Gogeta Vs. Vegito 

Gogeta Vs. Vegito 

Since the concept of fusion has been introduced in the series, Goku and Veget were shown to be able to fuse multiple times into two different forms throughout the series and movies so far. However, what is the difference between these two forms? And which is the stronger and better fusion form?

Gogeta is definitely the strongest of the two possible fusion forms that Goku and Vegeta can achieve in terms of power. Vegito may have a longer time limit, but it has a power limit. Meanwhile, Gogeta can exceed Vegito’s power for a full 30 minutes.

The two forms have been used to significantly increase the powers of Goku and Vegeta by fusing the two of them into a single being. Vegito first appeared in Dragon Ball Z when the two of them were given the Potara Earrings. Meanwhile, Gogeta first appeared in an off-canon movie called Fusion Reborn but did not become canon till Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

Why is Gogeta Stronger?

Gogeta Vs. Vegito 

While we know that Vegito should be the more stable of the fusions, this power does not last forever. Apparently, Goku and Vegeta can only hold the fusion up to one hour, even with the help of the Potara earrings. Even worse, when the two fused to Vegito during Dragon Ball Super, the fusion only lasted for 15 minutes when Vegito pushed their transformation to Super Saiyan Blue. 

Aside from the time limit, it seems that Vegito has several limitations. Once Vegito’s power is used up, Goku and Vegeta will be forced to defuse even without it being a full hour. This means Vegito will have to pace how much power he will have to use to keep and maintain his fused form up long enough to last the fight. On the other hand, Gogeta doesn’t have this limitation.

While Gogeta is limited to only half an hour, he can pour out a lot more power than Vegito can without suffering the consequence of breaking the fusion. So when it comes to needing power, we can rely on Gogeta has a full 30 minutes of power they can use.

Isn’t Vegito Superior Due to Being a Divine Technique?

Any fusion done with the use of the Potara Earrings is considered a divine technique, but that does not mean it is the superior fusion, especially in terms of strength. However, the Potara earrings allow the fusion of any two people despite the two warriors not having similar power levels, which is a requirement to have a successful fusion if you want to use the fusion dance technique.

While it may not be the superior technique, it may as well be the more convenient technique, especially if you are friends with a Kai, who usually possesses these earrings. However, in the case between Gogeta and Vegito, Gogeta is just superior since it’s twice the power level of both Goku and Vegeta.

Are the Two Fusion Entities the Same Person with Different Abilities?

Gogeta Vs. Vegito 

Despite having the same people as the base, Vegito and Gogeta are two different entities who differ in power, appearance, and personality. Vegito takes both characteristics from Goku and Vegeta; however, he has also developed some of his unique personalities that both Vegeta and Goku do not possess. In terms of physical appearance, he is shown to have a softer jawline than both Saiyans with Vegeta’s sharp eyes. Vegito also has a similar hairstyle. In addition, he wears Goku’s clothing but only with the colors reversed. 

He exhibits the same cockiness and inclination for taunting opponents, similar to Vegeta when it comes to personality. However, he is not as severe, as it seems he has inherited Goku’s easygoingness to balance his character. Furthermore, he is much more efficient than the two Saiyans when it comes to fighting as he is shown to know battle tactics and is creative when it comes to battle.

Gogeta is the fusion of Goku and Vegeta when the two are able to perform the fusion dance successfully. Since he was canonically introduced into the series, he is now said to be the stronger fusion in the entire Dragon Ball franchise as he has the combined power levels of both Goku and Vegeta. Their power is also magnified when fused into Gogeta.

Unlike Vegeto, Gogeta has inherited Goku’s height and most of Vegeta’s facial features. In This fusion form, Gogeta is the strongest as long as Dragon Ball Super is concerned. He is shown to have a matter-of-fact personality that translates to how he fights. He is highly aggressive when he throws punches, not allowing Broly a chance to recover. However, despite his brash personality, and his seriousness, he is seen to be kind-hearted and merciful.

Is Gogeta Canon?

Gogeta Vs. Vegito 

Gogeta has become canon in Dragon Ball Super, making his first canonical appearance in Dragon Ball Super: Broly. He made his first actual appearance in the movie Dragon Ball Z; Fusion Reborn, where he looked different from his current appearance. He then made a reappearance in Dragon Ball GT. However, the movie and the series were removed from the Dragon Ball canon universe.

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