Meliodas vs. Naruto: Who Would Win?

Meliodas vs. Naruto. Who Would Win

Anime and manga had taken the world by storm, and from niche, they turned into genres that are followed by millions worldwide.

Meliodas and Naruto are well known and that is not just the case with the fans of Anime and Manga genres. The battle between Meliodas vs. Naruto would be tough and interesting, thus the question that will be answered is if Meliodas or Naruto would win in such a battle.

Meliodas is the winner of a battle between him and Naruto, as no matter how proficient Naruto is in martial arts and how many clones of himself can make, he would still lose to Meliodas.

Origin stories, powers, abilities, equipment, and personalities will be explored in this article.

Origin of Meliodas

Meliodas vs. Naruto. Who Would Win

Meliodas is a very enigmatic character as the first thing that can be noticed about him is that he looks extremely young. That isn’t the case though as he is more than 3000 years old. He looks like an adolescent due to his short height. Meliodas isn’t weak as it can be seen that he is very muscular.

Meliodas is known as Dragon’s Sin of Wrath and he has also been the captain of the Seven Deadly Sins. Meliodas is the eldest son of the Demon king thus he was born as a part of the Demon race. Meliodas is a very powerful character but let’s see if can defeat Naruto.

Origin of Naruto

Meliodas vs. Naruto. Who Would Win

Naruto is a child of the fourth Hokage, which is the title that is given to the village chiefs in the Naruto universe. He was born with the jinchūriki of the Nine-Tails, which means that Naruto possesses the sealed beast within him, thus granting him superhuman powers.

Naruto was shunned by his village during his youth. This did not stop him as later on in life he became a very skilled shinobi which is another name for a ninja. Naruto’s lifelong dream is for him to become a Hokage just like his father. Let’s see if the power of the sealed beast would help Naruto defeat Meliodas.

Powers and Abilities (Meliodas)

Meliodas vs. Naruto. Who Would Win

Meliodas had eventually profited greatly from his heritage as eventually, he had become a Demon King, and thus he was too powerful for a mortal world due to his huge power. Meliodas has a wide variety of abilities, some of them stemming from his demonic race.

Full counter enables Meliodas to successfully block any magical attack and if the magical attack is strong, so is the block. The drawback is that he needs time to read the opponent’s attack.

Hellblaze generates black smoke and this ability has a significant effect even on immortals as it stops them from regenerating.

Assault mode represents the full extent of the powers of his race, and this ability is feared and respected. The only problem is that Meliodas loses all of his emotions and feelings thus making him reckless.

Kami Chigiri is an ability that enables Meliodas to cut his opponent 1000 times in an instant.

Meliodas has other abilities that let him hurl black jagged pieces into his opponents and unique kind of slashes.

Powers and Abilities (Naruto)

Meliodas vs. Naruto. Who Would Win

Naruto does compete well with Meliodas with his powers and abilities. Having the sealed beast and being a master of various martial skills along with his huge chakra makes Naruto into an opponent that should be feared.

Naruto has an amazing amount of chakra, which even made some opponents submit to him without a fight. He can use his chakra as an energy weapon releasing it to destroy strong obstacles.

Chakra also allows him to have unique abilities such as Baryon mode and he can turn into different versions such as Version 1, Version 2, and further ones that make him more feral.

Naruto has a large number of shadow clones that can both confuse and overwhelm opponents. Later on, he became proficient in taijutsu, thus having great close combat skills. Ninjutsu is another technique that Naruto is extremely skilled at, so he has the abilities of the most powerful ninjas.

Naruto uses Rasengan his famous ability and it had gotten larger and faster in time.

Naruto can bend all elements of nature to his will and this gives him another ability which is healing and even replacing missing organs.

He has also been skilled in Six Paths Senjutsu and Six Paths Sage Mode.

Equipment (Meliodas)

Meliodas has a wide variety of weapons that he can use to beat his opponents such as a giant broad sword, a Dragon handle a broken sword that can create a dragon-like creature, Liz’s sword, Lostvayne which allows Meliodas to create between 4 to 6 clones of himself.

The last weapon of Meliodas is the Bone Sword which was made from bones of indigenous species.

Equipment (Naruto)

Naruto uses classic shinobi weapons such as shuriken throwing stars and smoke bombs. He uses the special sword technique called kenjutsu which can be used along with ninjutsu and chakra flow.

Personality (Meliodas)

Meliodas is fearless and he is always honest no matter what are the circumstances. He is shown to be able to keep a sense of calmness despite having a demon of wrath. The only time that Meliodas gets extremely angry is when his friends are threatened.

He can change into a better person as Meliodas betrayed the Demon race because of his love for Elizabeth Liones.

Personality (Naruto)

As a young man, Naruto was hesitant and he did not care about honorifics which are very important even in real-world Japan. He had changed as he got older, not taking rash actions. Naruto is an orphan, thus he wants praise and acknowledgment for his actions.

Who Would Win Meliodas vs. Naruto?

Meliodas vs. Naruto. Who Would Win

The supernatural being Meliodas, who has access to more weapons will beat Naruto. Naruto relies mostly on ninjutsu while Meliodas has overpowered weapons and can summon large creatures such as giants to fight for him. Meliodas is about ten times stronger than Naruto.

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