Why Did Kakashi Kill Rin Nohara in Naruto?

why did kakashi kill rin

Rin and Kakashi, an unfortunate couple we cannot quite understand. The story of sacrifice is not unusual for the narrative of the Naruto universe, in fact, it is one of the main themes. Doing the right thing, no matter what could be defined by Rin’s death. 

Rin killed herself because she was afraid of the three-tailed beast that was implanted in her, afraid that she would be controlled by this beast to destroy Konoha, so she wanted to break the seal in her heart with Kakashi’s Chidori, so she jumped into this Chidori and died while Kakashi was using it on some mist ninjas.

We bring you the full story about love, sacrifice, mourning, and friendship – so if you haven’t seen it, watch the episode before reading!

Why Did Kakashi Kill Rin?

Rin wanted Kakashi to murder her since they couldn’t get away from their adversary. Because the adversary would be unable to assassinate Kakashi, they turned their attention on Rin. Rin leaped in front of Kakashi as he tried to slay an opponent with his Lightning Blade. Rin was not murdered by Kakashi; rather, he committed suicide with his help.

Rin was not murdered by Kakashi. The Hidden Mist had imbued her with the 3 Tailed Beast, and if she returned to the Hidden Leaf Village, the beast would have gone on a rampage. Kakashi’s Chidori was ignited, and Rin rushed into it on purpose, killing herself. Rin Nohara took his own life.

Rin’s emotions for Kakashi have been proven. Although it is never proven whether Kakashi loved her in return, her sentiments would add to Kakashi’s already profound regret and sadness over her death.

She was a kind and pleasant girl who genuinely cared about her colleagues and her community. During Obito and Kakashi’s numerous spats, she frequently performed the role of peacemaker while staying impartial. Rin was also a bright young woman, as seen by her ability to study and use high-level medical ninjutsu at such a young age. 

She demonstrated her ability to be observant under duress when she mistook Obito for dead and, after being taken by the Kiri shinobi, she determined that she should not return to Konoha or the village would be attacked. Rin was a dedicated individual, as seen by her refusal to forsake Obito even while her own life was in grave danger. She possessed a strong will since she would not break even when subjected to the worst genjutsu. While Obito had love feelings for her, Rin did not share them, preferring to have romantic affections for Kakashi, which were disclosed only after Obito was rendered unconscious after the cave-in.

Rin was likewise highly committed to her community, voluntarily sacrificing her own life to preserve it rather than risking being a significant contributor to its demise.

The Hidden Mist ninja kidnapped Rin and turned her into the three tails’ Jinchuuriki when they were on a mission in the Hidden Mist. Their plan was for Rin to return to the village, where they would open the seal, murder Rin, and unleash the three tails on the Hidden Leaf.

It was an accident that he sincerely wanted to prevent. He was able to control Chidori at the moment. Rin leaped in front of his Chidori as he charged towards a concealed mist Shinobi, killing Rin. He didn’t want this to happen and was attempting to save Rin, but Rin realized there was no chance.

Why Did Rin Want Kakashi To Kill Her? 

Rin Nohara was a Konohagakure chnin and a member of Team Minato. As part of Kirigakure’s intricate plan to destroy her town, she was forced to become the jinchriki of the Three-Tails Isobu. Rin, on the other hand, would eventually sacrifice herself to protect the safety of those she cared about.

Rin spent her youth playing with her best buddy Obito Uchiha, frequently encouraging him when he struggled.

On the day of their admission to the Academy, Rin was present when Obito came after the ceremony had concluded, which disappointed him. Rin, on the other hand, handed Obito his entry paperwork, which he was grateful for. Rin was also the first to congratulate Kakashi Hatake on graduating from the Academy a year ahead of the rest of his class, Kakashi having earned his own forehead protector after successfully executing the Clone Technique.

Team Minato was tasked with destroying the Kannabi Bridge during the Third Shinobi World War. Rin was abducted by Taiseki during the expedition, and Kakk — another of her kidnappers — sought to interrogate her using genjutsu to find out whether she knew anything about Konoha’s war activities. 

Rin’s will, on the other hand, proved to be too powerful and did not break even under the genjutsu. Kakashi and Obito later rescued her. Despite the fact that they were successful in rescuing her, Obito was crushed in a cave-in. However, before “dying,” Obito requested that Rin implant his Sharingan into Kakashi’s left eye socket to replace the latter’s injured one. Rin started the surgery right away, despite the dire conditions, and she and Kakashi were forced to leave as enemy troops came and continued the cave-in. 

Later, Minato would come on the scene and beat the Iwa-nin. Following Kakashi’s recovery, the team proceeded to accomplish their goal and demolish the bridge. Rin was dispatched on a mission with Kakashi and Guy, as depicted in the anime. With their position deteriorating, Guy acted as a ruse to lead the Iwagakure shinobi away, and Kakashi pursued him.

Rin wasn’t given much time to think about it. All she knew was that something had been shoved into her and that she had been turned into a biological time bomb. She’s not going to take that step with less than an hour to consider unless she believes Minato can also seal explosives.

