6 Best Movies About Casino


Casinos are a very complex, multifaceted topic that has always been and remains an excellent ground for the development of mass culture stories. Many screenwriters use casino plots to create a unique atmosphere of a motion picture with a sharp, passionate plot. Do you want to immerse yourself in the unique picture of a casino movie? We have compiled a short list of movies for you! Enjoy watching!

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Lock, stock and two smoking barrels

Guy Ritchie’s world-famous movie “Cards, Money, two Barrels” has long been an important item on the “must watch” list. It was the director’s low-budget debut that made him recognizable! Also, Jason Statham was not left without attention — after the release of the film, the actor became a real star!

The plot of the film revolves around four criminals who entrust a large sum of money to a brilliant cheater. The cheater has to win a big jackpot for them. However, the cards are rigged, according to the results of the game, the guys owe the mafia even more pounds. This story option gives rise to several storylines. 


One of the most famous films about card games is twenty-one!

The film is inspired by real events. A group of students and graduates have learned to win millions of dollars in blackjack with the help of professional skills in mathematics. 

And how do you rate your mathematical abilities? To test what you are capable of, try online καζίνο ελληνικά. Who knows, maybe school or university knowledge will help you earn a lot of money!

Casino Royale

May be the most famous of the poker movies, and at the same time one of the best in the James Bond series.

What does the usual 007 movie look like? Such films are often filled with exploits, tricks of the main character and endless dynamics. As for Casino Royale, this movie is also characterized by a professional poker game! For those who are looking for gambling movies, this is definitely a good option! 

Molly’s Game

There should definitely be another movie based on real events on your list of gambling movies. The main character, a skier, unexpectedly ends her career in the best traditions of an athlete. She gets injured. As a result, the main character decides to become an organizer of poker tournaments. And although this idea was implemented quite successfully, it was not entirely legitimate.

The movie starring Jessica Chastain is the first directorial work of the director Aaron Sorkin. Actually early he had been formerly known as a screenwriter. 


Let’s go back to 1995. It was then that the movie “Casino” was created. A classic of the genre and the first Martin Scorsese film, the duration of which was almost three hours! 

How do you know that you should watch “Casino”? If you like “The Aviator”, “The Wolf of Wall Street”, “The Irishman”, then it’s definitely worth watching “Casino”.

Scorsese likes to make films about villains with an interesting inner world who are prone to endless painful self-examination. This old movie tells about a professional gambler who gets some kind of power, because he is appointed casino manager. Enjoy the movie starring Robert de Niro. 


Let’s continue the theme of films from the 90s. The main character of the movie “Maverick” is a talented and skillful fraudster with great ambitions… The hero urgently needs to get the money needed to participate in a major poker championship. On the way to this, he will have a lot of adventures in the spirit of classic westerns.

“Maverick” is a remake adaptation of the TV series of the same name, which was released in 1957-1962. This is one of many attempts to relaunch a successful series on the big screen. It is rated as a fairly successful attempt at a remake, so it’s definitely worth a look.  Moreover, the film was even nominated for an Oscar for best costumes.

There are really quite a lot of movies about casinos. Here we tried to collect films from different years with a variety of actors. We wish you a pleasant viewing in good company and unforgettable impressions! We hope that you will really enjoy the selection of films and you will share it with your loved ones!