Movie Characters That Start With I: Iconic Names

Movie Characters That Start With I: Iconic Names

Iconic names of movie characters are a dime a dozen, but it may be harder to think of names starting with ‘I’ as it’s not that common of a starting letter of names.

So join me as we explore some of the more famous ones, including the Iron Giant, Imelda Rivera and Ivan Drago among many others. See how many you know and how many you’ve seen, so let’s get into it!

1. Iago (Aladdin)

Movie Characters That Start With I: Iconic Names

A red macaw and Jafar’s sidekick, he is a sassy bird that has formed traitorous intent against his master, the Sultan.

He has a blue tail and blue-tipped wings combined with a red plumage covering the rest of his body.

Fixated on power and money, his love of the first two is only rivaled by his hatred for crackers, and by extension, the Sultan.

Iago does however go through a sort of redemption arc as seen in The Return of Jafar, as after Aladdin showed kindness to him he has a change of heart, and even ends up saving Aladdin and Jasmine. 

Whether he can really be trusted is hard to know, but he is an intelligent bird so perhaps he has really seen the errors of his ways.

2. Ichabod Crane (Sleepy Hollow)

Movie Characters That Start With I: Iconic Names

A New York City police constable, he is dispatched to Sleepy Hollow to investigate a series of decapitations of the townsfolk.

Falling for the daughter of the couple who take him in as a boarder, he undertakes to exhume the bodies for clues, eventually coming to realize that it is the man called Baltus who is likely linked to the Headless Horseman.

After further investigations and great courage shown by Ichabod, he eventually deduces it is actually Lady Van Tassel, who faked her own death and is controlling the Horseman.

This leads to a showdown where Crane returns the Horseman’s skull to his grave, freeing him from the curse.

3. Iduna (Frozen)

Movie Characters That Start With I: Iconic Names

Elsa and Anna’s mother, she is the former queen of Arendelle.

With a degree of magical ability through her ability to interact and control the elemental spirits, she escaped to the forest with her future husband due to the early warning signs of an impending civil war.

After witnessing Elsa’s powers growing day by day, Iduna made the hard decision of sealing up the castle, even hiding the powers from Anna.

4. Ignacio Alonzo Julio Federico de Tito (Oliver & Company)

Movie Characters That Start With I: Iconic Names

Better known as Tito, he is a Chihuahua that is always bursting with energy. With a light brown body and tuft of orange hair, he is part of Fagin’s crew and suffers from small dog syndrome.

Enjoying life, he’ll pick fights with much bigger dogs for no real reason, and even chase after other beautiful dogs such as Georgette even when he has no hope.

Showing that he is no wimp, he’ll bully and tease other bigger dogs, such as mocking Francis the Bulldog for his name.

Often seen with a green bandana, he has a Spanish accent that shows his links to his Mexican roots.

He is a loyal friend to the crew, being a vital cog for Fagin and his exploits.

5. Imelda Rivera (Coco)

Movie Characters That Start With I: Iconic Names

The former matriarch of the Rivera family who is in the Land of the Dead after her death, she has banned music in her family due to her mistaken belief that her husband abandoned the family to become a musician, when in fact he was murdered by Ernesto.

Having to raise the family by herself, she turned to shoemaking and had the skill passed down through her family until her death, where she disowned her ex-husband Héctor.

Often appearing in all purple, she is very protective of her family and sacrifices everything for them. Due to what she sees as a betrayal, she is bitter, serious and strict.

6. Mr Incredible (The Incredibles)

Movie Characters That Start With I: Iconic Names

Real name Robert Parr, while he was world famous as a Super and was seemingly unbeatable, the legal changes to make such Supers illegal meant that Robert had to give up that life and become a family man.

Taking up a dayjob at an insurance company, he tried to continue his Super ways by approving payouts. This doesn’t make his boss very happy, and after one too many protests, Mr Incredible punches him through several walls.

Mr Incredible is not keen on using violence unless absolutely necessary, and his near invulnerability means he has a lot of leeway to stand there and take any attacks from the criminals while offering to take them into the authorities.

