Who Did Tenten Marry in Naruto?

Who Did Tenten Marry in Naruto?

Naruto is one of those animes that you just grow up with. I remember watching the show when Naruto and his batch of shinobis were still kids. As I grew older, the characters of the show have also grown up alongside me. Some of the characters were even revealed to start their own families. When Boruto got released, fans of the anime got to see which of their ship sailed and which ones sank. While most of the supporting female characters found their partner in their series, who did Tenten end up marrying?

Tenten was one of the few characters that did not marry anyone from the series. By the time Shippuden ended, a lot of the ships were pretty clear. Tenten, on the other hand, decided to remain single, and immerse herself in her weapon collecting hobby.

She was never romantically involved with anyone in the series. However, several fans have shipped her with one of her teammates, Neji Hyuuga. While the two would have made a great couple by the time Boruto aired, Neji died during the events of Shippuden.

Is Tenten Romantically Involved With Anyone?

Who Did Tenten Marry in Naruto?

As far as the anime and manga have revealed, Tenten is single. It seems that her primary focus is on her tool shop that she opened. She and Shino are the two characters from Naruto’s batch that seem to not have a romantic partner or hints of any relationship.

Characters like Gaara and Rock Lee are shown to not have any romantic partners, but they have children. Meanwhile, Kiba is currently not married, but in a romantic relationship with a girl named Tamaki.

Who Could Tenten Marry?

As of writing, Boruto has yet to end. So, while the chances are slim, Tenten could still end up in a romantic relationship with one of the characters. As mentioned earlier there are still single characters in the list and even characters whose romantic partners have yet to be revealed. So, it’s possible one of them could still end up with the weapon-loving kunoichi.

A Possible Relationship with Rock Lee?

Who Did Tenten Marry in Naruto?

While there’s a slim chance of a romantic relationship between Rock Lee and Tenten happening, fans seem to bet on this ship a lot. The two characters do have a good relationship with each other and have been supporting each other since their Genin years. In both the manga and the anime, it is revealed that Tenten has always admired Lee.

But what got fans to really root for this ship, was when Neji died. Instead of focusing on what she felt at that moment, her first response was to comfort Lee. Fans feel that Tenten prioritizing Lee may be a hint to romantic feelings on her end.

Fans have also theorized that she is actually Metal Lee’s mother. There is no strong evidence hinting that she is, but fans seem convinced that there are similarities between the two. The creators have no reason to keep her relationship with Lee a secret, so it’s safe to assume that she isn’t the mother of Metal.

A Possible Relationship with Shino?

The two have not shown any romantic interest in each other so it’s unlikely that they will end up together. The ship itself isn’t too popular among Naruto fans. People have coupled them together possibly because they are the only two members from Konoha 11 to still be single. 

While not displaying anything romantic, the two seem to be good comrades, Tenten and Shino proctored the chunin exams together in Boruto but do not have many interactions with each other outside responsibilities.

A Possible Relationship with Kiba?

Who Did Tenten Marry in Naruto?

Even if Kiba isn’t married yet, a relationship with Tenten seems unlikely. He is currently in a relationship with Tamaki. The couple seems to be strong despite being polar opposites (cats and dogs). Fans have also decided to skip shipping Kiba and Tenten.

While the two seem to match each other’s energy well, the pair seem to be just friends. The pair have been seen fighting alongside each other as trusted comrades during the Shippuden Arc. it doesn’t look like the creators will ever make this ship sail.

A Possible Relationship with a Future Character?

This could happen since Boruto hasn’t ended yet. While Tenten’s relationship has never been the creators’ focus, it’s not impossible for her to end up with someone. Every other girl from the supporting cast managed to end up with someone.

But then again, maybe Tenten deciding to remain single at the end of Shippuden hints that she had feelings for Neji. Instead of focusing on finding a partner, she decides to pour her energy into collecting weapons. By the time Boruto aired, Tenten opened up a tool shop of her own.

Would She Have Married Neji?

Who Did Tenten Marry in Naruto?

I would say she would have if Neji did not die. While the two seem mostly professional with each other, fans have spotted hints that the two may have cared for each other more than just teammates. Among the other characters, Neji is also mostly shipped with Tenten.

Despite being teammates with Lee, Tenten is usually shown in the company of Neji. The two are also training partners, and are constantly looking out for one another. They are also easy to praise and comfort each other when needed.

Neji in particular is shown to keep a keen eye on Tenten. He seems to know her limits in a fight, and her moods. In Naruto Retsuden, Neji’s Diary entry mentioned that he was trying to get rid of Tenten’s depression.

Meanwhile, Tenten seems to focus on bringing out the best in Neji, as a fighter, and as a person. During Neji’s death, it is hinted that Tenten may have hidden feelings for her fallen comrade, with the position of her hand over her heart. She also asks Neji why he left her alone.

In addition, the two also have the same theme song in Part 1 of the anime. The songs are only slightly different from one another. Neji’s song is more upbeat, while Tenten’s theme is slower.

As much as I want Tenten to have her own family in the series, we can never surely tell with this character. The creators haven’t fleshed her out enough as compared to the other characters. The only character that seems compatible with her has already died, and there seems to be no one else who fits.

But, Naruto is a long-ongoing series. Maybe the creators will surprise us in the future. Naruto has surely come a long way, with plot twists fans never saw coming. The best thing we can do is wait for the next chapter.