20 Strongest Female Characters in Demon Slayer Ranked

20 Strongest Female Characters in Demon Slayer Ranked

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is home to some of the strongest characters you’ll ever meet in anime history. Of course, having a wide array of strong characters means that there are several powerful female characters. Not only can these girls fight, but their will and determination are also some things that the anime takes pride in. Here are 20 outstanding females in Demon Slayer.

20. Kanata and Kuina Ubuyashiki

20 Strongest Female Characters in Demon Slayer Ranked

The two are the youngest sisters of Kiriya Ubuyashiki, who currently heads the Ubuyashiki Household. They assist their brother and the rest of the Demon Slayer Corps. They helped in the final fight during the Demon Slayers’ attempt to infiltrate Infinity Castle. Both sisters had memorized and mapped out the fortress despite the fortress’s ever-changing structure.

19. Hinaki and Nichika Ubuyashiki

20 Strongest Female Characters in Demon Slayer Ranked

The older twin sisters of Kiriya Ubuyashiki. Prior to their death, they have served the same way their younger twin sisters do currently to the head of the Ubuyashiki household, Kagaya Ubuyashiki, their father. Not much is known about the twins except for their undying loyalty to their family, especially their father. They willingly died alongside him during the explosion of the Ubuyashiki Mansion as a means of sacrifice.

18. Amane Ubuyashiki

20 Strongest Female Characters in Demon Slayer Ranked

Amane is the wife of Kagaya Ubuyashiki. As the wife of the head of the Ubuyashiki clan, it is her duty to be her husband’s caretaker and become the leader of the Demon Slayer Corps on days her husband’s health fails him. She is shown to be strict but extremely caring to her family and the rest of the corpse. When she was just 13, she was told she was specifically selected to become the wife of Kagaya. However, she fell in love with him of her own free will.

Amane chose to bomb the household and commit suicide along with her husband and older twin daughters to lure and injure the Demon Muzan.

17. Makomo

20 Strongest Female Characters in Demon Slayer Ranked

Makomo is a soul of a child by the same name who was permitted to attend the Demon Slayer Corps’ Final Selection when she was still alive. She, along with Sabito, was taken in by Sakonji, who trained the both of them to fight. Unfortunately, the both of them ended up getting killed, and their souls could not rest due to not them failing the test.

Makamoto later helps Tanjiro sharpen his techniques for the rest of Final Selection. Makamoto’s soul eventually passes on when Tanjiro defeats the Hand Demon.

16. Spider Demon (Mother)

20 Strongest Female Characters in Demon Slayer Ranked

This Spider Demon is a member of the Spider Family. She is also technically the youngest Demon in the family, being turned into a demon the last. When she was a newly made demon, she met Rui, who happened to be on Mount Natagumo. She agreed to join him and become part of his family. In the Spider Family, was chosen to be the “mother of the group.

15. Spider Demon (Daughter)

20 Strongest Female Characters in Demon Slayer Ranked

This spider demon is another member of the Spider Family. She is the more cautious and fearful member of her family, mainly choosing not to engage in fights. She was initially a demon who was roaming around solo. However, because of news of the Demon Slayer Corpse killing Demon, she joined the Spider Family as a means to survive. This Spider Demon ends up killed by Demon Slayer Corps’ Shinobu.

14. Aoi Kazanaki 

20 Strongest Female Characters in Demon Slayer Ranked

A Demon Slayer Corps member who is rarely seen on the front lines. Aoi usually works as a helper at the Butterfly Mansion. Despite only serving as a helper, she passed the Final Selection, making her a capable Demon Slayer. However, she chose to train under Shinobu instead to heal injured Demon Slayers. She is also seen capable of doing simple repairs, as shown when she was able to help repair the box used to carry Nezuko around. Aoi is also capable of using Water Breathing techniques.

13. Mukago

20 Strongest Female Characters in Demon Slayer Ranked

Mukago is a demon who belongs to the twelve Kizuki and holds the position of the Lower Rank Four. Despite belonging to the 12 Kizuki, it looks like Mukago has little to no loyalty towards Muzan and would rather flee for her life if it means her survival. Not much is known about the Demon, but the fact that she entered the Lower Rank Four would mean she is powerful. However, Muzan ended up killing her after he had read her thoughts about her abandoning him.