Rin was covertly abducted by Madara Uchiha under the pretext of Kirigakure’s doing some time after the events at Kannabi Bridge and had Isobu sealed inside her. She was also branded with the Forbidden Individual Curse Tag and programmed so that when she and Kakashi returned to the village, the tailed beast would be released within Konoha. 

Kakashi quickly saved her. Various jnin and Anbu-level Kiri shinobi were dispatched to “hunt” after the tailed beast in order to secure its capture. Rin, unable to take her own life, requested Kakashi to murder her in order to protect the village, which Kakashi refused, claiming that he had sworn to Obito to protect her by any means necessary.

Kakashi, like Rin, was a victim in Obito’s eyes. He blamed Kakashi not for murdering Rin, but for “letting her die” and failing to honor his pledge. He was aware that Rin possessed the 3-Tails and decided to die at Kakashi’s hand. Obito understands that Kakashi would not just murder Rin. Kakashi needed a compelling explanation. Obito watched Rin accept it via Kakashi’s eyes as she accepted it.

As a result, he never blamed Kakashi, but rather the world for creating this scenario and forcing Rin to commit suicide. It’s never been about figuring out who killed Rin. It’s about what happened to Rin.

Why Did Rin Jump In Front Of Kakashi’s Attack? 

Rin leaped in front of Kakashi’s Chidori because the hidden mist turned her into a jinchuuriki of the three tails Isobu, afraid she wouldn’t be able to restrain the three tails and they would go on a rampage through the hidden leaf as the mist desired.

The tailed creatures will never completely perish. When Rin was murdered, the three tails were “destroyed,” but the chakra that makes up the tailed monsters, like matter, cannot be destroyed; it just changes forms. Instead of a three-tailed turtle, Isobu transformed into a plethora of chakra that spread all over the place.

Madara transformed Rin into the Jinchuuriki of the Three-Tails, acting as if she was from Kirigakure, but she was also Sealed with the “Forbidden Individual Curse Tag,” which was made so that if she got into Konoha, Isobu would be immediately brought out, and she was also Sealed so she couldn’t commit suicide.

Even if Kushina, Minato, Sarutobi, and others had been present and prevented it, their very presence would have created chaos and ruin. Rin, on the other hand, figured it all out and requested Kakashi to kill her; he first refused, but later, in a confrontation with some Kiri-Nin assigned to track Rin down, Rin leaped in front of his Chidori, committing herself the only way she could.

Rin thought she had no choice but to die. You may argue whether or not it was required; if done correctly, she could have kept out of the village and brought Minato/Jiraiya/Kushina to heal her Seal, so either she’s out of harm’s way when things go wrong, or she’s mended, but it was war, and they were young.

Their plan was for Rin to return to the village, where they would open the seal, murder Rin, and unleash the three tails on the Hidden Leaf. Rin, knowing this, leaped in front of Kakashi’s Chidori as he charged on a concealed Mist ninja, killing herself and foiling their intentions.

Rin chose suicide rather than jeopardize Konoha’s safety, which she accomplished by intercepting Kakashi’s Chidori, which was intended to target a Kiri-nin, impaling herself, and dying before the guy she loves, both unconscious of Obito’s presence. Rin also utilized the last of her power to call out Kakashi’s name before dying, leaving the enemy ninja startled and both Kakashi and Obito frightened. 

Seconds later, when Kakashi collapsed from fatigue, Obito, who had watched the tragedy, reacted by ruthlessly and cruelly murdering all the enemy ninja in sight before cradling Rin’s body and pledging to establish a world in which he and Rin might eventually be together again. Rin would spend her time in the afterlife constantly monitoring Obito, just as she had promised him long ago, and patiently waiting for Obito to one day join her.

It is unknown what happened to Rin’s body after she died, but it is assumed that Obito buried her or that her body was discovered and returned to Konoha and buried in the Konoha Cemetery.

In Which Episode Does Kakashi kill Rin?

Rin’s death by Kakashi’s hands is evident in episode 345, a fact that saddens Obito who sees the whole act as it unveils through his empty eye socket replaced on Kakashi despite their earlier agreement to protect her.

Although Obito is now in spirit form, it is more hurting for him, seeing the woman he liked dying mentioning another man’s name, but either way, they were all his comrades.

Rin’s death did not mean an end of the unrest from the Mist Ninjas and their beasts because; the beast does not die with their host. It instead heads back to its beast world awaiting replacement into another host. So Rin was the only Jinchuuriki to die before the beast’s extraction from her. 

Mindless of whether Kakashi believed her or not, Rin must have felt the satisfaction of talking out her feelings to someone she crushed on. Furthermore, the fact that she said it after Obito’s death meant she saw him as a friend but did not want to hurt him by showing love to Kakashi.

As if not enough, she must have been happy dying by her lover than some Isobu beast. So Rin gave in her life aware of the safety guaranteed for her village; her alleged lover being part of the villagers too. 

