Dominion Vs Borg: Which Race Is Stronger

Dominion Vs Borg: Which Race Is Stronger

Star Trek is one of the most beloved space odysseys that has graced our TV screens. Not everyone is a big fan of the good guys, thus this article will contain two famous villainous civilizations from Star Trek, Dominion, and Borg. The question that will be answered is about which is the stronger race out of these two evil ones Dominion or Borg.

Borg is a much stronger race than Dominion, as Borg can assimilate anything and adapt their technology. This means that Borg will always have a technological and numerical advantage over Dominion.

To find out about the capabilities of both of these races, let’s take a look at their societies, militaries, and technologies. This is the easier way to find out about all the advantages and disadvantages of both Dominion and Borg.

First, let’s start with the basic characteristics of each race. Dominion, located in the Gamma Quadrant is led by an ancient race of changelings which are liquid shapeshifting creatures that originated from the Gamma quadrant. They had dedicated their existence to spreading the message of the Founders, which means conquering the whole universe and making them see that the way of the Founders is the right one.

Borg, on the other hand, are not made of liquid as they are cybernetic humanoids better known as cyborgs. They lack any sense of individuality as the only free life form was their Borg Queen. All Borgs were connected to the Queen by a Hive mind. They can assimilate all other species alongside their technologies which when assimilated will be part of the hive mind. This makes them a truly scary opponent.

Society of Dominion

Dominion Vs Borg: Which Race Is Stronger

They are led by the enigmatic Founders, which were never seen by their subjects. Their population consists of Vorta and Jem’ Hadar. Both of these were genetically engineered by the Founders, and one of the biggest attributes that were given to them was to worship the Changelings as gods.

Vorta are the commanders while Jem’ Hadar are troops in their armies. These two species do not have much love for one another, thus their unity is only a mirage.

Society of Borg

Dominion Vs Borg: Which Race Is Stronger

As it was previously mentioned, Borg is led by the Queen, a Borg who can control the hive mind. She serves the Central Nexus and exists within its sphere. Due to the hive mind, drones which is the name for the entities assimilated by the Borg have complete loyalty to the Borg. 

There is a large amount of them, in trillions as any life form can be assimilated. This numerical advantage and their ability to assimilate technology and knowledge from other races make them a tough space opponent.

Military and Tactics of Dominion

Dominion did not employ the standard military tactics as they relied more on subterfuge and gaining influence. They manipulate other factions and predict possible conflicts that will benefit them as a civilization.

Their military units consisting of Jem’ Hadar are not happy to serve under Vorta, as many Vorta do not hide their contempt for Jem’ Hadar. Their ability to infiltrate is not useful against the race that is as powerful as Borg.

Military of Borg

Borg does have a massive army that does not have any feelings or opinions as their ultimate goal is to serve the Queen and the Hive.

Their numerical advantage along with the complete lack of self-preservation makes them an extremely dangerous enemy. Zero questioning of the authority and zero frictions inside their ranks are more advantages over the Dominion race. Borg military and its obedience is a phobia of all the other races in the Star Trek Universe.

Technology of Dominion

Dominion Vs Borg: Which Race Is Stronger

Dominion’s technology is one of the most advanced species outpacing most of their enemies from the Alpha Quadrant. Their rifles do not use disruptor beams or phased energy but more effective polaron beams. However, the anticoagulant effect that these rifles have would not make much of a difference in their fight against the cybernetic Borg.

Their spaceships have phased polaron beams and an energy-dissipating weapon that tore through the space fleets of the Federation. They used torpedoes that carry the boarding troops to enemies’ spaceships. 

Their fighters are of a lower quality than those of the Federation as their warp speed was at least 7 and the warp speed of their battler cruiser was at least 4.7. All this sounds kind of impressive but let’s see if they can match Borg tech.

Technology of Borg

Dominion Vs Borg: Which Race Is Stronger

The most important feature of the Borg race comes into play again as they can adapt any technology that was developed by races that they had already assimilated. This gives them endless opportunities and they can get every technology that is able to counter their opponents. 

Their hive mentality enables them to solve problems quicker, thus improving their research speed significantly. As an example, they can adapt their spacecraft shields so quickly, so they get no damage, while their weapons can blast anything into tiny little pieces. Along with great offensive and defensive abilities, their ships have transwarp coils which enable them at extraordinary speeds.

Another worthy tech of Borg is the Nanoprobe. Nanoprobe is used to assimilate other life forms and even to heal drones to the microscopic level. This means that drones have access to super-fast healing which Dominion troops do not have. 

No wonder the whole Star Trek universe trembles from Borg as they are an overpowered race and Dominion would need to form a coalition to stand a chance against the Borg race.

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