12. Suma

20 Strongest Female Characters in Demon Slayer Ranked

She is a kunoichi and one of the wives of the Demon Slayer, Tengen Uzui. While it doesn’t seem she is a particularly strong ninja, Tengen appears to have faith in her abilities, even assigning her to investigate the movements of the upper-rank demons alongside her co-wives. Suma resembles Zenitsu when it comes to acting overly emotional over simple situations.

11. Makio

20 Strongest Female Characters in Demon Slayer Ranked

Makio is one of the wives of Tengen and is also a kunoichi herself. It looks like Makio is the one who would constantly keep Suma’s emotions in check, as she is often seen berating the co-wife when Suma gets emotional. She was first seen working undercover in the Ogimoto House and fed information to Tengen via crow. However, communications stopped when Daki caught her with an Obi, and she was stored in an underground bunker.

10. Hinatsuru

20 Strongest Female Characters in Demon Slayer Ranked

Another one of the wives of Tengen, who is also a capable kunoichi. She infiltrated the Entertainment District as an Orion to expose the demons lurking around the district. She learned that the lead orion in Warabihime was actually the female Demon Daki. She was unable to make any moves to stop the Demon or inform her husband, so she drank poison in order to be removed as an Orion so she could look for her husband. However, Daki wrapped an Obi around her to restrain her if she would do anything to expose the Demon.

She was later found in a brothel by her husband and was given an antidote for the poison she took. After recovering, she assisted in the fight against Gyutaro.

9. Susumaru

20 Strongest Female Characters in Demon Slayer Ranked

While she is not a member of the 12 Kizuki, she appears as a strong demon, especially in the early portion of the series. She served as a primary antagonist of the Asakusa Arc. Before becoming a demon, she was a young girl fond of handball. Muzan turned her into a demon and implanted her with the desire to join his ranks. He also killed enemies while using her handball which caused her to have the ball as her choice of weapon.

Susumaru bears the mark of the twelve Kizuki. However, after her defeat, Tanjiro and Tamayo find out that the mark is fake. Tanjiro figured that Muzan only manipulated her into thinking she was a member of 12 Kizuki to make use of her loyalty and abilities as a disposable demon.

Susumaru is a demon who uses several Mari Balls as her choice of weapons, often launching them toward oncoming enemies. She is a decently strong demon and gave the group a hard time overcoming her.

8. Kanae Koncho 

20 Strongest Female Characters in Demon Slayer Ranked

Viewers didn’t get to hear of her story when she was alive. Sadly she passed prior to the start of the series. Kanae was a late Demon Slayer and is the biological sister of Shinobu Kocho. During her time as a Demon Slayer, she served as the first Flower Hashira. Kanae and Shinobu were taken in by Gyomei Himejima after demons slaughtered their parents.

After becoming the flower Hashira, it was Kanae who noticed Kanao being dragged by a leash by a random man. The two sisters eventually took her and adopted her as their younger sister. Kanae died because of the Demon Doma was able to wound her fatally. Before she died, she told Shinobu to leave the Demon Slayer Corps to live a normal life.

7. Daki

20 Strongest Female Characters in Demon Slayer Ranked

Daki was one of the two main antagonists for the Entertainment Arc alongside her older brother Gyutaro. She shares the Upper Rank Six title with her brother Gyutaro. Before the series, Daki was a poor girl who was undeniably beautiful in her village. She was initially named Ume, and her older brother was responsible for raising her. She was training to be an Orion and was growing in popularity. She stabbed a samurai with chopsticks in the eye when he insulted her brother.

As punishment, her boss and the samurai had her burned alive. Her dying body was found by her older brother Gyutaro. Desperately searching for help, Gyutaro ran into the Demon Doma, who offered to save the two under the condition they become demons and work their way to the Twelve Kizuki. Daki disguised herself as an Orion to prey on humans during the Entertainment District Arc.

6. Nakime Otokawa

20 Strongest Female Characters in Demon Slayer Ranked

She was a demon who was initially instructed to summon demons into the Infinity Castle to aid Muzan in battle. However, due to the death of Hantengu, she was promoted to Upper-Rank Four. Before becoming a demon, Nakime was an amateur Biwa Player who married a man obsessed with gambling. After discovering her husband gambled off a dress she was supposed to wear for a performance, she killed him and rushed to the stage in a hurry with a shabby dress. 

