20 Best Levi Ackerman Quotes (2022 Update)

20 Best Levi Ackerman Quotes (2022 Update)

One of the most-loved characters in Attack on Titan is Levi Ackerman, the Captain of the Special Operations Squad under the Survey Corps. During his active years, he was considered the strongest soldier by most of the military.

As part of his role as a captain, he had to keep his soldiers in line and keep the morale up in his team. While Captain Levi may not have been the kindest leader in the series, his words of wisdom are some of the strongest in the anime. Here are some of the Captain’s notable quotes in the anime and manga.

1. “This is just my opinion, but when it comes to teaching somebody discipline… I think pain is the most effective way.” 

This was said when the Captain was trying to convince the jury to spare Eren and have him train under him. The quote is coupled with a couple of good kicks to the Titan Shifter, and Levi came out convincing enough.

2. “The Difference in Judgment between you and me originates from different rules derived from past experience.”

Judging others is always subjective. We all have our personal feeling towards certain things, and this helps us decide if an action is the correct one

3. “Just do the best you can and choose whichever you will regret the least.”

Because doing something is ultimately better than doing nothing at all. Out of context, this is the Captain ordering us to get by life and do our best to live it.

4. A lot of time, you’re going into a situation you know nothing about. So what you need is to be quick to act… and make tough decisions in worst-case scenarios.”

When he talks to Eren, he has a lot of life advice to give the Titan Shifter. I’m sure deep down, he would have wanted Eren to survive despite killing 80% of humanity. After all, he did spend time training the kid.

5. “The only thing we’re allowed to do is to believe that we won’t regret the choices we made.”

20 Best Levi Ackerman Quotes (2022 Update)

I’m sure he regrets a couple of them after seeing the outcome, but these are still wise words from the Captain. From someone who has faced death regularly, he manages to be optimistic about things and move forward. While his face doesn’t show it, he honestly tries to live every day.

6. “If you don’t want to die – think.”

I think this quote being said in the heat of battle will cause my brain to shut down even more, but it seems to work on the soldiers to snap them out of a phase. But let it be a reminder for the rest of us watching to make smart decisions in life.

7. “How about we join forces and face some Titans together.”

Levi delivers some harsh realities to the other military branches who stay inside the wall. Our Captain won’t take an insult without throwing something that hurts back.

8. “Give up your dreams and die.”

Levi said this to Erwin because he knew Erwin had to sacrifice himself and a few others for the rest of the team to win.

9. “Whether you have the body, dead is dead.”

A dead body isn’t much use for them to begin with.

10. “But I think… It’s time to let him rest.”

20 Best Levi Ackerman Quotes (2022 Update)

After a tough decision, Levi decides to put the faith in humanity’s future on Armin instead of Erwin. To be fair, Armin was a great leader.

11. “Learn how to clean before you learn the 3D Maneuver Gear.”

This was said during Attack on Titan: No Regrets. It looks like his obsession for staying clean existed way before he joined the military. Levi being a neat freak is something that fans love about his character.

12. “Go to Sleep…and clean that up.”

Strict to every member in his squad, Levi makes sure all members do their part in cleaning the base up before lights off. It’s an essential part of being a soldier.

13. “How dare you guys get so big like that.”

So apparently, his height does bother him to a certain extent. By the time Eren’s batch regrouped, they were shown towering over Captain Levi. 

14. “Calm Down.”

This was said a bunch of times firmly, especially towards Mikasa. She and Eren are the first to let their emotions take control. So Levi makes sure they don’t jeopardize the missions.

15. “No one knows how things will turn out.”

20 Best Levi Ackerman Quotes (2022 Update)

He seems to never hesitate to have a good talk with Eren about life choices. It’s clear the Captain has a soft spot for this member in his team and the rest of Eren’s batch mates that were later under his wing.

16. “Learn how to restrain yourself. Don’t succumb to rage and lose sight of the goal.”

Another set of important reminders to Eren. The group can’t afford any mistakes at this point in the series. So Levi makes it a point to keep them in line.

17. “Pretty Impressive, Yeah?”

He gives compliments when they are due. He complimented Eren’s successful Hardening Ability. This was a feat Eren has been trying to achieve for some time. But when the time called for it, and from a push by Levi to make an act, he was able to do it.

18. “Thank you… all of you.”

It could be because all of them managed to survive. He might have thought he was going to lose his squad members again. He also accepts a punch from Historia, and since she’s now queen, he can’t do anything about it.

19. “Don’t you dare endanger the lives of my squad!”

While he comes off as strict and stone-hearted, Levi is easily one of the most caring characters in Attack on Titan. It’s just hard to see past his stern exterior. He’s the one affected by most of the deaths by the end of the series.

20. “Hange. Whatever you’re about to touch is probably poisonous, so don’t.”

He doesn’t just keep his squad in line. He makes sure Hange doesn’t kill herself out of her own curiosity as well. These two make an outstanding comedic duo in a dark anime.

While he is cold outwardly, you can tell by most of his quotes that he actually does care about the people around him. His new squad can learn a lot about life from this soldier who retains his humanity by staying true to his goals. While he does doubt his actions at some point in the series, Levi is very much capable of picking himself up again.

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