Movie Characters That Start With W: Iconic Names

Movie Characters That Start With W: Iconic Names

Let’s have a look at a massive list of characters from such big movies over the years, with this list specifically focusing on the iconic characters starting with ‘W’. So let’s dive right in and find out some of these great characters and their notable appearances.

1. Uncle Waldo (The Aristocats)

Movie Characters That Start With W: Iconic Names

A drunk goose, he loves his green hat but due to his inebriation he often finds it hard to hold onto it. 

While outgoing and silly due to him being the uncle of Abigail and Amelia Gabble, the rest of the family puts up with him. However, his missing tail feathers reveal a hard life after being on the wrong end of a chef and his knife.


Movie Characters That Start With W: Iconic Names

Standing for Waste Allocation Load Lifter – Earth-Class, WALL-E is a robot tasked with removing enough garbage on Earth to try and restore the environment. 

Developing sentience and personality after 700 years of loneliness, he has triangular caterpillar tracks, a pair of arms and a head with large eyes all powered by solar energy.

After finding a plant, he meets up with EVE, another robot sent to Earth to find signs of environmental regeneration. 

WALL-E’s loneliness causes him to be a bit too clingy, but these actions end up being extremely important for the course of humanity.

3. Walrus (Alice in Wonderland)

Movie Characters That Start With W: Iconic Names

Walrus is a conman who will always lie or use subterfuge to get what he wants.

Never seen far from Carpenter, his dimwitted accomplice, Walrus’ get rich quick schemes never seem to work out.

Walrus likes to wear a vest, bowtie and top hat which he complements with a walking cane.

4. Wardrobe (Beauty and the Beast)

Movie Characters That Start With W: Iconic Names

An opera singer before being cursed along with everyone else in the castle, she became a lady-in-waiting of the castle.

Due to the curse, she is sad as she can no longer sing opera or do dressups, makeup and singing. 

Despite this, she is an outgoing and jovial character who is also a motherly figure. She is now a green and white wardrobe with gold linings.

5. Wasabi (Big Hero 6)

Movie Characters That Start With W: Iconic Names

A clean freak who is an applied physics student at the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology.

He has a huge muscular frame and weapons training, but he is nervous and a perfectionist type who doesn’t like danger or risk. Despite his bulk, he is definitely a nerd at heart and fully embraces it. 

While Hiro is keen to jump into action, Wasabi’s ability to have foresight about issues means his reason and common sense come in handy.

He has developed plasma technology to increase the power of his hand weapons. 

6. Water Rat (Ichabod and Mr Toad)

Movie Characters That Start With W: Iconic Names

An English gentleman with a fetching green hat and plain brown suit, he is prim and proper.

After mistakenly believing that Mr Toad has stolen a motorcar, he feels he is obligated to society to report it to the police, although does show maturity by apologizing to Mr Toad when he finds out he was wrong.

7. Wendy Darling (Peter Pan)

Movie Characters That Start With W: Iconic Names

Hoping to go to Neverland after being told she has to grow up by her father, Wendy is a young lady living in the United Kingdom. Her bedtime stories making a hero out of Peter Pan cause him to have a lot of interest in her and the other children.

However, Wendy’s experience with the Lost Boys causes her to mature and realize that being an adult isn’t so bad.

This is epitomized by her bravery in walking the plank to her supposed death, but her faith in Peter Pan is restored as he saves her at the last minute.

8. Mr Wesley (Home on the Range)

Movie Characters That Start With W: Iconic Names

A businessman involved in the black market, he works with Alameda Slim to steal cattle.

Loving to be decked out in purple, he has a mouth full of yellow teeth and a permanent nasty look.

Eventually the very cows he tried to exploit ended up punishing him.

9. Wheezy (Toy Story 2)

Movie Characters That Start With W: Iconic Names

Andy was responsible for breaking his squeaker, but forgot him on a shelf, seeing him stuck up there gathering dust. A close friend of Buzz and Woody, due to his broken squeaker he was put in the yard sale.

Wheezy’s asthma was made worse by the dust, and to make it worse he couldn’t call for help. As a penguin he has a natural tuxedo look, and has a red bowtie to complement it.

