Beerus Vs Broly: Who Would Win?

Beerus Vs Broly

With the first Dragon Ball Super movie out, fans couldn’t help but have high expectations for the film, especially when it comes to the fights they would see. Fans couldn’t help but cling to the idea of a Beerus Vs. Broly showdown due to what Goku said. But the fight never happened, so who is the stronger fighter between them?

Even after the film, Beerus is still stronger than Broly. The fact that Beerus didn’t feel a want or need to enter the battlefield might be a hint that Beerus doesn’t even feel threatened by Broly’s Power. Beerus may be seen as lazy, but remember, he woke up in the past to look for a good challenge. 

One might argue that Goku said that Broly might be stronger than Beerus. I think Goku meant that there might indeed be stronger aspects of Broly. However, as a whole, I still think the God of Destruction of Universe 7 is still superior. Now, let’s look at their abilities and compare.

Hints That Prove Beerus Is Stronger

Beerus Blocks Goku

The god seemed pretty chill throughout the movie; wouldn’t Broly’s power alert him in the slightest? I mentioned it before, but Beerus woke up looking for a powerful opponent during the beginning of Dragon Ball Super. If he didn’t feel someone was worth his time, he probably wouldn’t even lift a finger.

It was stated before that only Vegeta and Goku will be his true rivals in the future. Since he knows of this, he probably already guessed that Broly needs to be dealt with by the Saiyans for them to catch up to his level. Therefore, Goku and Vegeta needed to defeat Broly as a means to become stronger for a future fight with Beerus.

Now, Broly might have a lot of raw power, but how about everything else? If Beerus can outsmart Broly or can dodge everything thrown at him, then Broly probably isn’t worth the fight.

Who Is Faster?

I think it’s safe to say that Beerus is faster. It was shown that Broly couldn’t dodge or land any blows against Gogeta Blue. Broly is a warrior that improves as the fight drags on, but Beerus is knowledgeable enough to know this. He’ll probably be able to outspeed and overpower Broly before he gets too strong.

Who Would Last Longer in a Fight?

Broly Fighting

Broly is hinted to have more stamina. His very design is to last long in a fight and learn about the opponent he is currently facing. If a fight drags on, Broly will also get stronger and learn how to beat his opponent.

If the time comes where Broly and Beerus will face off; If by any chance Beerus would cause the fight to drag on, then Broly will probably be able to overcome Beerus this way.

Who Has the Most Experience?

Considering Beerus has lived millions of years and has been honing his strength, I’d say Beerus is the more experienced fighter. In the film, it took a moment for Broly to keep up with Vegeta. Broly only battled his father and a few others on another planet; meanwhile, Beerus was all over the universe destroying worlds.

Who Has a Better State of Mind?

Broly Angry

Martial arts isn’t just about physical abilities. It takes a look at a person’s Psyche as well. This is something Broly fails at. If you look at how he grew up, you really can’t blame him for being messed up.

On the other hand, this doesn’t make much of a difference when he fights. Broly is still able to learn and increase his power level while raged. In fact, he might even be harder to beat in this state.

But at this state, Broly also becomes a danger to himself. He might destroy his physical form, and his mental condition might spiral down even lower if left in this state for too long. While leaving him to his own doom seems like a good plan, just think about the destruction he will leave behind if he isn’t quelled.

Meanwhile, Beerus is master when it comes to controlling during a fight. So he’ll be able to see through the rage-filled attacks and might even end the battle quickly if he’s annoyed enough.

Beerus Can Destroy the Universe

Beerus Destroys a Planet

He’s been destroying worlds for petty reasons even before Broly was born. Broly has also yet to accomplish this feat. Let’s not forget Beerus has a special move that allows him to destroy the world just by using it a single time. If Broly doesn’t see this, he’ll probably never learn how to use it.

If given the time and the proper training, then maybe Broly can stand toe-to-toe against Beerus. But as for now, especially in his angered state, he doesn’t really stand a chance against the God of Destruction.

It seems that only Grand Zeno has the ability to strike fear in Beerus as far as the anime and manga are concerned. It also seems Beerus is waiting for the day Goku and Vegeta will be able to give him a worthy fight.