Do Yor and Loid End Up Together in Spy X Family? (& Do They Kiss)

Do Yor and Loid End Up Together in Spy X Family? (& Do They Kiss)

Spy X Family is just sweeping the internet, with several netizens falling head over heels with how adorable Anya Forger is. However, she’s not the only one carrying this anime. Her adoptive parents have been stealing the hearts of many viewers as well. But given the nature of their arrangement, do Loid and Yor eventually become a couple?

As far as the manga goes, Yor and Loid are still only pretending to be together despite being legally married. The two have yet to kiss or do any couple-like acts beyond what they are expected to do out in public. However, it is clear Yor has developed feelings towards Loid as the series progresses.

The anime has a good way of keeping everyone on the edge of their feet by watching Anya trying her best to help her father in his mission to the relationship of the pretend couple. But, will this pretend family become an actual family in the future? Or will it disappear like every other identity Loid has taken on for past missions?

Does Yor Have Feelings for Loid?

Do Yor and Loid End Up Together in Spy X Family? (& Do They Kiss)

At first, Yor only used Loid as a way to continue her assignation missions in order not to raise suspicion. She also felt that Loid is the only other person to accept her weird ways despite not knowing about her identity as the Thorn Princess. This would mean she can continue with her job without raising suspicion if she’s together with Loid.

However, as she continues to live with Loid and Anya, she gets comfortable with their family dynamic and even develops feelings towards Loid. This can be evident when Loid’s coworker, Fiona, appears in the manga. With how close Fiona and Loid are, Yor felt depressed that Fiona would be a better wife for Loid and mother to Anya.

Right now, Yor has yet to admit these feelings openly. However, it seems that Loid has already started suspecting Yor’s developing feelings towards him. On the other hand, Yor decides to continue her job as an assassin to protect the peace in her current family.

Does Loid Have Feelings for Yor?

Loid is a bit more difficult to figure out due to him giving high priority to his mission. However, if he warmed up to Anya, it isn’t too late for him to start loving Yor. He married Yor originally for Operation Strix, which requires him to be a married man with a child. 

For the most part, he has been keeping his emotions in check and trying not to get too attached to Yor yet, maintaining a good relationship with her as a good husband should. However, he has mentioned in his mind that he has been doing so for the benefit of the mission.

But viewers have noticed that he would quickly get flustered when it comes to romantic situations with Yor. For a spy who has taken several identities and dated several women for work, it seems odd that he would react this way towards another person. 

His coworker Fiona has also noticed that Loid has been genuinely happy with Yor and Anya. So while it may not be love yet, it seems like Loid does hold some affection towards Yor.

Is Anya Keeping the Two of Them Together?

Do Yor and Loid End Up Together in Spy X Family? (& Do They Kiss)

They are together mainly for the benefit of their individual missions. It is possible the two of them would have entered into the same relationship together even if another kid had taken Anya’s place. However, a big reason why they even met was due to Anya’s interference in the first place.

It was Anya who wanted to have an exciting life, and what better way to make the mission more exciting than by bringing two exciting people together. Due to her abilities as an Esper, Anya figured out Yor was an assassin and decided to hint to Loid that he should make her his wife.

Anya has been meddling in their affairs as a couple to give them more of a push to start loving each other. In addition, it seems like being a good mother and father are something they both find attractive in each other. Both of them genuinely praise each other for being good parents to Anya, and that is something not required by both of their jobs.

Are They Legally Married?

Both Loid and Yor are legally married to each other. They did the paperwork on Episode 2 of the anime when Yor proposed they extend the terms of their agreement. Instead of pretending to be a couple until Anya’s school interview, Yor suggested getting married for real to benefit the both of them.

This allows Yor to move with her work without bringing up suspicion. It also allows her to live under the same roof as both Anya and Loid to make their relationship believable. While the two actually got married, they had their Marriage Contract dated a year before their meeting date to make it look believable to the school.

Is Anya Legally Their Adopted Child?

Do Yor and Loid End Up Together in Spy X Family? (& Do They Kiss)

Anya is formally adopted by Loid, making her his official adopted daughter. Since Yor and Loid are legally married, she is also the adopted daughter of Yor. Her records and papers are retrieved by Loid’s coworker Franky Franklin. 

Prior to joining the Forger family, Anya escaped the research facility and moved to different adoption centers. However, she never could find a stable family to stay with since she constantly gets returned.

Are The Couple Aware of Their Secret Identities? 

Yor and Loid are both unaware of their partner’s secret identities. Only Anya knows the true nature of both of their work. Loid is posing as a psychiatrist while Yor is a government worker. Due to Yor not knowing much about being “normal,” she seems to accept all the cover-ups Loid throws at her regarding the nature of his job.

Conveniently, during the things that are hard to cover up, Yor tends to be drunk. Her drunk usually would mean she doesn’t remember the happenings of the previous evening.

Meanwhile, Loid seems to accept that Yor is just different from other girls and accepts her for all her weird ways. However, it looks like the two will not be aware of the other’s true identity till much later in the manga. As far as the manga is as of writing, the two are still unaware of each other’s jobs.