What Can Make Movies Look More Realistic?

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It is vital that movies look as realistic as possible to convince the audience that the events within them are actually happening. Whether you plan on making a movie in the near future or simply want to know more about how your favorite movies are made, here are some of the top elements of a movie that can help it look more realistic. 

Special FX Make-Up 

Whether there is a major injury in a film or you need to turn people into monsters, special FX make-up can do the job for you, transforming actors into your vision of how you want them to look. Special FX makeup can ensure that little CGI needs to be used and that you are able to create the effect that you want to see on film. Luckily, you can find special FX makeup online. You can order this whenever you need it and ensure that you buy products specially designed for movie-making to achieve the desired impact. This can help you to create a believable and professional-quality movie. 


The lighting used in a movie can also help it look more realistic. For instance, if the lighting is too bright, the movie might start to look artificial or as if it has been filmed in a studio rather than in a natural setting; however, if it is too dark, then the audience won’t be able to see what is happening on screen. You should also think carefully about the contrast, color, and direction of the lighting that you are using to make the movie look as real as possible and ensure that you can create the tone and mood that you are going for. For instance, warm lighting can feel cozy and happy, whereas cold, blue lighting can feel clinical, sad, or can create a moody tension. Then, you should not wait until the last minute to think about your lighting design. 


Costume can also aid the realism of the film, and there are a few questions that you should think about before investing in this costume. For instance, is your chosen costume appropriate for your characters’ socio-economic status? Is the costume historically accurate? Although you might think that you can get away with it, many audience members notice minor details that could take them out of the film and prevent them from suspending their disbelief until the credits roll. Then, it is vital that you do not try to cut corners when it comes to your costumes. 


You also need to be careful when it comes to your set. You should also try and film on location if your movie is set in a certain place. However, this can be expensive and may not always be possible for the look that you are going for, especially when it comes to period dramas. Then, you should make sure that you create a set that feels 3D and part of the world that you have created, rather than as if it is a movie studio. Then, you should think carefully about the finishing touches, such as the titles of books in a study. You might even use visual effects or a green screen to achieve the magic you are going for. 

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