She learned that her biwa sounds better when she plays after committing a murder and has been doing so ever since. She was later approached by Muzan to become his servant.

5. Kanao Tsuyuri

20 Strongest Female Characters in Demon Slayer Ranked

Kanao is a Demon Slayer and the adopted sister of Kanae and Shinobu. Kanao is an immensely talented swordsman. Doma, an Upper-Rank demon, even commented she might be even stronger than Shinobu. She helped Tanjirou train before he was officially a member of the Demon Slayer Corps. She is one of the fastest female swordsmen in the corps, even outspeeding the central trio before mastering Total Concentration: Constant. By the time the series reaches the Sunrise Countdown Arc, she is able to keep up with the Demon King Muzab Kibutsuji.

Originally Kanao was a nameless girl that the Koncho sisters bought. However, since being picked up by the two, she began her training as a Demon Slayer and eventually joined their ranks. According to Goto, because of being raised by her adoptive sisters, Kanao had been slaying demons since she was a child. She later marries Tanjiro after the series.

4. Tamayo

20 Strongest Female Characters in Demon Slayer Ranked

Tamayo is a demon created by Muzan but allied herself with the Demon Slayers to fight Muzan and put an end to him making more demons. Tamayo was the one who created the drug that was able to turn Nezuko back to being human and was also used to weaken Muzan enough to deliver fatal blows. 

Tamayo is not seen fighting, but fans can easily assume that she might be one of the strongest demons, given that she has survived as long as she did. She is a skilled doctor who even managed to alter her body in order to survive without a lot of human blood. Tamayo also teamed up with Shinobu to allow her to get her vengeance.

She managed to inject wisteria poison into Shinobu without causing the girl any sickness. This way, if Shinobu were to die and get consumed, the Demon who devoured her would also die.

3. Shinobu Kocho

20 Strongest Female Characters in Demon Slayer Ranked

Shinobu is a Demon Slayer and serves as the Corps Insect Hashira. She is the biological younger sister of Kanae and the older adoptive sister of Kanao. She and her older sister joined the Demon Slayer Corps to protect other people from feeling the pain she and her sister felt after losing their parents to demons. She is a skilled combatant in the Corps but doesn’t seem to be overly powerful. Instead of slashing demons with her swords, her attacks are more focused on stabbing and piercing movements. She uses her swords as a way to inject Wisteria poison into demons. Shinobu was able to kill Domu by sacrificing herself to the Demon. She had Tamayo fill her body with a high concentration of Wisteria Poison since she knew Doma would eventually devour her. Her sacrifice allowed her to finally kill the Demon who killed her sister.

2. Mitsuri Kanroji

20 Strongest Female Characters in Demon Slayer Ranked

Misturi is known to be the strongest female Demon Slayer when it comes to raw strength. She serves the Corps as its Love Hashira. She is an upbeat and emotional Demon Slayer who is exceptionally friendly to her fellow Demon Slayers, especially to Obanai. Among the corps, Mitsuri has abnormal muscular constitutions. Her compensation is eight times denser than a normal human being. To maintain this, Misturi has to eat more than an average human as well. It is said that her abnormal hair color is due to her eating several Sakura mochi.

Her Nichirin sword is shaped and held like a whip in order to suit her fighting style. Unfortunately, she was sadly put out of commission by the hands of Muzan.

1. Nezuko

20 Strongest Female Characters in Demon Slayer Ranked

Nezuko is one of the primary characters of Demon Slayer and the primary reason why Tanjiro Joined the Demon Slayer Corps. She got turned into a demon, but she managed to maintain a good portion of her humanity, unlike other turned demons. Nezuko eventually grew a resistance to sunlight, making her one of the strongest demons to be able to walk the earth. As a demon Nezuko is overly protective of her brother and other humans she considers her companions. She can also resist the stench and sight of blood and maintains her hunger through sleeping.

When Nezuko got turned back into a human, she lost most of her physical enhancements but still fought to protect her brother Tanjiro. In the story’s epilogue, it was revealed that she married Zenitsu.

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