Moon Knight Vs. Daredevil: Who Would Win?

Moon Knight vs. Daredevil Who Would Win

Marvel has a lot of interesting characters with rich backstories and impressive abilities. None are more interesting and noble than the vigilantes. The fight between Moon Knight and Daredevil would be a tough one, but there can be only one winner.

Daredevil is a winner of this fight because of his training such as martial arts skills and master weapon proficiency. This means that despite Moon Knight’s incredible weapon proficiency, Moon Knight will lose in close combat to Daredevil.

Origin stories of both characters, their powers, and abilities, equipment and weapons, weaknesses, and personalities will be discussed as well.

Origin of Moon Knight

Moon Knight was born as Marc Spector in Chicago. Marc was subjected to harassment because he was a child of a Rabbi. Marc had a confronting nature as he wanted to fight against people who would not leave him alone because of his heritage.

This was shown for the first time when Marc discovered that the family’s friend Rabbi Yitz Pearlman was actually an escaped Nazi.

Marc Spector was approached by the Egyptian deity Khonshu, and it claimed that Spector is a relative of the Egyptian Moon God.

Marc was a Marine and after that, he was a CIA operative and a prizefighter. This is where he met his lifelong friend Frenchie Duchamp.

They decided to become mergansers and after being betrayed by his companion Raul Bushman, Spector was left for dead in the Egyptian desert. He was carried to the idol of Khonshu, and the Egyptian deity offered Spector to revive him, so Spector could serve the Moon God.

After returning to the US, Marc Spector had started fighting crime and he became known as the Moon Knight.

Origin of Daredevil

The real name of Daredevil is Matthew Murdock. He was raised by a single father, who wanted young Matthew to become successful. Thus, his father forbade him to engage in any sports activity which made Murdock a target for other kids. To deal with this, Matthew started training at his father’s gym.

Matt had gotten his superpowers in a unique but altruistic way, as while he had saved a blind’s man life h got some radioactive material on his face. This made Murdock blind, but he got enhanced hearing, touch, smell, taste, all of these reached superhuman levels.

Matt had gotten ninja skills as he was taught by his sensei Stick. Murdock’s father was killed by a violent gang thus Matthew had decided to take revenge on the gang. These actions lost him the support of Stick though.

After graduating from Columbia University majoring in Law, Matthew Murdock had decided to use his superpowers for good, so he created his superhero character Daredevil. He based the name on the mocking nickname given to him when Matthew was a child.

Powers and Abilities (Moon Knight)

Moon Knight vs. Daredevil Who Would Win

Moon Knight has been brought back to life by the Moon God, thus he got two amazing powers from this Egyptian God.

One of these is Enhanced Brain Function which is not fully understood. One thing is certain and that is the Moon Knight’s resistance to telepathic attacks. This was shown when Hawley who could take charge of a person’s brain was overwhelmed by Moon Knight’s power and left in a catatonic state.

Another power that Moon Knight has is his immortality as he gets resurrected anytime he dies by Khonshu.

Along with his resistance to telepathy, Moon Knight has increased pain resistance. Because of his time spent as a Marine and a mercenary Moon Knight is an expert: marksman, detective, pilot and he can use any type of weapon.

Powers and Abilities (Daredevil)

Moon Knight vs. Daredevil Who Would Win

Due to his contact with the radioactive material Daredevil developed Radioactively Enhanced Physiology that gives him superhuman reflexes, balance, agility, and senses.

Superhuman Sensory System enables Daredevil the immunity from opponents who try to read his mind such as when Psylocke tried to read his mind, she was overwhelmed.

Daredevil has superhuman endurance, reflexes, agility, balance, and taste. He has two unique powers which are blindsight which enables him to see extremely well in the dark and Sonar and radar Sense which lets him create a 3D image in his head by using sound waves.

Daredevil is a martial arts expert, master acrobat, master stick fighter, expert marksman and he has no fear.

Weaknesses (Moon Knight)

Moon Knight suffers from a serious mental condition that can be also explained as four aspects of Khonshu. Marc Spector had thus developed different personalities in or to combat the influence of the Moon God on his brain.

Weaknesses (Daredevil)

The most obvious weakness of Daredevil is his blindness that was caused by the accident. His radar senses can be disrupted and even nullified if Daredevil is immersed in water. Another big weakness is that Daredevil is prone to physical damage and illness just like a normal human.

Equipment and Weapons (Moon Knight)

Moon Knight’s suit is made of Adamantium and the gauntlets have dart launchers. His suit has a button that can be used by Moon Light to call Duchamp in an attack helicopter as support.

Glider Cloak enables him to land safely even though Moon Knight cannot fly.

Moon Knight is a master of almost every weapon but he has a clear preference for moon-themed weapons. His weapons are crescent darts used by dart launchers, Truncheon a weapon that is used as a grappling hook, a club, or a nunchaku, crescent launcher pistols, and ankhs which are symbols from Ancient Egyptian mythology.

Equipment and Weapons (Daredevil)

Daredevil’s Suit is fireproof, bulletproof, and cannot be affected at all by electrical attacks. The horn on his costume can tap police radios and scanners. Daredevil has a lock picking set in his belt.

Daredevil is proficient with a large variety of weapons but he is best known for using his two signature weapons. Billy Club is a multipurpose weapon. It can be a club and it can be also used as a grappling hook. There are retractable blades too.

Yggdrasil Batons were made from a World Tree and they signify the respect that Daredevil commends.

Personality (Moon Knight)

Moon Knight had developed two additional personas Steven Grant a wealthy millionaire and Jake Lockley a cab driver. Another thing about Marc is that it is certain that he suffers from a serious mental illness but he is an agent of the Moon God as well.

Personality (Daredevil)

As a lawyer Daredevil honors justice and righteousness making him a selfless individual. His father installed a strong code of morality in young Matthew, so, certainly, Daredevil will not stray from his superhero path. Daredevil’s flaw is the ruthless treatment of his opponents

Who Would Win Moon Knight Vs. Daredevil?

Daredevil’s experience and better training are the crucial elements that would win this battle against Moon Knight. The abilities that make him scan the battlefield and spot weaknesses of the enemy are of great help to Daredevil.

Moon Knight has a shield as a defensive weapon, but it just won’t be enough against Daredevil.