Mr Shark helps him find a replacement squeaker, which reveals Wheezy having a deep and silky smooth singing voice.

10. White Rabbit (Alice in Wonderland)

Movie Characters That Start With W: Iconic Names

A rabbit with an oversized pocket watch and somewhat underused umbrella, he is first spotted by Alice and she follows him into Wonderland.

Ending up to be one of the most sane individuals Alice comes across, he is a nervous and highly strung character, as he is likely facing execution due to being late.

White Rabbit sees her grow in size after eating some sweets, causing him to run away. 

11. Wiggins (Pocahontas)

Movie Characters That Start With W: Iconic Names

A manservant for Governor Ratcliffe, he is rather slow; and unaware of his master’s evil and cruelty.

His role as a servant is made all the harder by having to predict what the governor wants, so there is often a conflict between the two. 

He, however is the only one who actually realizes the cause of the Indians’ anger, which if people had listened to him may have averted the large crisis.

12. Wilbur (The Rescuers Down Under)

Movie Characters That Start With W: Iconic Names

Operator of Albatross Airlines, he is a careful pilot and an accomplished professional. 

He is a large white albatross, often seen with his aviator goggles and is also a big lover of music.

He shows a soft side, such as when he is tasked with taking care of Marahute’s eggs, and also is very keen to help out when he discovers his clients are trying to rescue a kidnapped child.

Despite the setbacks and conditions, he always does his best, such as when he is warned off landing at an airport that has a runway that is too small. 

13. Sir William Wallace (Braveheart)

Movie Characters That Start With W: Iconic Names

After witnessing King Longshanks’ execution of Scottish nobles as well as seeing the deaths of his father and brother, he is educated by his uncle.

After seeing his wife get raped and executed, he starts organizing the Scottish to attack English garrisons. Wallace shows amazing ability to mobilize disparate clans and motivate those to help him.

Wallace also shows his dedication to the end, refusing to submit to English rule or beg for mercy, furthering the Scot’s bid for independence that is eventually successful due to Robert the Bruce, a man inspired by Wallace.

14. Wicked Witch of the West (Wizard of Oz)

Movie Characters That Start With W: Iconic Names

After seeing that Dorothy had killed her sister, The Wicked Witch of the West swore revenge, although she is powerless in Munchkin land.

After sending various attacks and setting up a plethora of barriers, the Wicked Witch eventually sets the Scarecrow on fire, only for Dorothy to attempt to put the fire out and get water on the Witch as well, killing her.

She appears as an ugly woman with green skin and warts, with an allblack outfit and a flying broom.

15. Willy Wonka (Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory)

Movie Characters That Start With W: Iconic Names

The eccentric owner of the chocolate factory, he loves to wear a purple jacket, a massive gold bowtie and an orange top hat.

Wonka has been a recluse and not allowing anyone into his factory, although he slips five golden tickets into random Wonka products for the chance for someone to have a tour.

The winners of the tour ignore Wonka and end up in various predicaments, with a child Charlie eventually also breaking the rules and being dismissed by Wonka due to him breaking a signed contract, thereby disqualifying him.

However, as Charlie leaves, he places the Everlasting Gobstopper that a business rival would pay a lot of money for on Wonka’s desk, causing Wonka to reveal that in fact this was a test and takes Charlie up in a glass elevator.

Wonka states that Charlie has inherited his factory as the golden tickets and gobstopper scheme was a way to find someone morally worthy to be his successor. 

16. The Wizard of Oz (Wizard of Oz)

Movie Characters That Start With W: Iconic Names

A mystery man with great power, Dorothy and her friends seek out his help to get Dorothy back home.

However, he is revealed as a fraud using trickery and that he is also from the United States of America as well, offering Dorothy a ride on his hot air balloon.

17. Winston Deavor (The Incredibles 2)

Movie Characters That Start With W: Iconic Names

A fan of the Supers, he works to get them made legal again. As the head of a profitable telecommunications company, he hopes his influence can get the Supers back that he so fondly remembers.

