Popular Streaming Services and Which One is for You 

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Streaming services have significantly grown in popularity in the last decade and now many of the best shows are exclusive to these platforms. If you have watched The Boys, Stranger Things, or Ms. Marvel, you may observe the difference in the quality of these shows compared to shows on cable.

Quality aside, the convenience to watch your favorite shows on the go is another reason that makes streaming services so popular. An internet bundle like Spectrum One offer or a similar plan from some other provider makes enjoying your favorite shows a lot easier. Go through this brief blog to check out the popular streaming services. 


Netflix is the most popular streaming service in 2023. There are many reasons why fans love Netflix so much. For starters, it is the first streaming service to get mainstream success. The platform was one of the change-makers that attracted the audience’s attention. Also, the OG shows like Black Mirror, 13 Reasons Why, Narcos and House of Cards kept on increasing this platform’s viewership.

Besides Netflix originals, the platform offers a solid collection of movies. It keeps on changing with time but there are usually some good films that you can watch on the weekend. In addition to movies and shows, you can also watch many anime titles on the platform. The platform has many popular Shonen titles like One Piece, Naruto Hunter X Hunter, Yuyu Hakusho, and many others. 

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is another platform with a ton of content that is growing in popularity over the years. This service is included in an Amazon Prime subscription that offers different other Amazon perks as well. However, the collection of original and licensed shows on the platform also plays a significant role in attracting a massive audience. Shows like Invincible, Purge, The Exorcist, and various others have been popular shows on the platform.

Not to mention Antony Starr’s performance and thousands of memes made The Boys another attraction for viewers to try Amazon Prime Video. This platform also has Kung Fu Panda and Lego Ninjago on it. Lastly, there is a limited collection of anime titles on the platform as well. Overall, Prime Video has a lot to offer.


It is a relatively new platform. However, it has grown in popularity in a short period thanks to its lineup of quality shows like Ms. Marvel, Loki, and WandaVision. This platform has a library full of Star Wars content, Pixar productions, and a lot of Disney shows. So, it may be the best platform out there for Star Wars fans and families.

On top of all the fictional shows on the streaming service, Disney+ also packs many interesting documentaries from National Geographic Channel. Bringing all this to the audience, it is understandable how the platform has grown so quickly.


As clear from the name, HBO Max is HBO’s take on streaming services and it is a solid one, to say the least. The company is host to many popular shows like The Game of Thrones and now House of Dragons. The much-awaited series, The Last of Us has joined the all-time best shows on HBO Max. Other popular shows on the platform include Chernobyl, Rain Dogs, and Oh Hell.

Apart from bringing new shows, the platform has many cartoon series on it as well. You can watch Powerpuff Girls, Dexter’s Laboratory, Flintstones, and Samurai Jack. Also, there are a few anime titles available to watch on this streaming service. Simply put, HBO Max covers much of the content you would want for family entertainment.


In terms of viewers, Crunchyroll may not have as many compared to the other services in this list. When it comes to anime content, Crunchyroll is the biggest streaming service. After Funimation’s acquisition by Sony, Crunchyroll’s library is expected to expand significantly. The main benefit of streaming anime on Crunchyroll is the fact that it offers better subtitles and quicker access. On other platforms of the list, the library of anime is subject to change and does change often. So, getting a subscription to this platform is worth it.

For plans starting at $7.99, the service is quite affordable too. Whether you are a seasoned otaku or just getting started with popular titles, you can do so without bearing any significant costs.


With so many popular streaming services out there, it can be quite overwhelming to decide which one are for you. You can simply follow the crowd by opting for Netflix or Amazon Prime Video or you can find niche content with Disney+ and Crunchyroll. No matter what your content preferences are, you are likely to find a lot you can enjoy on these services.

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