Does Naruto Have a Sister or Any Other Siblings?

Does Naruto Have a Sister Other Siblings

Shōnen genre in anime and manga always emphasized the importance of family, especially the one that is not bonded by blood. The Naruto series does this amazingly well – the Will of Fire, genin teams, and overall philosophy of the shinobi we meet. Of course, the clans and families in Naruto were complicated at times, especially when it comes to the Uzumaki clan, which we barely saw in the series. The titular character, Naruto, is an Uzumaki, but we hardly find out about his clan and family. In this article, we will discuss whether Naruto has a sister or siblings in the series.

Naruto doesn’t have any siblings in the series; he is the only child of Uzumaki Kushina and Namikaze Minato. During the Nine-Tail’s attack on Konohagakure, Kushina and Minato sacrificed their lives to save the village and their newborn son, Naruto. Despite being alone his whole life, Naruto gained some great friends that became his family in the long run.

We will discuss this topic by mentioning Naruto’s family and his life as an orphan and note a few people that actually became an essential part of Naruto’s life.

Naruto’s childhood in the series

Uzumaki Naruto is a titular character of the series of the same name and one of the most notable anime protagonists in the last two decades. Despite being a happy and lively child, Naruto’s life was far from easy and content. His life was tragic from his birth – the Kyuubi attack on Konohagakure destroyed most of the village, and he became the vessel of the beast.

Uzumaki Kushina and Namikaze Minato were Naruto’s parents and important figures in Konohagakure. Both were extremely gifted shinobi – Minato, being known as Yellow Flash and later becoming the Fourth Hokage. At the same time, Kushina was a jinchuuriki of the Nine-Tailed Beast and a member of the Uzumaki clan. Kushina and Minato met in the Academy and later became friends when Minato saved Kushina from Kumogakure shinobi, who wanted her particular chakra to control Nine-Tails.

Kushina’s quiet and observant classmate, Minato, whom she thought was weak, saves her and tells her that she always admired her. Charmed by Minato’s honesty and bravery, Kushina falls in love with him, and they stay together and get married. Eventually, Minato is elected as Fourth Hokage, while Kushina becomes pregnant with Naruto, but because she is a jinchuuriki of the Nine-Tails, she carries Naruto for ten months.

Kushina’s pregnancy is protected by the Fourth Hokage and his closest allies, including his best student Kakashi, but the tragedy is inevitable. The night Naruto is born, Kyuubi is released by a masked man (Obito Uchiha), and both Kushina and Minato sacrifice themselves to save their son Naruto.

The Third Hokage took over the care of the young Uzumaki boy, and he eventually put Naruto in special apartments, where he lived alone but under the attention of ANBU.

Throughout the years, Naruto was looked on in disgust by his fellow villagers, not knowing he was the vessel of the Kyuubi that destroyed Konohagakure. Despite that, Naruto lived his life the best he could, striving to become a Hokage and protect his village.

Naruto slowly grew up into a troublemaker, but a force that everyone gravitated towards and, eventually, that will subsequently save the world. But the article’s main question still isn’t answered – does Naruto have any siblings in the series? Let’s find out!

Does Naruto have a brother or a sister in the series?

With all being said, Naruto doesn’t have any siblings because he was born as an only child and shortly became an orphan after his parents died. Naruto was Kushina’s and Minato’s first and only child.

We know that the Uzumaki clan suffered great losses over the years and spread across the Ninja World (including Kushina), but there are still members of the clan that we see in the Naruto series – the likes of Nagato and Karin. However, although they are from the same clan, Naruto isn’t related to Karin and Nagato.

Naruto doesn’t have any blood-related siblings in his life, but his love and strive for peace changed how Shinobi World works, and he gained so many allies that he considers his family.

We will name the most important people in Naruto’s life that he considers siblings:


Kunoichi of Team Seven is Naruto’s first crush that evolved into a true friend. Throughout the series, we saw many people getting to know Naruto, but rare individuals stayed by his side and got to know him as Sakura did. Her support was always visible, even though the outsiders would think she was harsh and unfair towards Naruto, and that’s a valid criticism of her character. However, what people don’t know is that Sakura and Naruto coexisted in that dynamic for years, and the older they got, their friendship became far more than anyone would ever think.

Sakura did put an unnecessary burden on Naruto, especially regarding Sasuke. Still, the series showed that chasing Sasuke was Naruto’s determination, and Sakura’s love for the Uchiha wasn’t the deciding factor.

Some fans will disagree, but Sakura was the most consistent person in Naruto’s life, and she first-hand saw how he struggled and healed the Ninja World from hate. Today, Sakura is considered Naruto’s best friend and sister whom he never had but eventually gained.


Kazekage of Sunagakure had a tough life, full of tragedy and grief, that shaped him into a monster that everyone was afraid of. However, the events of Chuunin Exams fundamentally changed the monster manifesting in the boy’s body into the Gaara we know today.

After Rock Lee and Naruto presented Gaara with the life of being a normal individual that can help shape the world for the better, Kazekage of the Suna considers Naruto his first true friend and, subsequently, a brother. Gaara changed for the better, thanks to Naruto, who reached out to the troubled boy even before his own siblings did, and that is commendable.


The lazy Jōnin Commander of Konohagakure and the right hand of Seventh Hokage also fit this group of people because he was Naruto’s first friend. Naruto met Shikamaru when they started attending the Academy together. Despite the leers and nasty rumors surrounding the Uzumaki boy, Shikamaru showed from the start that he doesn’t care about made-up stories and has given Naruto a chance.


Sasuke’s family has a bigger bond with Naruto than we expected, especially when we find out that Kushina and Sasuke’s mother, Mikoto, were really good friends. Their bond wasn’t strong when they met in the Academy and became teammates in Team Seven, but through challenging missions, they became reluctant friends.

Of course, we know that Sasuke departed the village, and Naruto gave him all to stop him from doing that, but the chase extended over a few more years. The reluctant friendship evolved into a strong friendship, and even more than that – Naruto and Sasuke became brothers.

Of course, parallels with Asura and Indra help their case, which makes Sasuke and Naruto brothers bonded by faith and love rather than blood.


Finally, we have the biggest believer and supporter of Naruto from the beginning, Iruka-sensei. The esteemed teacher in Academy and a Chūnin who shares a bond with Naruto like no one else in the village was the first to reach out to young Naruto.

While other villagers and shinobi despised the little boy for something he wasn’t responsible for and had control of, Iruka saw himself in Naruto and decided to help him and acknowledge him. The monster inside Naruto killed his parents, left him an orphan, and propelled him to become Konoha’s biggest troublemaker, which is why he related to Naruto so well. Iruka was also a person passing Naruto to genin-ninja rank and even sacrificed his life to save him from traitorous Mizuki.

Iruka always saw the best in Naruto, consistently shown throughout the series, which made him an older brother to Uzumaki. During the preparation for a wedding with Hinata, Naruto asks Iruka to come as his father to the wedding, which Iruka tearfully accepts, and that only strengthens the fact that Iruka is the most important sibling/father figure in Naruto’s life.