​Top 5 Best Christmas Movies You Can Watch on Amazon Firestick

​Top 5 Best Christmas Movies You Can Watch on Amazon Firestick

Make the most of your Amazon Firestick around the festive season, and make sure you catch some of the top-rated Christmas movies.

Whether you are up for a movie to hype your kids up or you feel like having a marathon under the blanket with a cup of hot chocolate, this list is a must for everyone who celebrates Christmas.

It’s a Wonderful Life

It’s a Wonderful Life is a classic that will put you in a great mood. You will both laugh and cry. It follows George’s life. His frustration and failures as a businessman make him feel suicidal, but things change when an angel comes over to show him something.

Clarence is sent to show George what life would be like if he was not there. The movie is also a lesson of life. We all chase our goals, but there is nothing wrong with failing. Good things can come out of anything, and people need to see the bright side.

The Family Guy Specials

If you really want to watch something special for Christmas, you can never go wrong with the Family Guy Christmas Special Episodes. The creators of the show release a special episode each year that is guaranteed to make the entire family burst in laughter.

What’s great about popular shows like this one is that you can stream Family Guy online. You don’t have to wait for the show to come on TV and simply watch it online at your leisure. However, we should mention that the Family Guy Christmas Special Episodes might not be suited for younger family members. The reason behind this is that the jokes on this show can sometimes be edgy.

12 Days of Christmas Eve

This movie tells a story that many of us can relate to. It is a chill fun comedy, easy to understand and ready to put you in a good mood. All in all, Calvin is a business manager. As Christmas gets closer, he gets extremely busy with an important deal. He needs to seal it, no matter what.

Unfortunately, busy with work, Calvin fails to pay attention to what is going on around him. His girlfriend and son are involved with Christmas preparations, but he overlooks everything. Calvin ends up in an accident on Christmas Eve.

This is when he realizes that he should have paid more attention to his family. It takes nurse Angie to help him figure out how to fix things.

Christmas in the Heartland

Two teenagers, Kara and Jessie, become best friends while on a plane. They are both looking forward to some uncomfortable holidays, having to spend Christmas in a small town with relatives they have never seen before.

It sounds like the perfect scenario to try out something crazy then, so they decide to switch places.

Jessie ends up with Kara’s fancy and wealthy family, getting spoiled with things she has never had in her life. Meanwhile, Kara bonds with the most modest family she has ever met, but she is overwhelmed by its natural and genuine feel.

Home Alone

No other actor or character can scream Christmas better than Kevin McCallister. This is a Christmas classic, and although you know every scene in it, you just have to watch it again and again. It puts you in a good mood, it brings back great memories, and kids will love it too.

While there are lots of sequels, the first and second parts are by far the most appreciated ones, with the first one dominating the series. Kevin wants to be left alone, and surprisingly for him, it actually happens. But once he finds himself lonely, he wants everyone back.

Not only do you have something to learn from it, but the movie is packed with fun action and adventure too.

The bottom line, there are lots of titles out there, more or less popular. This list includes a few classics, as well as some less-known releases that can put you in a Christmas mood straight away.​ Do you want more movie recommendations? In that case, you should check out the movies category on our website for a long list of great recommendations.

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