20 Best Anime Characters With Green Hair 

20 Best Anime Characters With Green Hair 

What makes anime characters stand out is the color of their hair. Usually, a manga author would make the main group of characters have different hair colors while the rest of society will stick to blacks and browns. It worked well back in the day, drawing more attention to the main characters.

Nowadays, manga creators are having fun experimenting with different hair colors for their characters. Green has become some of the popular choices when it comes to hair color. While some manga artists do green-haired characters for aesthetics, others tend to look at the meaning of the color and match the character’s hair with the personality.

In this article, we gathered 20 lovable green-haired characters that you may have noticed in popular anime. With such vibrant hair colors, it’s hard to miss them. While there are several other green-haired characters out there, here are 20 that fans mostly remember.

20. Kaede Kayano/ Akari Yukimura – Assassination Classroom

20 Best Anime Characters With Green Hair 

The only reason she’s ranked low on this list is because she doesn’t have natural green hair. She dyed her hair in order to take the alias Kaede Kayano in order to look for her older sister’s killer. Kaede’s real name is actually Akari Yukimura, the younger sister of Aguri Yukimura, the original homeroom teacher of class 3-E.

She entered Kuugigaoka high school and landed herself in class E by breaking some of the chairman’s valuables. Once integrated into the class, she befriends Nagisa as a means to blend into the class to plan her assassination.

19. Envy – Full Metal Alchemist

20 Best Anime Characters With Green Hair 

His hair color in his human form appears black with sometimes green highlights, but it’s hard to make a conclusion. But if you’ve watched Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, you would know his chimer form, both unleashed and powerless, are green in color, so we’re counting that.

Like the other homunculus, Envy embodies a certain sin that Father possesses. In addition, Envy has the ability to shapeshift into any existing person. While this homunculus does not have a specific gender, he is often referred to as a male. Among the Homunculi, Envy is said to hate humans the most.

18. Freed Justine – Fairy Tail

20 Best Anime Characters With Green Hair 

Having a green-haired character in a normal setting might be a bit odd, but throwing a haired character in fantasy settings is pretty normal. Freed is one of the many green-haired magicians in Fairy Tail, but he is one of the fans’ favorites.

Freed is a mage that belongs to the Fairy Tail guild, specifically a member of the Thunder God Tribe, a group within the guild that is loyal to Laxus. Probably his homosexual tendencies make him a fan favorite, but it seems he only has eyes for Laxus.

17. Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub – Beelzebub

20 Best Anime Characters With Green Hair 

Green seemed like an evil color in the first place, so it seems to fit a future demon lord’s head. Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub, also known as Baby Beel, is no ordinary baby demon. Baby Beel happens to be the son of Beelzebub III, the current Demon Lord of the Demon World. 

Baby Beel gets sent to the Human World in order to destroy it; while on his mission to destroy humanity, he becomes the adoptive son of a human named Tatsumi Oga.

16. Ukyo – Amnesia

20 Best Anime Characters With Green Hair 

Not many people get to appreciate him due to how short the anime is, but Ukyo is one of the more exciting characters in Amnesia. His split personality is definitely something people would like to explore.

Ukyo is a famous photographer who happens to have a split personality due to dying multiple times for the Heroine. He is also seen as the Heroine’s real boyfriend in the real world. Most fans are puzzled if they love the guy or if they want Heroine away from him.

15. Broly – Dragon Ball

20 Best Anime Characters With Green Hair 

Unlike other Saiyans, Broly’s final form, The Legendary Super Saiyan, grants him green hair. However, similar to other beings in his race, he actually has black hair. Broly is a popular enemy appearing in the Dragon Ball franchise, especially in Dragon Ball Z movies. His story tends to change from movies to his canon version.

If you’re familiar with the first few versions of Broly in the movie, he is a vengeful Super Saiyan out to defeat Goku. However, in the canon, Akira Toriyama changed his behavior to that of a kind-hearted and confused character.

14. Sting Oakley – Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny

20 Best Anime Characters With Green Hair 

A lot of Gundam fans were kind of hoping for more screen time with some of the side characters they made big in the opening themes. Sadly, characters like Sting Oakley got killed off without much screen time. But despite his death in the anime, he was remembered pretty well.

