Does Zenitsu Become a Hashira?

Does Zenitsu Become a Hashira?

Demon Slayers are some of the strongest combatants in Japan. However, there are also the top-ranked fighters within the organization called the Hashira. It was clear that Zenitsu, Tanjiro, and Inosuke were interested in becoming Hashira, Zenitsu the most since he wanted to make his grandfather proud. So, by the end of Demon Slayer, does Zenitsu realize his dream?

Zenitsu does not become a Hashira by the end of Demon Slayer. The Manga ended with the Demon Corps disbanding due to demons no longer being a threat. There was no reason to promote any other Demon Slayer to a Hashira rank with the disbanding.

While Zenitsu is definitely on par with the Hashira after the defeat of Daki and Gyutaro, there was no time to promote any of the three heroes to a higher rank. Instead, the Demon Slayer Corps decided to pour most of the efforts into finally defeating the upper demons. So aside from being strong, what else does it take to be a Hashira?

How Does a Demon Slayer Get Promoted to Hashira?

Does Zenitsu Become a Hashira?

In order to be a Hashira, a member must be considered among the strongest fighters in the entire organization. There are two methods to prove the Demon Slayer’s strength. The first method is to kill at least 50 demons or slay a member of the Twelve Kizuki as a Kinoe rank Demon Slayer.

Finally, the last method is to be a Tsuguko or a successor of a Hashira. The Tsugoku will effectively take over the Hashira’s duties once that Hashira dies or retires from the Demon Slayer Corps. Usually, it takes five years worth of training to achieve any of the two methods. However, it might only take 2 years for talented members to achieve the rank.

Does Zenitsu Pass the Hashira Requirement?

Zenitsu, in theory, should have become a Hashira if the Demon Corps did not disband. However, by the time he attained the power to become a Hashira, the final stand against Muzan was already underway. When Muzan was finally defeated, all the other demons he created were destroyed.

Since the Corps no longer had a reason to fight, the organization was disbanded. The Demon Slayer members lived the rest of their days as ordinary civilians. If the Demon Slayer Corps had not separated, Zenitsu would have taken over the Thunder Hashira’s position since he is among the ranks of the Hashira in terms of strength.

What Happens to Zenitsu at the End of the Series?

After the Demon Slayer Corps disbanded, Zenistu and Inosuke decided to stay with Tanjiro and Nezuko. Zenitsu and Nezuko eventually got married at some point in time. In the final chapter of Demon Slayer, Chapter 205, it is revealed that Zenitsu is the great grandfather of Yoshiteru and Toko Agatsuma. The book that recounts the Demon Slayer Corps struggle against Muzan was apparently written by Zenitsu and recovered by Yoshiteru.

How Many Hashira Are There in the Series?

Does Zenitsu Become a Hashira?

There were nine Hashira ranked members at the start of the series. However, only two Hashira survived and then retired due to the Demon Slayer Corps disbanding by the final chapter. In addition, Tengen Uzui retired his Hashira rank before the beginning of the final battle due to him losing his left hand and eye in the battle against Daki and Gyutaro.

Giyu Tomioka was a Water Hashira and one lucky enough to survive the final battle. He is also the first Hashira people will see in the anime Demon Slayer. Despite killing demons for a living, he was the first demon slayer to show sympathy towards Nezuko. Giyu is the one who made the bamboo muzzle for Nezuko.

Kyojuro Rengoku was a Fire Hashira at the start of the series but died before the Corps could fight Muzan. He fell during the fight against Upper Moon Demon 3 Akaza. Similar to Kyojuro, Shinobu Kocho was also killed in battle. Shinobu was the Insect Hashira who sacrificed herself to kill Upper Moon Demon 3, Doma.

Muichiro Tokito, the Hashira of the Mist Pillar, also fell by the hands of a demon. Muichiro was quickly overpowered by Upper Moon Demon 1 Kokushibou. Obanai was one of the Hashira who managed to face Muzan; however, he eventually succumbed to his injuries and died after the fight with Muzan.

The Love Hashira Mitsuri Kanroji died fighting Muzan. She eventually died in Obanai’s arms as the two confessed their love for one another. Meanwhile, Sanemi Shinazugawa survived the brutal battle. He was the Wind Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps. But, even though he survived, the battle left him with less fingers.

And finally, Gyomei Himejima, the Stone Hashira, also dies in his attempts to stop Muzan. After getting his legs crushed by Muzan, the Hashira is already weakened. Instead of retreating, he sacrifices himself by restraining Muzan’s infant form, allowing Tanjiro to attack the form from the inside.

Are Tanjiro and Inosuke Also at the Level of a Hashira?

Does Zenitsu Become a Hashira?

By the final battle, the other two Demon Slayers are as strong as the Hashira alongside Zenitsu. If the Demon Slayer Corps did not disband, Insouke and Zenitsu could get promoted as Hashira. However, due to Tanjiro’s state after the final battle, Tanjiro may have to retire as a Demon Slayer.

While the three are shown to be incredibly talented swordsmen, I would say Zenitsu is the strongest in terms of combat ability by the end of Demon Slayer. Tanjiro would have my vote if he can fight at full capacity, but seeing as his body doesn’t work the same after the final battle, then it’s safe to say this is only a battle for Zenitsu and Inosuke.

While Inosuke may have more raw strength than Inosuke, Zenitsu beats Inosuke in terms of speed and technique. He even developed a new Flaming Thunder God technique, which took out Kaigaku.

I think I can say if the Demon Slayer Corps had not disbanded and demons would continue to plague humanity, Zenitsu would definitely be promoted to a Hashira. With the Corps losing most of their Hashira members, there would be a need for new Hashira to lead and protect the next generation of Demon Slayers. 

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