Top 10 Must Watch Racing Anime Series

Top 10 Must Watch Racing Anime Series

When we think of racing, the first thing that comes to our mind is cars. Sure, anime about cars would also fall under the category, but that is not all there is. Marathons, bicycle racing, derbies, and even RC car racing are also a part of this genre. That said, there really is not enough anime in this category. As a matter of fact, a new anime in this category is only released once every couple of years. However, that doesn’t stop this genre from having some of the best, most nerve-wracking, and thrilling anime series of all time. In this article, we will be taking a look at ten amazing racing anime series that you must watch!

01. Initial D

Top 10 Must Watch Racing Anime Series

Initial D is hands down the best anime series in the racing category. It is popular among people who love cars and competition. It features a drifting prodigy who initially has no interest whatsoever in street racing. 

However, due to his father’s influence, he had been driving cars long before he could even get a license. Because of this, he can control his old 1986 car like a part of his body. The first time he actually participated in a race, everyone was surprised that someone was able to beat top racers with an old car. 

The MC also starts getting addicted to racing and goes on challenging himself and other insane street racers.

02. Yowamushi Pedal

Top 10 Must Watch Racing Anime Series

This is an anime about bicycle racing. The MC in this anime is an otaku who rides miles on his dingy bicycle to buy anime-related products. Because of this, he has built monstrous stamina that rivals that of a pro bicycle racer. 

One day, he comes across a pro cyclist who was going uphill in the same way as the protagonist. This is the moment that sparked the pro cyclist’s interest in him. Ultimately, the MC joins the bicycle club and goes through intense training, makes new friends, and participates in racing competitions.

03. Uma Musume

Top 10 Must Watch Racing Anime Series

Uma Musume is a really beautiful mix of classic horse racing. In this anime, the horses are actually horse-girls. These girls go to a prestigious academy that trains them to run and participate in the derby. 

The MC of this anime is a girl who comes from a faraway rural area with the goal of winning a national championship. However, the road to glory is not easy. She has to endure hard training, painful losses, and sometimes physical injury that comes with running.

04. Appare Ranman

Top 10 Must Watch Racing Anime Series

Appare Ranman takes place at a time when cars were first introduced. However, in Japan, where the MC was living, such technology was not widely popular. Therefore, nobody understood the MCs’ love for mechanical things. One day, the MCs’ invention ended up causing trouble for the lord, and he was sent to prison. From there, he somehow escaped and then fled the country on his self-made ship. 

The destination? America: the land where cars were popular. There, he starts off from scratch, builds his own car, and participates in the biggest racing event in the country that requires him to travel across the entire country.

05. Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds

Top 10 Must Watch Racing Anime Series

Now a lot of you might be thinking that Yu Gi Oh is a card game anime. Yes, you are not wrong. But 5Ds is just built differently. It combines the classic card game aspect with motorcycle racing. The bikes in this series have a built-in system to hold and play the Duel Monsters game. 

In addition, being on the motorcycle itself will give an additional spell that can be used when certain conditions are met. This anime is hands down the best of the Yugioh franchise in my opinion and is a decent addition to the racing anime genre.

06. Red Line

Top 10 Must Watch Racing Anime Series

Red Line is one of the best anime movies about racing that will make you feel the thrill of participating in a car race. This anime has an insane soundtrack, amazing animation, and a decent plot to boot. A notorious racing event that has no rules whatsoever takes place once every five years. The MC of this anime participates in this event and strives to win it.

07. Tail Enders

Top 10 Must Watch Racing Anime Series

Tail Enders is an anime movie with really vibrant visuals and a really unique story. The anime starts off with the MC, a genius racer, getting into a fatal accident. However, he was saved by a scientist, but the only thing is, that he no longer has a heart. 

In its place is his car’s engine. This marked the end of his career as he was not fit to participate in races as he was no longer considered a living being. But luckily, on a faraway planet, he still has the opportunity to participate in a race.

08. Bakusou Kyoudai Let’s & Go

Top 10 Must Watch Racing Anime Series

This anime is completely different from the other series on this list. This show is a kids’ anime about remote-controlled car racing. As children, we all had a time when we were obsessed with RC cars. Maybe even now, some of us might be obsessed with remote-controlled things like drones. This anime will make you remember your obsession and what you would have felt as a child while racing with your RC car.

09. Wangan Midnight

Top 10 Must Watch Racing Anime Series

This is another street racing anime that takes place in Tokyo. For those who don’t know, street racing actually happens in Tokyo in real life. This anime is inspired by those real-life events where racers put their lives in danger by racing on streets where trucks, buses, and normal cars travel. 

This anime does not have a unique plot, but it doesn’t matter in this kind of anime. It is about the adrenaline rush and the thrill, which this anime demonstrates spectacularly.

10. Capeta

Top 10 Must Watch Racing Anime Series

Capeta is an anime about Go Karts. Most people wouldn’t even consider Go-karts when they think of the word racing. But trust me, this anime is worth your time. The MC of this anime often gets bullied in school, and his single father thought creating him a go-kart was a nice way to help him out. 

Therefore, he manually built one for his son from the spare parts he found. Sure, it is not as awesome as professionally manufactured ones, but this was exactly what the MC needed. A new obsession that blew away his depressing days at school.

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