Sting made his debut with Auel Neider and Stella Loussier in the anime Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny. Sting was a member of a special unit under the Earth’s Alliance called Phantom Pain. Sting is one of the Extended Pilots in the series, making him an instrument of war. 

13. Senku Ishigami – Dr. Stone

20 Best Anime Characters With Green Hair 

With how Senku Ishigami’s hair is styled, it’s hard not to put him on this list. Senku is the main hero of the anime Dr. Stone. Aside from his crazy hair, he is known for his catchphrase “Ten Billion Percent.” He hopes to build a civilization in the Stone World and create a Kingdom of Science.

12. Fran – Katekyo Hitman Reborn

20 Best Anime Characters With Green Hair 

While the anime never caught up to the manga, many fans are at least happy they reached the Future Arc, the arc Fran got to debut in. Fran is a disciple of Mukuro Rokudo, but instead of joining the Vongola family, he becomes a member of the Varia ten years after the original timeline.

11. N – Pokemon

20 Best Anime Characters With Green Hair 

N was a lot kinder in the Pokemon anime than he was in the game. N is a character in the Pokemon franchise. In the anime, he makes an appearance in Pokemon: Black and White Adventures in Unova and Beyond.

Unlike most humans, N has the unique ability to hear the inner voices of pokemon and believes that most humans are using pokemon for their personal benefit. However, this belief changes once he witnesses the friendship he sees between Ash and his pokemon in the anime.

10. Eureka – Eureka Seven

20 Best Anime Characters With Green Hair 

For many anime fans who started out watching anime in the early-2000s, Eureka might be some of the few green-haired leads they got to witness. Eureka is the main female character in the anime Eureka Seven and retains a significant role in Sureka Seven AO. In addition, she pilots the Nirvash Type ZERO together with Renton Thurston.

Eureka, in the early parts of the series, is something people would consider a “Black Page” since she was an imitation of a human that the Scub Coral created in order to gather information from other humans. According to her backstory, she is responsible for a large sum of deaths and spends most of the series trying to atone for all the lives that had been lost because of her.

With the help of Renton, she learns to become her own person and lives without the need for orders. She eventually falls in love and marries Renton, and becomes Eureja Thurston. In Eureka Seven: AO, she becomes the mother of Amber Thurston and Ao Fukai. In addition, she also becomes the adoptive mother of Maurice, Maester, and Linck.

9. Tatsumaki – One – Punch Man

20 Best Anime Characters With Green Hair 

One of the most iconic main female characters in the hit series One–Punch Man is the Terrible Tornado herself, Tatsumaki. Tatsumaki is an S-Class Rank 2 hero in the Hero Association and was a member before Saitama joined their ranks. In the association, she is regarded as one of the most powerful heroes to join the association.

Her popularity was so broad that she even had a cameo appearance in the anime Mon Psycho when they discussed what espers are. She is also the older sister and “teacher: of her younger sister, Fubuki. The two sisters are also known as the Psychic Sisters. Because of her strength, she easily gets bored and decides to fight monsters by herself despite not being asked by the Hero’s Association.

8. C. C. – Code Geass

20 Best Anime Characters With Green Hair 

Probably the favorite green-head of her time, C.C. was even awarded 3rd place in Animage’s annual Anime Grand Prix for best female character for the years 2007 and 2008. Everyone just loved the pizza-loving girl when she made her debut in Code Geass.

No one is exactly sure who is what C.C. is, but she is definitely immortal. C.C. has the ability to heal from almost any type of wound, even beheading, and it is also implied that she is much older than she appears. Another addition to her immortality ability, she can also grant people the power of Geass. She was the one who gave Lelouch’s Geass in the first place.

At some point in the anime, her past was revealed to Lelouch. After the big reveal, the two have become closer partners than before. C.C. consider Lelouch as someone she cares about to a certain point since she cannot bring herself to care for humanity in general.

7. Bisca Connell – Fairy Tail

20 Best Anime Characters With Green Hair 

Another fairy has joined the ranks of some of the most loved green-haired characters. Bisca is some of the most loyal Fairy Tail members out there. She was originally from the West and decided to settle in Magnolia to join the wizard the magic guild Fairy Tail.

