Omni Man vs Superman vs Homelander vs Brightburn: Who Would Win?

Omni Man vs Superman vs Homelander vs Brightburn: Who Would Win?

It is never a dull day in the entertainment world of comics, animations, and films, and nothing spices things up more than a ‘Who would win?’ debate. Today, we discuss who would win in a battle of supers, in particular: Omni-Man, Superman, Homelander, and Brightburn. Despite the fact that not all of them are superheroes, who would win if they were ever to fight?

Superman is the definitive winner among the four, followed by Omni-Man the Viltrumite, then Homelander, and lastly the youngest of them all, Brightburn.

Of course, this being a theoretical debate, one must prove with facts why one super beats the other. In this article, I will pit every super against the other and make a case for the ultimate winner at the end.

Superman vs. Omni-Man

Omni Man vs Superman vs Homelander vs Brightburn: Who Would Win?

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news to Omni-Man fans out there, but Superman would win this fight with medium difficulty. Before you pelt me with insults or close the article just yet, indulge me first in reading my argument. 

Superman’s real name is Kal-El and was born on the fictional planet Krypton to parents Jor-El and Lara Lor-Van whereas Omni-Man’s real name is Nolan, an alien born on the fictional planet Viltrum to the leader of the Viltrumites, Argall.

Superman is a superhero who has battled multiple villains, both from Earth and extraterrestrial life, while Omniman is initially a villain who slaughtered the Guardians of the Globe but later redeems himself by protecting Earth from the Viltrum Empire. Both of them possess all stats that you would expect from a super: super strength, super speed, supernatural senses, ability to fly, et cetera.

However, Superman is much more powerful than Omni-Man or any other Viltrumite. He is more durable, stronger, and capable of exponentially increasing his powers through sun-dipping. On the other hand, Viltrumites would literally burn to death on the surface of the sun and would not be able to face the power of a sun-dipped Superman.

In another case, Omni-Man needed a lot of help to destroy a weakened unstable planet, whereas Superman has been shown to move countless planets on his own with little difficulty and even destroy a completely stable planet without any help just by leaping off it. The only downside to Superman’s abilities is that he gains his power from the yellow sun, and Kryptonite can render him vulnerable to physical attacks.

Superman can move hundreds of thousands of times faster than the speed of light. He has bench pressed the earth’s weight at 700 quintillion tons. He can see at a subatomic level, and he has held a black hole in his hands.

Omni-Man is definitely powerful, but for everything he can do, Superman can do it far much better and faster. Realistically, unless Omni-Man can get his hands on some Kryptonite, this is not a fight he stands a chance to win.

Verdict: Superman 1 Omni-Man 0

Superman vs. Homelander

Omni Man vs Superman vs Homelander vs Brightburn: Who Would Win?

Superman would easily win against Homelander, and it would not even be a close fight.

Homelander’s real name is John, an American super villain from the adult comics The Boys and the leader of The Seven, a group of superheroes owned by a corporation called Vought International. He is the result of an experiment as a baby utilizing Compound V that granted him his abilities.

Homelander is very similar to Superman in terms of abilities, and the key difference between them is their moral ground. In an alternate universe where Superman was a villain, he would be a perfect copy of Homelander. Possessing superhuman strength, speed, heat vision, telescopic vision, invincibility, and flight, Homelander’s only weakness seems to be his own insecurities.

However, Superman’s feats are leagues above what Homelander is capable of. Moving planets into a new Solar System, and sneezing away stars, are things Homelander can only dream of ever doing. Additionally, Homelander couldn’t win a fight against Doomsday and Darkseid, opponents that Superman has managed to beat. This will be an easy fight for Superman any day.

Verdict: Superman 1 Homelander 0

Superman vs. Brightburn

Omni Man vs Superman vs Homelander vs Brightburn: Who Would Win?

Again, like the previous opponents, Superman would win this fight with easy difficulty.

In almost similar fashion to the beginnings of Superman, Brightburn is an alien who was sent to Earth to conquer it but crash-landed in the state of Kansas. He was adopted by Tori and Kyle Breyer, a couple that was unable to conceive a child of their own, and they named him Brandon Breyer.

Brandon’s abilities include superhuman strength and speed, flight, heat vision, telekinesis, technopathy, enhanced intelligence, and invincibility. Unfortunately, Brightburn is only a child who is inexperienced in fighting supers. Despite having some extra powers that Superman does not possess like telekinesis, it is still not enough to close the gap between them and Superman easily destroys him.

Verdict: Superman 1 Brightburn 0

Omni-Man vs. Homelander

Omni Man vs Superman vs Homelander vs Brightburn: Who Would Win?

Omni-Man would easily beat Homelander with his only problem in the fight possibly being the heat vision from Homelander.

Despite the Homelander possessing heat vision, he still wouldn’t stand a chance against the Viltrumite monster. Omni-Man has been battle-tested and is far stronger, faster, and more durable than Homelander. He has survived a space laser twice, destroyed an entire civilization, and moved an asteroid the size of Texas.

Homelander’s greatest feat seems to be building-level capacity and his durability is pretty low considering he got a scar from stopping Queen Maeve’s sword attack which means he would not have the durability to take multiple punches from a berserk Omni-Man. Additionally, his lack of experience fighting a variety of supers would make him no match for the Viltrumite.

Verdict: Omni-Man 1 Homelander 0

Omni-Man vs. Brightburn

Omni Man vs Superman vs Homelander vs Brightburn: Who Would Win?

Omni-Man defeats Brightburn with easy difficulty.

Brightburn is still very young and inexperienced as a super. Having very few feats to compare him with Omni-Man, there really isn’t a big case to make for him. He has the advantage of not having a known limit yet and being vulnerable only to the metal from his alien ship.

In a different scenario where Brandon Breyer is an adult with multiple combat experiences, this might be a fair fight, but for now, Omni-Man wipes the floor with Brightburn.

Verdict: Omni-Man 1 Brightburn 0

Homelander vs. Brightburn

Omni Man vs Superman vs Homelander vs Brightburn: Who Would Win?

Being the weakest of the four characters in this battle, this would probably be the closest battle of them all, with the victory going to Homelander.

This would not be an easy battle as most people would guess it to be. Sure, Brightburn is still an inexperienced kid without many significant feats under his belt, but unlike Homelander, we do not know the limit of his powers. Nothing brings out the true abilities of a person than desperation, and with the stakes raised, Brightburn might surprise most of us.

His defeat to Homelander would still come down to combat experience. In a fight, making the right decisions at the right time is what separates two close opponents, and that is what Homelander possesses in this fight. Having fought Black Noir multiple times, Homelander knows that you can only go so far with your powers.

Verdict: Homelander 1 Brightburn 0

Omni Man vs Superman vs Homelander vs Brightburn: Who Would Win?

With the scores now settled, Superman takes the lead with 3 points, Omni-Man comes second with 2 points, Homelander third with 1 point, and Brightburn tails the list with no points. However, our loser would probably have a very different outcome if he was the same age as our other three supers.


Superman > Omni-Man > Homelander > Brightburn.

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