A charismatic man with an amazing ability to empathize and communicate, he spends most of his time pursuing legalization. It is revealed that his sister had nefarious plans prevent the Supers becoming legal again as she wrongly blamed them for her father’s death.

However, she didn’t let Winston know as he was too invested in getting the Supers back due to all the good he knew they would do, so that she knew he wouldn’t go along with it.

18. The Wolfman (The WolfMan)

Movie Characters That Start With W: Iconic Names

After his brother is killed by a wolf, Lawrence Talbot returns home and visits some gypsies on the night of a full moon as they are thought to be responsible for the creature. Instead, a werewolf attacks the camp and bites Lawrence.

After recovering, his father takes him to a hidden location, only for Lawrence to turn into a werewolf and kill some hunters, with his father informing him that he was the werewolf who bit Lawrence, and is also responsible for the death of his mother years earlier.

19. Wolverine (X-Men)

Movie Characters That Start With W: Iconic Names

A mutant, he has enhanced physical capabilities and a powerful healing factor that he can use to equip retractable claws in each hand due to his adamantium insides.

Possessing animal-keen senses,  he is often depicted as the antihero and will do what he wants or help who he pleases, although he often just wants to be left alone. His mutant genes eventually force him to regress into a beast-like form.

20. Wonder Woman (Wonder Woman)

Movie Characters That Start With W: Iconic Names

Raised on the hidden island of Themyscira as daughter to Queen Hippolyta, she is part of an Amazonian women warrior race created by Zeus, with her main mission being to protect mankind.

Donning the Godkiller sword, the Lasso of Hestia, and special armor, she is a formidable hero.

The lasso is from Goddess Hestia and is indestructible that while useful in battle, has its most powerful ability from it being able to compel anyone who is in physical contact with it to tell only the truth when questioned. 

After helping the Allies win key battles in the war, she discovers that Ares, the killer of Zeus, is hellbent on destroying humanity and while initially Wonder Woman has sympathy for this position, she realizes that humans have good in them and ends up killing Ares.

21. Woody (Toy Story)

Movie Characters That Start With W: Iconic Names

Andy’s favorite toy, Woody is a great leader of the toys and smooths over relations between the toys, he is quick thinking but sometimes suffers from jealousy.

As a pull-string cowboy sheriff, he is actually a famous and rare toy to collectors but Andy isn’t aware of this.

He has come to the rescue of the toys many times, against enemies like Sid, Lotso and many others, although Woody’s own actions have landed him in hot water many times.

Over time he has had personal growth due to the hardships and setbacks experienced,, he is one of the first to realize that Andy is growing up as well, and they will have to try and find  another loving owner.

22. Wreck-it Ralph (Wreck-it Ralph)

Movie Characters That Start With W: Iconic Names

The bad-guy of the  game, Fix-It Felix Jr., he is massive at 9 feet tall and spends most of his time wrecking an apartment filled with Nicelanders in the platformer video game.

These destructive actions are hated by everyone, so he decides to jump from his machine to another to become the hero, helping many other outcasts along the way.

Ralph has a true, caring nature and the way the Nicelanders treat him hurts him deeply, as Ralph is very misunderstood due to his jungle home being the site of the Nicelanders’ apartment, meaning they built over it, causing Ralph to live in the junkyard.

23. Wyatt (Easy Rider)

Movie Characters That Start With W: Iconic Names

Riding on his motorcycle and epitomizing the hippie culture of the 60s and 70s, he travels with his friend Billy performing odd jobs and being targeted for his lifestyle.

Imbibing drugs whenever possible, he is an independent and calm character. While often getting judged by his rough appearance, he is a caring man who eventually has to confront small town bigotry directly.

24. Wynnchel (Wreck-it Ralph)

Movie Characters That Start With W: Iconic Names

Appearing as an éclair, he is part of the Sugar Rush security team.

Enforcing King Candy’s rule over the Sugar Rush Kingdom, he has a brown glaze down his front and a pink smear of frosting for his nose. 

After the imposter king is removed from his oppressive rule once his lies about the true monarch are revealed with help from Ralph, Wynnchel shows that he is generally incompetent and cowardly.

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