Blade Vs. Captain America: Who Would Win?

Blade Vs Captain America

The Marvel Universe is filled with a plethora of fantastic characters. Each of these characters works in their own corner of the universe, but as anyone who has seen an Avengers film can tell you, when these characters meet, fantastic things happen. Especially when you can see which character is the best, who is stronger or faster. Two of those great characters are, of course, the world-famous Captain America and the more obscure but equally awesome Blade. Who would win in a fight between them?

Taking into account that both characters are some of the best warriors in the Marvel Universe, we have to say that in the context of a battle to the death; where only one fighter can survive the fight, then Blade would be the absolute winner. Blade has a number of advantages that are critical between the two. 

We’re going to compare each character’s abilities, personalities, and fighting styles to see how Blade could win this very difficult fight.

How Strong Is Captain America?

Captain America Lifting Thor Hammer

Captain America quickly rose to prominence as a result of his inclusion in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Chris Evans’ performance was just perfect for the iconic character here, and now the character is bigger than ever was. 

In both movies and in the comics, Captain America is shown to be an expert fighter in hand-to-hand combat. His incredible expertise in this sector is only enhanced by his enhanced strength, his lightning fast reflexes and his ability to think quickly on the go.

Captain America is more than just a fighter; he is also an accomplished tactician, and he proves his worth when it comes to this in many instances. Especially the ones where his physical abilities are just not up to par with the enemies he’s fighting.

Steven Rogers, our Captain America, is a brave man as well, and he never gives up. This is one of the traits that the movies were able to come across very well. 

When it comes to fighting Blade, Captain would definitely be a strong opponent. Putting him down would be a hard task, but his fighting style is fluid enough that he can adapt to any obstacle in his way. Captain America also carries his famous shield, which is one of the most durable and versatile weapons in the Marvel Universe, especially when handled by Steven Rogers. 

In summary, Captain America has the strength, reflexes, and tactical abilities to fight one-on-one and even win against a lot of powerful characters in the Marvel Universe. These abilities can even make him win against characters that are stronger than him in terms of physical strength.

How Strong Is Blade?

Blade Fighting With Vampires

Now, let’s talk about Blade. He was popularized by the trilogy of movies starring Wesley Snipes, and it should be said that the first Blade movie ignited Hollywood’s passion for comic book adaptations. There would not be a Marvel Cinematic Universe without the first Blade. 

In those movies, Blade is presented in all of his glory. He’s an expert martial artist, swordsman, marksman, and has beyond human expertise with many other kinds of weapons. He is also a dhampir, which would be a person born from a mixture between a human and a vampire. 

Being a dhampir gives Blade, superhuman strength, a powerful healing factor, super sense, and more. Vampires should be envious of Blade as he gets all the perks without the drawbacks, as he can walk in the sun, and he isn’t weak to most of the other vampire weaknesses. He can also turn into a bat, and he possibly has all the other classic vampire powers as well.

Throughout his run in the comics, Blade has shown immense ability when in one-on-one combat, and he has defeated characters like Wolverine in the past with ease. When it comes to fighting, Blade is relentless. He’s a lot more vicious in his fighting style than Captain America, and his stamina levels are quite high as well. On the other hand, Captain’s levels of stamina are way lower.

Blade’s signature weapon is his adamantium sword. When your sword is made out of the hardest element in existence, then you know everybody should fear you. It has been known that adamantium can cut through everything, even vibranium. So, Captain’s shield might be saying goodbye if these two end up fighting.

Blade also has an optional transformation, like, for example, when he drinks blood. When in this state, Blade becomes 10 times stronger and faster. If Blade enters this state during the fight, what would otherwise be a difficult fight between Blade and the Captain becomes an easy victory for Blade.

So, Blade comes out on top in almost every scenario. This doesn’t mean that Captain is weak, or that he is a bad fighter. He is an excellent warrior, but Blade just has more options in his arsenal and his power just goes beyond what Captain is able to achieve by just being a Super Soldier.

Maybe in the future, with Blade joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we can see these two fight on screen and put this question to rest.