How Did Eren Become a Titan?

How did Eren become a Titan?

During the first season of Attack on Titan we see the evolution of Eren. How he goes from a little boy, scared, traumatized, until his transformation as a Titan. He became a pure Titan originally, and he obtained the powers from his father, Grisha Yaeger. We don’t see this happening until near the end of the first season. However, this would be only the beginning of all the power he would gain after, but the real question is, where does his power come from? How did exactly this happen in the first place? 

Eren became Titan for the first time after being injected by his father with the Titan Serum. After he transforms himself into Pure Titan, he devours Grisha and recovers his humanity, also obtaining the powers of Attack Titan and the Founder Titan. 

I will tell in detail the whole process of Eren Yeager’s transformation and development. How and when did he become a Titan, how many Titan powers he possesses, and his most outstanding abilities.

How did Eren become a Titan?

How did Eren become a Titan?

The way Eren came to be a Titan was through the famous Titan Serum that his father pumped into him. This serum is composed of Titan spinal cord fluid and another component still unknown. The application is usually done bloodstream through the forearm, and the individual injected with this serum will change into an original Titan until it devours a Changeling Titan and obtains the powers from that Titan.

He got his powers because Grisha incites her son to take revenge on the Titans because of all the pain they’ve caused and the danger they represent. His father explains that he has to inject him with something that will cause him some amnesia, and give him the key to the basement. He tells him that all the answers he seeks will be found there, and then injects him by transforming him into a titan.

In the Battle of Trost District, Eren is swallowed by a pure titan and although he doesn’t die immediately, he should have due to the amount of blood he lost after having his arm ripped off. Instead, he unconsciously activates his titan power. 

After this battle, he was subjected to a trial that almost resulted in his execution, since, according to the captains, he represented a great threat to humanity.

During the first season, Eren not only learned that his father had injected him with this substance and that he felt different because of it. In addition, his father gave him the key to the basement of his house and told him that there he would discover the whole truth about the Titans and himself. He eventually understands why he had nightmares and visions all this time. 

Eren went through a lot, from the death of his mother at the hands of a Titan, to discovering all the things his father had hidden. This resulted in a cold, vengeful young man who wanted to destroy the Titans at all costs, no matter the consequences.

In addition, I believe it would be interesting to know the process to become a titan. The individual has to be injured and feel the pain, as shown when Eren bit his hand to protect Mikasa and Armin, or when Annie cut his finger with a blade from her ring, as long as a goal or an idea is in mind at the time of the injury. 

The physical body of the titan is generated around the individual’s organism from its nape so that, after the formation of the titan is completed, the human body is positioned inside the nape of the titan, from where the individual controls the newly generated body.

When did Eren transform into a Titan?

How did Eren become a Titan?

Eren’s entire discovery as a Titan happens during the first season, as well as his first transformation. Eren possessed these powers within him, but he had never fully transformed. In chapter 5 of the first season, Eren was devoured by a Colossal Titan that made him activate all of this power.

At the end of the first season, we witness his first major transformation to Titan during the confrontation with the Female Titan. Eren transforms because the Female Titan killed his companions and became furious. Although he does not manage to defeat her, in fact, he did quite a lot of damage to him. 

Eren begins to kill all the titans he finds around him, none of them could defeat him and his desire to kill them. After killing approximately 20 titans, Eren falls to the ground defeated.

How many Titan Powers does Eren have? 

During his incredible development, Eren’s character has managed to obtain 3 Titan powers out of the 9 that exist. I will explain them carefully.

Attack Titan 

This is the first titan we discovered that Eren has incorporated. He inherited it from his father, Grisha, who, in turn, inherited it from Eren Kruger, an infiltrator inside Marley’s army. The Attack Titan is characterized by always fighting for freedom and obeying no one. 

In addition, its possessor is not only able to see the memories of those who previously had his power, but also of those to come, as it happened to Eren Kruger. 

Founder Titan

The Founder Titan was also inherited by Eren from his father, who had stolen it from Frieda Reiss as entrusted to him by Eren Kruger. The Founding Titan has several interesting powers, such as the ability to command other titans and to modify the memories of Eldians, however, many of these powers only work when this titan is in the hands of royalty. Eren, clearly, is not and therefore his functioning is limited.

Eren acquired this power after devouring its previous possessor, so his hardening abilities must have increased.

Warhammer Titan

After a difficult battle, Eren managed to discover, first, that its carrier was not, as in the rest of the titans, in the back of the titan’s neck, but in a sort of crystal egg under the titan itself. 

Then, he also discovered that the Titan Jaw was the only one capable of shattering that hardened crystal (which we already saw Annie use to protect herself and Eren himself in his fists and to rebuild the walls of Paradis Island). Using the Jaw Titan, Eren was finally able to devour Lady Tybur and take possession of the Warhammer Titan.

Eren Abilities

Eren has a large number of skills that we can highlight. He can see the past, can communicate telepathically with villagers, possesses super strength, and so forth. But I am going to highlight two of his most outstanding abilities.

Vertical Maneuvering Equipment

It is a mobility tool used and invented by the human race to move freely on any surface and at any inclination, and even to fly through the sky, although using much more gas than necessary. It was invented to balance the balance in combat with the Titans since the size of humans slowed their mobility, so using the EDM3D they could escape from them and defeat them. 

Martial Arts

Eren managed to learn numerous moves training with Reiner, although later it was Annie who taught him her fighting style, thus increasing his dexterity and skill. 

The various techniques taught by Annie and those learned during his military training have made Eren a skilled fighter, who can defeat other human opponents with ease. Although melee combat is useless against titans due to their enormous size, they are useful when Eren transforms into a titan.

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