Movie Characters That Start With Y: Iconic Names

Movie Characters That Start With Y: Iconic Names

Let’s go through some of the biggest characters in movie history, including a list of names starting with ‘Y’. See how many of these you know, what films they’re from, and whether you rate them as an iconic character or not.

1. Yaddle (Star Wars)

Movie Characters That Start With Y: Iconic Names

One of the Jedi elders on the High Council, Yaddle is the same species of Yoda, although exactly what that species is, is unknown. Yaddle’s home planet is not known either, although every example of the species seems to be Force sensitive.

In charge of Jedi Initiates at the Jedi Temple, she caught a young Qui-Gon Jinn using a lightsaber when he should have been in bed.

2. Yama (Big Hero 6)

Movie Characters That Start With Y: Iconic Names

Yama is a sumo wannabe with his massive girth and a top knot. Head of a criminal organization, he runs an illegal bot-fighting ring.

With a name meaning mountain in Japanese, he lives up to it in spades.

Hiro uses Yama’s greed against him, and beats him at bot fighting only for Yama to try and take out Big Hero 6.

Yama eventually steals Hiro’s bots in order to force Hiro to help him in underhanded ways.

3. Yao (Mulan)

Movie Characters That Start With Y: Iconic Names

Having a black eye that never seems to heal for some reason, he initially bullies Mulan but after seeing her skills and ability, he does warm up to her.

With his seeming only goal to get a wife, he is arrogant but clumsy, with his overbearing personality often turning women off him.

Part of the Chinese army and fighting against Shan Yu, he is often seen with Ling and Chien Po.

Yao is not all bad, showing deep loyalty to his cause and superiors, impressive strength that is the decisive victory in many fights and does well when he focuses.

However, his short temper means he is often his own worst enemy.

4. Yax (Zootopia)

Movie Characters That Start With Y: Iconic Names

A somewhat spacey character, Yax is a yak who is always meditating in the Mystic Spring Oasis.

With his horns and snout poking out of his huge mop of hair, he is surrounded by flies.

Unintentionally, he provides a huge clue to Judy Hopps as he remembers everything vital about Otterton’s last visit, even going so far as to remember the license plate.

Loving to walk around naked, he accessorizes with a beaded neck chain and leans heavily into the hippy mindset.

5. Yaya (The Three Caballeros)

Movie Characters That Start With Y: Iconic Names

Seen in a pink ankle-length dress with a white top, she balances a tray of treats on her head, and is always beaming towards others.

One of the live-action characters, she is  beautiful and works as a seller of traditional African and Afro-Brazilian food.

Donald Duck falls for her almost immediately, and gives her a bunch of flowers, which she turns out to love.

Yaya has a relatively low level of magic ability, causing inanimate objects to dance and is very outgoing and zesty.

6. Yelena (Frozen II)

Movie Characters That Start With Y: Iconic Names

The leader of the Northuldra, she is an elderly woman who tries to protect her people and community at all costs.

Mistakenly believing that the Arendellians are responsible for the curse which imprisoned them, she refuses to help them or listen to their pleas.

Appearing in a plain tunic with long hair, her wisdom and knowledge makes her a strong voice in any discussion.

After meeting Elsa and realizing she is practicing magic, Yelena is immediately suspicious of her and doesn’t trust her due to the fact that she is Arendellian. 

However, Elsa’s ability to stop the Fire Spirit sees her heart soften, showing that Yelena is not stubborn or unable to change her mind

After Elsa helps Yelana and her people, it leads Yelana to contact Mattias and agree to worth together, staying together after the curse has lifted.

7. Yelena Belova (Marvel)

Movie Characters That Start With Y: Iconic Names

Going by the name Black Widow, she is working as a Russian undercover agent, posing with other spies as a family in Ohio, United States of America.

After having her conditioning undone by a gas that reverses the Red Room mind control agent, she starts to try and help free the other Black Widow assassins

Belova is a strong and independent assassin, making active choices for herself once she is free from the constraints of the brainwashing.

8. Yesss (Ralph Breaks the Internet)

Movie Characters That Start With Y: Iconic Names

An algorithm for the massive website, BuzzzTube, she has proven how quickly she can change direction and themes to keep on top of all the latest trends.

After generating massive profits, she has an inflated ego but is still very switched on to what works and what doesn’t. Her busy schedule doesn’t leave her much time to have friends.

After hearing about Wreck-It Ralph she hopes he will create more controversy to help her site grow even bigger, but then starts to question if he is really the bad guy, especially when she finds out about his origin.

Once the corrupt actions of King Candy of Sugar Rush become clear, Yesss starts to support Ralph even more. 

9. Yeti (Monsters, Inc)

Movie Characters That Start With Y: Iconic Names

After nearly exposing the plans of Henry J Waternoose III and Randall Boggs’ conspiracy, he spends his time in the mountains of the Himalayas, banished to the human world.

Covered in thick white fur, he is caring and hospitable despite the raw deal he got.

He can’t get enough of snow cones and loves to share whatever he has with others.

Mike and Sulley are informed by Yeti that doors back to the world of Monsters exist due to several children in the village nearby.

10. Yoda (Star Wars)

Movie Characters That Start With Y: Iconic Names

A legendary Jedi Master who led the Jedi Order, he is Force sensitive and helped train Luke Skywalker.

Getting to almost 900-years old, his senses and instincts are shown to be very astute, with Yoda continually making it clear that Anakin Skywalker was not to be trained, although he was eventually overruled.

After the purge of the Jedi started, Yoda attempted to stop it but failed, thereafter escaping to Dagobah to wait for the prophecy’s foretold savior would come and seek him out.

11. Yokai (Big Hero 6)

Movie Characters That Start With Y: Iconic Names

Clad in a black coat and a distinctive kabuki-style mask, Yokai is the main antagonist.

Also known as Robert Callaghan, he has a longtime military background combined with scientific genius and is a former professor at Hiro’s school.

He descended into evil after losing his daughter in a portal due to Krei’s actions, making him unpredictable.

12. Yzma (The Emperor’s New Groove)

Movie Characters That Start With Y: Iconic Names

Former advisor to Emperor Kuzco, she is a powerful sorceress who loses her adviser position, thereafter swearing revenge on the emperor and scheming to take the throne for herself.

Her sidekick Kronk, a somewhat dim-witted accomplice who is more hindrance than help, Yzma is nonetheless very skilled in the art of potions.

Being one of the more eccentric characters, she has delusions of grandeur. 

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