Watch These 5 Best Romantic Comedies With Your Partner

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Date nights are the best, don’t you think? A nice walk with your significant other followed by a candlelight dinner and then an entertaining movie night rejuvenates your soul and you start looking forward to the weekend. Life becomes exciting all of a sudden and you thank god for blessing you with such an amazing partner who shares the same energy as you. 

Planning a date night has become simpler now, thanks to the internet. You can now invite your partner over, order nice, comfortable food, and enjoy a movie night all from the comfort of your home. Effortless and natural. Not only will this help you save a lot of money but will also aid you in spending quality time with your partner. What else does one need? 

Just one thing before you plan for a date night movie spree, make sure that your internet is up to speed for it. A great movie and your mood both get ruined if your internet lags. To stop your date night from going downhill, Cox can be the cure. 

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Now that your internet issues are solved, you can go ahead and enjoy the movies mentioned in this article with your partner. Have fun. 

1. Always Be My Maybe 

Love is friendship and friendship is love, this is the entire gist of the movie. If you believe in first loves, old sparks, and the impending desire to find a friend in your lover, Always Be My Maybe should be your pick for your date night.

Sasha and Marcus are childhood sweethearts who experience a fallout and run into each other again, 15 years later. While there is no denying the former feelings, both of them have built a new world around them that is hard for the other to break through. 

2. Date Night

This movie revolves around a bored couple who plans a nice, romantic date. They try their best to get a table at a fancy restaurant in New York; however, their efforts go in vain. At this point, the husband follows his instincts and decides to take another couple’s reservation. This single decision helps the couple experience the craziest night of their life. 

This movie will keep you glued to the screen and we promise you wouldn’t be able to control your laughter. Date night might also encourage you to plan more spontaneous dates with your partner. You’ll love this movie. 

3. Bridget Jones’s Diary

As the New Year begins, Bridget decides to become the driver of her destiny, and to keep herself ahead of her game she chooses to write a diary. Instead of reading a classic novel at the end of the day, she starts penning down the most hysterical, erotic, and provocative life experiences. Her ideas about romance and singledom change erratically when she meets two prospective suitors.

4. Begin Again

The main characters of this movie are Greta and Dave who move to New York in order to pursue their singing career. When Dave gets an amazing record deal, he becomes extremely busy as he begins living the life of a famous musician. 

Greta at this point starts to feel lonely and begins questioning her identity. She decides to move on a journey of her own and in the meantime meets another person who is also looking for a fresh start. This movie will definitely encourage you and your partner to give each other time and will teach you to never ignore each other especially if you are madly in love. 

5. The Proposal

Margaret Tate, played flawlessly by Sandra Bullock, fakes an engagement with her assistant, Andrew Paxton played by Ryan Reynolds to escape deportation. Playing out their fake love, there begins a romance between the two that shapes love in a new way. 

Final Words

We believe these movies to be an excellent addition to your date night and hope that all goes well. The thing about romantic date night movies is that it allows you to choose comfort and coziness over anything else and that is what makes them a must! We hope you’ll like the movies that we have mentioned in this article. Add them to your watch list and we promise, you’ll have an amazing time. 

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