Killer Croc Vs. King Shark: Which Marine Predator Is Stronger?

Killer Croc Vs. King Shark: Which Marine Predator Is Stronger?

Nature is not the only one with dangerous aquatic predators, as the world of comics has these tough creatures. They are ferocious and, only the ablest superheroes can defeat them.

If you hadn’t noticed still, this article will be about the Killer Croc who wanted to be better known as the King and the King Shark. The question that will be answered is which one is stronger marine predator Killer Croc or King Shark.

The stronger marine predator between Killer Croc and King Shark is King Shark. King Shark is able to swallow humans while standing and Killer Croc is more resistant to different types of damage. Killer Croc isn’t able to last a lot of time underwater like King Shark, thus it is clear that King Shark is a stronger marine predator.

The origin of both supervillains will be explained along with other information such as powers and abilities and their personalities.

Origin of Killer Croc

Killer Croc Vs. King Shark: Which Marine Predator Is Stronger?

Killer Croc was born Waylon Jones and he had really bad luck since his birth. The very rare disease called Epidermolytic hyperkeratosis caused Waylon to eventually change his appearance into a crocodile. As his mother died at childbirth, young Waylon was left with an abusive relative.

Humanity had ridiculed him because of his illness and he was shunned. Waylon swore that he will make them fear him and respect him.

Given the nickname Killer Croc by his fans from a carnival job that he had. He preferred the nickname King but eventually, he adapted Killer Croc as his name.

Despite his appearance Killer Croc is intelligent enough, as he was able to become a kingpin in a criminal empire. Killer Croc is mostly brawn but he has some brains too.

Origin of King Shark

Killer Croc Vs. King Shark: Which Marine Predator Is Stronger?

The origin of King Shark has been shrouded in mystery for some time. Some thought that he was a product of some horrible mutation. The others had heard different origin stories of King. A myth states that King Shark is the son of the creature known as the Shark God. As expected King Shark loves this origin story the most.

Another theory states that King Shark is just an evolved animal. King Shark wants to be admired for his intelligence, even though he lacks a lot in that department. He did not become a king of a criminal empire. It is a fact that King Shark cannot control himself when he is hungry, thus representing a danger to everyone.

DC Comics had shown that the somewhat low intelligent King Shark is the son of the Shark God, which proves that he was right about his origin.

Powers and Abilities (Killer Croc)

Killer Croc Vs. King Shark: Which Marine Predator Is Stronger?

Killer Croc didn’t get all the negatives, as he gains a lot of powers from it. His skin is so hardened that most ballistic weapons cannot damage him, even when it is short-range. Even Batman his arch-enemy who is in perfect condition is weaker than Killer Croc. Killer Croc has superhuman strength.

Killer Croc is quite decent in wrestling and fighting and as it might have been expected from a reptile Killer Croc is a very good swimmer.

The real world reptiles are well known for their fast healing qualities and it is the same with Killer Croc.

Powers and Abilities (King Shark)

Killer Croc Vs. King Shark: Which Marine Predator Is Stronger?

Being a metahuman, King Shark benefits from both species, humans, and sharks. He can talk and walk like a human. But he has sharp teeth and the aquatic abilities of a shark. Superhuman strength and superhuman endurance and King Shark also can jump far.

Just like Killer Croc, King Shark has a very tough skin that cannot be harmed by many powerful weapons. He can fall from big heights and take a minimal amount of damage. Cyrax was able to penetrate his skin while they were fighting though.

King Shark’s fast metabolism enables him to heal faster. His main offensive weapons are his sharp teeth that can make any man into mincemeat. He has sharp claws that King Shark can use to attack his enemies. Just like real-world sharks, the King shark is more than capable in water.

King Shark is quite good at sneaking despite his size, as he can kill stealthily rebel soldiers.

Both Killer Croc and King Shark do not have any equipment thus they do not gain any special abilities from it.

Personality (Killer Croc)

Killer Croc seems to despise all humankind due to the bad treatment that he had received since birth. He is hired as a hitman by other villains and Killer Croc had organized gang activities. That shows that he has some advanced intelligence. Killer Croc can follow commands too and he is not just a dumb animal.

Personality (King Shark)

King Shark is a dangerous enemy but intelligence is not his strong skill. He is not able to form full sentences. King Shark gets excited when he sees something like a bird, thus he endangers his team. Another way that he endangers his team is when he is hungry, he is a danger to both friend and foe.

The best comparison that I can make is that King Shark reminds me a lot of Super mutants from Fallout 3 and Fallout 4.

Killer Croc vs. King Shark: Which Marine Predator is Stronger?

Killer Croc Vs. King Shark: Which Marine Predator Is Stronger?

It is time to reveal why the Killer Croc would not defeat King Shark and to explain why this battle will go in favor of King Shark. The answer is that King Shark is the winner of this battle as he has more powerful abilities than Killer Croc. King Shark can fight both on land and in deep water for a long time.

Both of them having similar fighting styles would not help Killer Croc much as the endurance and special abilities such as that long jump would win a battle for King Shark.

The brawn triumphed over brains in this scenario as despite looking like Baby Shark on steroids, King Shark is a clear winner.

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