Who is Kiyomi Uchiha? 10 Things You Need To Know

Who is Kiyomi Uchiha? 10 Things You Need To Know

The Second Hokage (Tobirama Senju) decided to isolate the Uchiha clan to a small hamlet outside of Konoha. However, there doesn’t appear to have been any exile or permanent departure from the hamlet of the Uchiha. Kiyomi Uchiha was the only rumored exile from the town, according to a myth.

Sasuke’s twin sister, Kiyomi Uchiha, is Itachi’s younger sister. She was exiled from her clan during birthing, but she later learned that Itachi had slaughtered her family. So to exact revenge on Akatsuki for the Uchiha Clan Massacre, she trained just as hard as Sasuke did.

Why were Naruto fans not aware of this enigmatic figure, who was rumored to have debuted in the Boruto franchise? Here are a few things to know about Kiyomi Uchiha.

1. Who Exactly is Kiyomi Uchiha?

Who is Kiyomi Uchiha? 10 Things You Need To Know

Sasuke Uchiha’s twin sister, Kiyomi Uchiha, is believed to be the third child of Fugaku and Mikoto Uchiha. As a kid, she was said to have been banished and lived a solitary existence. She is a powerful kunoichi, but unlike other female characters in Konoha, she does not specialize in Medical Ninjutsu.

2. Appearance

It’s no surprise that several admirers noticed Kiyomi at first sight because she’s a lovely kunoichi like most Uchihas. She has long, black hair with spiky ends at the rear of the top section, as are most Uchihas’ hairstyles. Her eyes are dark, as are those of her ancestors.

According to sources, compared to Haruno Sakura in terms of hair length, Kiyomi had longer hair before she trimmed it. She frequently flaunts a dark gray jacket and a gray blouse with the Uchiha clan emblem. The blue shoes she’s wearing blends well with the rest of her attire.

Her neck is protected by her headgear that covers her forehead. On top of that, she always has a pair of lengthy earrings on each ear. In addition, she packs a blue-colored bag and bandages her left arm and right elbow when she goes on missions. 

She’s covered in bandages from the knees down. Kiyomi, like other ninjas, has a little bag on her right thigh where she keeps her weapons.

3. History

Who is Kiyomi Uchiha? 10 Things You Need To Know

Since her clan was slaughtered, Kiyomi Uchiha was banished at an early age for unexplained reasons. As a result, she was left to practice on her own until Orochimaru discovered her a week after she had gone into hiding.

Due to her kunoichi talents, she was able to evade the strong Orochimaru. Since then, she had no one she could rely on, and she spoke to no one at all regularly. Due to the distrust that she had built up after discovering Orochimaru’s plot, she decided to continue her training independently rather than having a teacher. 

This demonstrated both her intellect and her will for vengeance since she was able to learn multiple Jutsu without much instruction. Even though she’s still enrolled at the academy, she frequently misses classes in favor of training alone, which is why other characters hardly recognize her. Nonetheless, she was able to succeed in the academy and rise to the rank of Chunin in Konoha as a result of her natural skill. 

After the Konoha Crush arc, she met Gaara while working as a kunoichi. The two of them quarrelled when they met on a particular mission, but they could not break the impasse. 

They formed a close friendship as a result of this conflict, and they would frequently meet and find ways to speak with each other. After the Fourth Great Ninja War, she and Gaara began to develop a romantic relationship.

4. Personality

When it comes to talent, Kiyomi Uchiha is similar to Sasuke in that he is acclaimed as a genius. In the same way, as Itachi is, she is well-versed in shinobi studies since she was a youngster. When she was seeking vengeance on the Akatsuki for the death of her family, she was more concerned with advancing her agenda.

Her inherent abilities and standing as a genius were further demonstrated in the risky situations she frequently found herself in. As a result, she was highly inventive during missions and battles, using anything and everything in her line of vision.

Kiyomi, on the other hand, is considered to have a more outgoing demeanor than her twin brother, Sasuke, throughout their teenage years. Kiyomi is known in the hamlet as a cheery person, despite having grown up in seclusion and pursuing retribution after hearing her relatives being killed. Like Obito Uchiha, she had a nice disposition. Peers describe her as self-assured, so it’s no surprise that she’s steadfast in the pursuit of her own ambitions.

5. Abilities

Who is Kiyomi Uchiha? 10 Things You Need To Know

Kiyomi Uchiha, a formidable kunoichi, is recognized for her ability to win no matter how many opponents she has to fight against. She, like her two brothers, was a skilled individual in Konoha. Despite missing Academy lessons, she was the top graduate in her class. 

She was able to hold her own in fights against the likes of Gaara and Itachi. She’s a natural when it comes to Fire-style techniques. Some believe she is better at using the Fire-style than both Itachi and Sasuke put together. 

During her time with Orochimaru, she improved her snake-fighting skills to a level well beyond Sasuke’s. Consequently, she uses the Ryuchi Cave’s snakes in the same way as her master. Ren, her trademark move, is very faithful to her.

When she discovered the massacre, she awakened her Sharingan. Thanks to her Sharingan, she was known for her ability to battle at a fast pace and gain an advantage over several opponents. Orochimaru says she is stronger than Sasuke in Genjutsu since her Sharingan is stronger. 

Even when confronted with an army, she appears unfazed due to her well-known physical combat prowess while employing the Sharingan. So she became known as Kiyomi of the Deadly Sharingan for her heroics.

6. Is Kiyomi Uchiha A Real Character in the Naruto Series?

Sadly, the Kiyomi Uchiha character isn’t real.  Even though she was a made-up character, the Naruto series didn’t reveal in full detail all of her skills until it finished. The shortage of Uchiha members established by Itachi prompted a Deviantart user to create a slew of Uchiha characters, one of which was her.

7. Is Kiyomi Uchiha Still Alive or Dead?

There is no sign that her fan fiction story was ever finished. However, some fans claimed that she participated in the Fourth Great Ninja War. She also appeared in some fan art in Boruto, which hinted that she is still alive when Naruto and the others grew up.

8. Who Came First Between Kiyomi and Sasuke?

Who is Kiyomi Uchiha? 10 Things You Need To Know

Sasuke’s twin sister, Kiyomi Uchiha, is also a member of the Uchiha clan. Based on images, it appears that she and her twin brother are very identical in look. However, the birth order of her and Sasuke was never revealed.

9. Is Kiyomi in the Boruto Series?

Kiyomi Uchiha did not appear in Boruto. However, there have been a few fan-made drawings of her with Kakashi in a Konoha flak jacket.

10. What Episode did She Appear in?

There is no record of Kiyomi Uchiha’s existence. However, if you’re a fan, you can look her up on the internet. The fact that she is an Uchiha has piqued the curiosity of many admirers.

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