Always giving a chance to a villain unless they’re directly threatening life, Mr Incredible is calm, collected, and polite but he can be quite fearsome.

A tall and very muscular man with blonde hair, fair skin, and blue eyes, Mr Incredible cuts an imposing figure.

As far as his superpowers, he has incredible strength, durability, can leap and jump as well as run massive distances. He has enhanced senses such as super hearing and pairs this with a great intellect, martial arts skills and is very good at mathematical tasks.

7. Incrediboy (The Incredibles)

Movie Characters That Start With I: Iconic Names

One of the former names for Buddy Pine, Incrediboy refers to the young idealistic boy who looks up to Mr Incredible as his inspiration and desires to be his sidekick.

Mr Incredible is forced to release the villain Bomb Voyage due to factors outside his control, and also refuses the help of Incrediboy mainly due to wanting to work alone. It also becomes clear that it is Incrediboy that is getting in the way of Mr Incredible.

This enrages Incrediboy, and eventually causes him to take on the persona of Syndrome and become determined to kill the Supers using specially built Omnidroids.

8. Indian Chief (Peter Pan)

Movie Characters That Start With I: Iconic Names

With the tribal name of Great Big Little Panther, Indian Chief is Tiger Lily’s father as well as being head of the Neverland Indian Tribe.

Only wanting the best and continued successes for both his daughter and the tribe, while he is kind and compassionate, he knows his duty and obligations and takes them seriously, often expressing himself via anger and sternness.

Peter Pan falls for the Indian Chief’s daughter and that makes Wendy jealous, although the Indian Chief doesn’t seem to mind as he admires Peter Pan’s abilities.

9. Indiana Jones (Indiana Jones franchise)

Movie Characters That Start With I: Iconic Names

Full name Dr Henry Walton ‘Indiana’ Jones, Jr, has a deep fear of snakes which often leaves him paralyzed with shock upon meeting them in his many adventures.

Often seen with his bullwhip, fedora, and leather jacket, he spends a lot of time spouting wry, witty and sarcastic utterances while finding ancient treasures and discovering long lost knowledge. 

Indy has a deep understanding of ancient civilizations and languages, and he becomes a tenured professor specializing in archaeology.

Often found going up against various people who have megalomaniacal ambitions, he is constantly getting into fights for his life and snatching artifacts before they can get into the wrong hands.

10. Inspector Gadget (Inspector Gadget)

Movie Characters That Start With I: Iconic Names

John Brown has aspirations of becoming a police officer, but in trying to stop a heist of technology at the firm he works as a security guard at, John is left for dead by getting blown up in his car by dynamite.

John is transformed into a crime fighting cyborg by getting brought back from the critical injuries via augmenting him with the technology from the firm, with the alias of ‘Inspector Gadget’.

Taking some time to get used to his new abilities, police chief Quimby assigns him to menial tasks but Inspector Gadget investigates on his own, finding the key clue. 

After the evil Claw creates an android Robo-Gadget to frame Inspector Gadget, the latter is captured and deactivated.

With various abilities such as a helicopter hat and a pen in his finger, Gadget manages to take down Claw once woken by a kiss from Brenda.

11. Iron Man (Iron Man)

Movie Characters That Start With I: Iconic Names

The alter ego of Tony Stark, the billionaire industrialist of Stark Industries, he is kidnapped and forced to build a missile system based on his powerful Jericho missile system. He instead creates an armored suit based around the power source in his chest.

After taking some shrapnel in the chest, a fellow prisoner puts an electromagnet to stop the shrapnel getting into his heart. Modifying this into an Arc Reactor, he can then use this as a power source to keep his suits and all their modifications going.

Keeping his identity secret, he fights evil in the world and eventually joins the Avengers. Trying to retire multiple times due to the danger to his family and loved ones, he eventually builds Ultron, only for it to try and exterminate humanity.

Eventually sacrificing himself to eliminate Thanos and his army, he is shown to make the ultimate decision to save Earth.

The Iron Man suit gives Stark super strength, a certain degree of protection, the power of flight and powerful energy beams can be shot from his hands.

He also has an inbuilt missile launcher and a detailed head up display inside his helmet.

