5 Mushroom Documentaries on Fungi & Mycology

Documentaries convey a lot of information about particular topics through unique and intriguing storytelling. So if you want to learn more about psychedelics, what better way to do it is there than watching or listening to a documentary? In this article, we give you five documentaries that impart our knowledge about mushrooms. So whether or not you have heard of thrasher mushroom strain or the science of psilocybin, these documentaries will certainly blow your mind as you learn and discover new facts about mushrooms.

  1. Fantastic Fungi

This documentary takes you on an intriguing journey in the world of mushrooms and teaches you about things you most likely have never even imagined. For example, did you know that there exists a global network of fungi below ground, and they can send information worldwide, like how Wi-Fi works? There is a lot of knowledge disseminated in this documentary, it includes a team of experts like Paul Stamets, who is a fungi expert and an acclaimed mycologist. There is also a message in the documentary about how fungi help to save the world by cleaning oil spills, aiding in chemotherapy, and treating mental illnesses. The story also gets more personal as Stamets shares his childhood story of being a stammerer and how psilocybin changed his life. 

  1. Sacred Mushroom: A Lost History

For an intriguing story of the history of mushrooms and their sacred uses, this is the documentary to watch. It is diverse as it talks about how ancient cultures from Egypt, China, and India consumed mushrooms. The film collects information on how mushrooms were used in their daily lives. We recommend this documentary because it puts forth information that is not found anywhere else, in other films or books.  What is most intriguing is the exciting look at how far back humans have been using mushrooms. If you are curious about the history of fungi, then you will certainly enjoy this documentary.  

  1. Heal

This documentary by Kelly Noonan, found on Amazon Prime challenges us with the question of whether we could heal our bodies with the way we think. It primarily focuses on the power that the mind has over our body through complementary and alternative healing methods. Among the areas it focuses on include diet changes, yoga, visualization, meditation, and medicine. The leading characters in this film have opted for exploration of these practices with the hope of improving their health as they suffer from serious medical conditions like depression, multiple sclerosis, and cancer. The documentary includes interviews with experts who address these methods, among them include Marianne Williamson, Bruce Lipton, and Deepak Chopra. It also includes scientists who study the relationship between the body and mind. 

  1. Discover Mushrooms

If exploration is what you are looking for, then this documentary by Aaron Hilliard and the Kitsap Peninsula Mycological Society is for you. For those among you who are intrigued by how mushrooms form, you will certainly love these. It comes with time-lapse footage and high-speed photography. You will learn all about the history of mushrooms and what happens beneath their surface that we can’t exactly see with our naked eyes. There is a lot of knowledge to enhance your knowledge on the subject matter of fungi with a short runtime of 45 minutes. 

  1. Fantastic Fungi

If you watch Netflix a lot and are a fan of mushrooms, then you most certainly have heard of Fantastic Fungi. It is directed by Louie Schwartberg and narrated by Marvel star Brie Larson. The documentary seeks to demonstrate just how magical and mysterious mushrooms are and how their existence is intertwined with just about every plant and animal species out there. With this in mind, it goes on to talk about the world of mushrooms and their significance in their ecosystem, and most people believe that Fantastic Fungi is one of the best documentaries about magic mushrooms out there.  


Mushrooms are a fascinating subject, and there is a vast trove of knowledge and discoveries about them. The documentaries about mushrooms exceed what we have mentioned here today, and once you get a taste of these, you will for sure be looking out for more.