Bisca has a similar Requip Magic like Erza. However, hers is limited to her guns. This type of Requip is a Spatial Magic that allows Bisca to store and withdraw magical guns and its ammo in a pocket dimension. Aside from her Requip Magic, she is also talented in Guns Magic, allowing her to shoot out spells from her guns.

6. Jae-Ha – Akatsuki No Yona

20 Best Anime Characters With Green Hair 

If we’re looking at color-coded characters, then the Dragon Warriors from Akatsuki no Yona should definitely be considered. Jae-Ha is one of the Dragon Warriors who possess the blood of the green dragon, which shows in his hair color. Due to possessing the green dragon’s blood, he was granted amazing strength in his right leg, which gives him amazing jumping height and distance.

Before joining Yona and her group of warriors, he was a member of Captain Gi-Gan’s pirate crew. However, he eventually joined up with Yona after seeing what type of leader she was. He is the third dragon to join the group. 

For carrying the dragon’s blood, Jae-Ha was heavily mistreated by the village he was originally from. He eventually fled the village to Awa and joined a crew of pirates.

5. Sailor Neptune/ Michiru Kaiou – Sailor Moon

20 Best Anime Characters With Green Hair 

Michiru probably got her hair color the same way she inherited her powers, through the planet she guards and drew her strength from, Neptune. Michiru is one of the lead characters and a part of the Sailor Scouts in the Sailor Moon franchise. She and the other Sailor Scouts/Soldiers are a group of magical girls who fight supernatural enemies who are out to destroy the Solar System.

Sailor Neptune is the member more attuned with the arts. She is often depicted as the most polite and calm Soldier in the series. According to Usagi, she is almost princess-like with how she carries herself.

4. Izuku Midoriya/ Deku – My Hero Academia

20 Best Anime Characters With Green Hair 

Izuku Midoriya is probably one of the first characters that will be on a current anime fan’s mind when talking about green-haired anime characters. Izuku is a new generation type of hero, pulling away from the usual loud and outgoing main character trope. Izuku serves as the main protagonist of the popular anime series My Hero Academia.

Izuku had always wanted to be a hero, like All Might. However, unlike most of the population, he was born Quirkless. A chance encounter with the hero All Might allowed him to inherit his quirk and enroll in the hero academy A.U. High School. Despite only being a hero in training, Izuku ends up with actual hero work due to the movements of a villain group called the League of Villains.

3. Gon Freecss – Hunter x Hunter

20 Best Anime Characters With Green Hair 

Gon has Greenish-black hair but is easily one of the most likable characters out there. Gon is a Rookie Hunter who sets out on an adventure to find his father, Ging Freecss. His father left their home island when Gon was extremely young, so Gon wanted to find out why being a hunter was so important to his father.

Gon usually takes the role of the main protagonist in most story arcs of the series. However, there are arcs where he serves as the deuteragonist, such as in the Yorknew City arc.

2. Lyserg Diethel  – Shaman King

20 Best Anime Characters With Green Hair 

With the Shaman King remake that came out, many of the series’ characters rose up in popularity again. One of the characters that managed to make a reappearance in the remake was the green-haired Lyserg Diesel. Lyserg is one of the characters that appeared in both the original Shaman King series and the remake.

At a young age, Lyserg was orphaned due to Hao Asakura murdering his parents for refusing to join his group of followers. This makes Lyserg vengeful, and he decides to join the Shaman King tournament to take down Hao. He joined a group called the X-Laws, thinking they would aid him with his goal.

1. Roronoa Zoro – One Piece

20 Best Anime Characters With Green Hair 

Many people love One Piece, so it is no surprise that one of the characters from the anime would be on this list. Pirate Hunter Zoro is one of the characters in the anime that is under the Straw Hat Pirates. He also serves as one of the main combatants in the crew. Prior to joining Luffy’s gang, he was a bounty hunter but decided to stick around Luffy.

Zoro is one of the three strongest fighters in the crew, alongside Zoro and Sanji. His goal is also to be known as the strongest swordsman to honor his late friend Kuina.

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