Why Did Rin Love Kakashi? 

Rin developed a love for Kakashi when they were training together since Kakashi was a prodigy who was ahead of his classmates. Rin would throw a surprise party for Kakashi whenever he got promoted.

Rin’s emotions for Kakashi have been proven. Although it is never proven whether Kakashi loved her in return, her sentiments would add to Kakashi’s already profound regret and sadness over her death.

Her encounters with him provide evidence. With all of her blushing every time he accomplishes something somewhat great, her nearly fangirlish clapping when she believes he needs assistance, and covert gift promotion parties behind his back — wall, it’s highly suggested.

Kakashi Hatake is currently single at this point in the tale. While many fans appear to be conflicted over a girl called Hanare, Kakashi is canonically unmarried in both the manga and anime series.

Rin admired Kakashi as a lover. But she regarded Obito as a friend, a real friend who was always present for Obito. Obito resided with his grandmother, who was attempting to project himself as the Hokage in order to preserve Konoha. However, he was not as smart as Kakashi at first. Although he was not as skilled in ninjutsu as Kakashi, Rin constantly encouraged him to become the Hokage of Konoha. Kakashi, on the other hand, was in pain and seemed uninterested in anything because of his father’s untimely death. Minato feared that Kakashi might succumb to the evil side.

Rin is never shown spending much time with Kakashi. Her fangirl love for him was similar to Sakura’s fangirl obsession with Sasuke. Not too comparable, but it appears to fade faster and is really just a standard high school female obsession. Rin spent a lot of time with Obito, and they spent more time together than she did with Kakashi.

Did Kakashi Ever Love Rin?

Rin’s death had a profound effect on her friends. Initially, it led both Kakashi and Obito, who escaped the cave-in and saw the events unfold from a distance, to awaken the Mangeky Sharingan in their respective eyes, eventually leading Obito to seek retribution by murdering every enemy ninja while sparing Kakashi. 

In the anime, Kakashi developed post-traumatic stress disorder after killing Rin, having many nightmares about her death (which would last into adulthood), one of which involved the impaled Rin whispering Kakashi’s name before angrily yelling it, which awoke Kakashi and left him terrified and guilt-ridden. Since Rin’s death, Kakashi has visited her cemetery on a regular basis to polish her gravestone and leave flowers, even sharing top-secret information with her such as Naruto Uzumaki’s birth, unknowing that Obito was hiding. Rin’s death, like the deaths of everyone he cared about, hurt Kakashi more than normal because Rin had loved Kakashi and had also used him to murder her with his own hands. 

Even though he was on the edge of death during Pain’s assault on Konoha, Kakashi regretted how he had failed to protect Rin and stated that he would see her along with the rest of their squad. When the subject of her death was brought up years later, Kakashi was clearly startled, to the point of immobility.

Kakashi strictly adhered to the principles, one of which being that “a shinobi must not reveal any weakness.” Being in love with a teammate would have been a huge flaw for him, therefore he would have avoided it at all means. We also got a peek at Obito’s emotions when he dies.

Kakashi informs Rin that Obito loved her, and Rin reacts by attempting to tell Kakashi that she loves him but is cut short. He knows he can’t return her affections because of the rules…but also because it would be disrespectful to Obito’s memory.

Obito’s sacrifice, you see, dramatically altered Kakashi’s perception of him. Kakashi saw him no longer as a slacker but as a hero. He even made it a point to pay frequent visits to his tomb. In a war-torn planet, this leaves only two options: reject a shared love interest for the sake of his memory and promise to protect him/her; or accept the love interest for himself in order to preserve the person’s memory. Kakashi chose the first option, promising to defend Rin not because he loved her, but because Obito did.

If Rin had not died, Obito would not have fallen into darkness and sorrow and become Madara’s puppet.

Kakashi would have been a different person as well, considering that Rin’s death plagued him for many years to come, as he had not only murdered his buddy but also violated a vow to another. All of this is likely why Kakashi’s ninja method was to never abandon his comrades and to never let them perish.

Obito would have most likely returned to the Hidden Leaf and ultimately become Hokage.

This indicates that Naruto will never become the 9 tails Jinchuriki since Minato has no motive to seal half of the 9 tails inside baby Naruto without Obito as a threat. Minato and Kushina never die, and Naruto is raised with parents and held in high regard as the Hokage’s son.

The 9 tails attack on the Hidden Leaf Hamlet never occurs since Obito would not have attacked Kushina and taken the 9 tails, nor would he have released it on the village in this scenario.

As a result, the Uchiha Clan’s demise does not occur. The Uchiha are never shunned within the community or accused of instigating an incident that did not occur in the first place. As a result, they never have a motive to revolt. Danzo is never given a cause to urge for their extermination, and Sasuke is never raised to despise Itachi.

Naruto and Sasuke would have grown up differently, valued different things, and their entire identities would have been altered as a result.

It’s remarkable how much one person’s death affects the whole tale.