12. Iron Patriot (Iron Man 3)

Movie Characters That Start With I: Iconic Names

An armor used by Lieutenant Colonel James Rhodes and with the blue, red and silver design, the Iron Patriot’s armor is based upon the War Machine Armor Mark II as used by Rhodey.

The suit boasts a twin barreled 40mm cannon attached to its back and two 20mm belt fed micro-cannons on its forearms. The suit has very flexible donning capabilities, allowing Rhodes to step into it at any time.

Iron Patriot also has the standard Iron Man repulsors.

13. Isabela Madrigal (Encanto)

Movie Characters That Start With I: Iconic Names

One of the most beautiful women in the village but also possessing great class and elegance, she is the sister of Mirabel and Luisa Madrigal.

Like most of her family, she can cause flowers and beautiful plants to grow anywhere due to her chlorokinesis ability. 

Personality-wise, she is very guarded although she has great love for her family and is extremely loyal to them.

It turns out that holding these feelings in was limiting  her magical powers, and once she was able to let that out, she was able to create even more amazing flowers than before.

14. Ishani (Planes)

Movie Characters That Start With I: Iconic Names

A champion racer from India, she has both speed and cunning which have helped her pile win after win. One of the biggest names in racing, she has hundreds of millions of fans supporting her.

With her technologically advanced Sky Slicer Mark 5 that gives her a massive advantage, she is the love interest of Dusty Crophopper.

Ishani has a bright yellow, orange, green, and red coloration scheme, which complements her amazing racing skills.

15. Ivan (Cars 2)

Movie Characters That Start With I: Iconic Names

A tow truck that is only keen to carry out criminal acts, he is in league with the Lemons to profit from oil by spreading rumors about alternative fuels.

A blue tow truck with red trim, Ivan works for Victor Hugo of the Hugo criminal gang. He took part in the scheme with the Lemons to trucknap Tow Mater.

Never one to forget a grudge, he’s shown he’s willing to go as far as murder any rivals or cars standing in his way, even Lightning McQueen.

16. Captain Ivan Vasilyevich Drago (Rocky)

Movie Characters That Start With I: Iconic Names

A former Russian professional boxer and Olympian, Drago was an Infantry Captain for the Soviet Army.

A southpaw standing at 6 ft 5 in or nearly 2 meters tall, he weighs 261 pounds and has blue eyes with blonde hair.

With an amateur record of 100 wins, 0 losses, 0 draws and 100 knockouts, he came into the Rocky fight after having killed Apollo Creed in an exhibition match.

Drago is a man of few words, often having his wife or handlers speak for him.

Eventually getting a match against Rocky Balboa in the USSR, Drago is shown to have a huge specialized team training him and taking anabolic steroids, despite his previous denials.

His eventual loss to Balboa saw him exiled from the USSR and his wife divorced him.

17. The Invisible Man (The Invisible Man)

Movie Characters That Start With I: Iconic Names

Adrian Griffin is an optics engineer and successful businessman, but after Cecilia Kass, his partner leaves him, he fakes his suicide and turns himself invisible.

After attacking her several times, Kass finds the bodysuit which is likely the source of Griffin’s invisible ability, but before she can show other people Griffin frames her for murder and Kass is committed.

It is revealed that Griffin had tampered with her birth control, making Kass pregnant and threatening that he will begin to attack all the people she loves unless Kass gets back together with him.

In the end, it is unclear whether Griffin or his brother Tom were carrying out the murders and attacks, but Kass decides that she is going to murder Griffin anyway.

18. The Iron Giant (The Iron Giant)

Movie Characters That Start With I: Iconic Names

Crash landing on Earth, the Iron Giant is a 50-foot tall autonomous ‘Metal Man’ from another world.

After becoming friends with a young boy Hogarth, the Iron Giant has issues dealing with his incredible destructive powers but his lack of desire to harm others.

The Iron Giant is also equipped with highly advanced and destructive weaponry, but would prefer to create sculptures and art.

The Iron Giant has an internal defensive mechanism that automatically activates when detecting a weapon, causing the Iron Giant’s eyes to turn red.

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