical Japanese school girl sailor outfit, she has blond hair pulled into two pigtails, blue glasses and knee high socks.

18. Yupi (The Emperor’s New Groove)

Disney Characters That Start With Y: Iconic Names

The youngest son of Pacha and Chicha, he is mainly seen as a bump in his mother’s belly but is born by the end of the film.

For some reason, he is blessed with superhuman strength, and helps win in events for the Famaolympics, including  paddling at super speed, effectively becoming a living motorboat engine.

He appears as a small infant with a small spike of dark hair.

19. Yzma (The Emperor’s New Groove)

Disney Characters That Start With Y: Iconic Names

An evil sorceress and the former advisor to Emperor Kuzco, she swears revenge on him after being fired, wanting the throne for herself.

While aided (and sometimes held back) by her sidekick Kronk, she can skillfully make potions.

While having a big role in raising Kuzco, she has turned into more of a mad scientist that can’t make up a cogent plan, often foiling her own mad schemes.

Often in black and purple attire, she has very sharp features including a leering grin and angular face.

20. Yodel and Sniff (Snow Dogs)

Disney Characters That Start With Y: Iconic Names

Part of the wheel dogs of the sled team, they’re led by Demon and follow whatever Demon directs them to do.

Like the rest of the dogs, they have huge strength.

21. Yokai (Big Hero 6)

Disney Characters That Start With Y: Iconic Names

Often clad in black including a long, flowing coat and wearing a white and red kabuki-style mask, he is the main villain in the film.

Real name Robert Callaghan, he is a former professor at Hiro’s school and a formidable opponent given his military background combined with scientific genius. After losing his daughter in a portal due to Krei, he descended into evil.

22. Yori (Kim Possible)

Disney Characters That Start With Y: Iconic Names

A student at the Yamanouchi Ninja School, she works closely with Kim and Ron Stoppable and extends the respect of Japanese culture to everyone she meets.

She is a very accomplished warrior although finds it hard to gel with her non-Japanese colleagues due to cultural differences.

23. Yo Yo Flamingo (Fantasia 2000)

Disney Characters That Start With Y: Iconic Names

A pink flamingo who loves yo yos probably too much, he eventually is separated from the rest of the flock and exiled because he refuses to practice. 

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