Top 3 Useful Tips to Promote Your YouTube Movie Channel: a Short Guide for Newbies


What is the key to the success of popular creators on YouTube? A large advertising budget, a lot of important connections with movie influencers, or maybe first-class unique content? Yes, this is partly true, but they also all have a proven and reliable promo strategy with many different effective ways to attract an audience. It should be understood that they should be as clear and accessible as possible for you – you’d be able to use them wisely. But this doesn’t mean that you’ve to understand the SMM field or be able to set up promotions first-class. On the contrary, now everyone is striving for simplification, and it would be wise to follow this rule.

Don’t try to reinvent the wheel, it’s not what you need. All the ways to attract an audience have been known for a long time, but the problem is this: sometimes people don’t understand how to apply this to their niche and develop their movie accounts. Today we’ll give you 3 main tips about promotion you should follow if you’re determined to get an impressive result on YouTube. They’re simple and extremely clear, and you definitely should try them even if you use YouTube Premium

  1. Don’t be afraid to invest in the channel

Do you still think that paid PR services are cheating bots and fakes? Well, then you’re wrong. You see, the market of advertising services has changed, and today some companies are ready to offer you interactions from real users who are active on the platform. You can get everything: buy instant YouTube сomment likes, subs, views, etc. These services are quite democratic and every blogger, even with a limited advertising budget, can afford them. Such boosts are very popular, and this isn’t surprising, because they help to improve the rating of the account and its position in the search results. 

You can use them at any stage of your promotion, depending on what statistical indicators you need now. Keep in mind that there is one rule in this: no fakes and bots, they are malicious and illegal. It’s better to spend a little more time checking reviews about the company, but never risk your reputation.

  1. Optimize your content

You can create unique and fascinating movie content, but what’s the point if no one sees it? If your videos don’t have optimization, they are at the bottom of the search query, that is, users don’t see them. This is one of the reasons why novice influencers cannot increase their fan base and face a lot of problems. At the same time, you don’t need to have special knowledge, optimization is not rocket science. 

Think about which words describe your niche as much as possible, analyze what people are looking for (the best movies 2023, for example) and what words they use for this. Having this information, it’ll be much easier for you to optimize the title and description. If you don’t have any ideas, feel free to visit the competitors’ pages and study their included keywords that help increase visibility. You can buy subs to increase the visibility. For trial basis, you can purchase 250 subscribers.

  1. Create Shorts

Short clips have captured the hearts of users, today everyone is trying to make them. But we recommend that you be consistent and not chase colossal statistical indicators at once. In the beginning, you may not see the result and the videos won’t be popular, but don’t stop – try to publish such content at least several times a week to increase the chance of making them viral. Good luck!