Magic Mike Movies in Order & How Many Are There?

Magic Mike Movies in Order & How Many Are There?

Magic Mike was not only the start of a successful film series, but also saw the introduction of Magic Mike Live touring globally. Having heard of the stage show, you may be interested in getting into the movies to see where it all began.

So let’s dive into a Magic Mike watch order so you know which films to watch and in what order to get the most out of it.

How Many Magic Mike Movies Are There?

Magic Mike Movies in Order & How Many Are There?

There are a total of two Magic Mike movies, the first being released in 2012 and then a sequel in 2015 named Magic Mike XXL.

Magic Mike Movies in Order (at a Glance)

The movies were released 3 years apart, Magic Mike first and then Magic Mike XXL

  • Magic Mike
  • Magic Mike XXL

What Is the Best Way To Watch Magic Mike Movies?

As the movies follow each other in story so you should watch them in their release date. The sequel takes place a few years after the universe of the original film, so knowing some characters and the original storyline is helpful.

Magic Mike Movies in Order (by Release Date) 

Magic Mike (2012)

Magic Mike Movies in Order & How Many Are There?

Channing Tatum plays Mike Lane, a guy with big dreams but not enough cash to fund them.

He takes on a variety of odd jobs, pulling in the most cash via performing as the star stripper at Xquisite Strip Club in Tampa with the owner Dallas having his own dreams of creating a strip club empire.

After Mike starts mentoring 19-year-old Adam, a dropout who Mike encourages to begin stripping at Xquisite, he also falls for Adam’s sister Brooke.

Adam is pulled further into the dark side of stripping, including drug use and promisicous sexual encounters with many clients. 

When Dallas confirms that he wants to start expanding to Miami, Mike tells Brooke that he is looking to start the next chapter of his life and wants to get a small business loan as his passion lies in the custom furniture business rather than the degeneracy that is stripping. 

However, after the bank declines his loan application, in the end Mike realizes that he has to stay in the business due to the great pay. 

This comes to a head, however, when Mike finds out that Adam is recruited to a scheme created by the club’s DJ to sell drugs to clients, and is given MDMA, which he promptly begins using.

Adam’s behavior changes for the worse, with Brooke getting angry as Mike had promised to protect him.

After Adam gives a young woman an ecstasy pill at a private party, this causes the woman’s boyfriend to beat him causing the both of them to flee without the drugs, angering Dallas as they don’t get paid for the performance either.

Mike and Adam take drugs and go to a club after work the next night, only for Adam to vomit and pass out with Brooke finding him on the floor the next morning. 

Brooke leaves him, and his morning only gets worse when the DJ and his suppliers break into Mike’s house looking for Adam and the missing money, with the drug’s value actually costing $10,000. To pay Adam’s debt in full, Mike gives up most of his life savings.

This is the final straw for Mike, realizing that the club is against him and the DJ is only going to make things worse, he quits leaving Dallas to promote Adam to replace Mike 

Mike goes back to Brooke, finally revealing that he is quitting and what he did to help Adam on the way out, leading to their relationship being rekindled. 

Magic Mike XXL (2015)

Magic Mike Movies in Order & How Many Are There?

Mike has achieved his dream of owning a furniture business and has quit stripping. The film takes place three years after the events of the first, and Mike receives a call to tell him that Dallas is ‘gone’.

Taking the words at their literal meaning, Mike heads to a hotel to meet up with his former coworkers at a pool party.

Being informed that Dallas bailed on his promise to start a new show with them, as Mike suspected, he comes to find out that not all coworkers were snubbed; Adam was taken to Macau with Dallas.

As they are deciding to end their careers on a high note at a stripping convention, Mike is at work and dances to a song he used to strip to. Wanting one last hurrah with the boys, Mike decides to join them on their trip to Myrtle Beach.

Taking a road trip to get there, the strippers imbibe MDMA and the driver passes out and crashes. They don’t let themselves be deterred, especially after finding out that Mike’s furniture business isn’t going that well and Brooke rejected his proposal. 

After some more detours along the way, they end up at the convention and perform successfully, showing that Magic Mike has still got it.

Where To Watch Magic Mike Movies?

The first film, Magic Mike, can be found on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. You can watch the sequel on Amazon Prime Video.

Do You Need To Watch Magic Mike Movies in Order?

Magic Mike Movies in Order & How Many Are There?

As the movies follow the same story through an initial release to a sequel with recurring characters, it’s best if you watch them in order, starting with Magic Mike and then Magic Mike XXL.

Are Magic Mike Movies Connected?

The Magic Mike movies are based loosely on Channing Tatum’s own past as a male stripper in Florida, United States of America, so the story does build on the events as they happened to Tatum, especially in Magic Mike.

The story picks up three years later for Magic Mike XXL, with Mike having left the stripping world but getting pulled back into it for one last performance after realizing there were good parts to it.

Will There Be More Magic Mike Movies?

There is another movie planned called Magic Mike’s Last Dance, which was announced in November 2021. It will be produced via Warner Brothers and Steven Soderbergh back directing. It will premiere via HBO Max.