Can Listening To Music Impact The Way We Play Games? We Discuss

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Music is powerful. It has the power to evoke emotions and feelings. A song can take us back to a moment in our lives, whether cherished or heartbreaking. Lyrics can perfectly capture moments we have experienced or how we are feeling. Melodies can influence our mood by making us feel calm, blue, angry, and happy. It can even create a sense of fear. For instance, the gradual build-up in the Jaws theme tune mimics the impending danger. Two notes repeating but increasing in speed is renowned for evoking fear.

It is not just films that music can influence; it is games too. The music in games has been carefully crafted and chosen to suit the theme and genre of the game. Soundtracks to horror games are filled with haunting melodies and a slow build to spark tension and fear as you navigate through a game. Relaxing games feature softer melodies that help to lull you into a peaceful state whilst playing.

Although games feature music within the game, many players will likely mute it in favor of their own soundtracks and playlists. Does listening to music we choose to play in the background impact the way we play games? Keep reading to find out.

Help To Enhance The Experience

Music in games is chosen for the game. It is created to suit the theme of the game. The right music chosen can help to enhance a player’s gameplay experience. As such, having the right music can have a noticeable impact on a player and the games they play. Some might choose to select their music to help them enhance the experience. This could be because they find the music in the game to be repetitive or distracting, or they would prefer their own music.

For instance, if someone chooses to spend a little time playing an online casino game or two, they might want to stay focused and have music that suits the games they are playing. After scrolling through a live list of sites, players will likely find a live online casino to play. They might put one of their own playlists in the background, one that mimics the ambience in a physical casino. This could help them to immerse themselves in the experience.

Potential To Affect Our Focus

Every game is different. Some games require greater focus than others. Storytelling games require a player’s focus as it guides them through the game’s storyline. The chosen music can help set the tone for the rest of the game. However, not all music in games suits the style and tempo of a game. Gamers might find the choice of music in a game to be too distracting. Instead, they prefer to have the music on mute or have a playlist of their choosing playing in the background. Their chosen playlist could be the music they want to hear in the game.

With their chosen playlist, they might find themselves able to concentrate better on the game. The music chosen might reflect the tone of the game. A game designed to be relaxing will have music that reflects this. The selected playlist in the background could contain peaceful ballads or piano melodies that help create a calming atmosphere in which a player can focus on the game.

Impact Chances Of Succeeding

Enhancing the experience and keeping players focused can positively impact how successful a person is when playing. Since music can impact both of these aspects, it can also affect their success when playing. The right music can help to put players in the right mindset to play the game and be successful.

However, if players are distracted by the choice of music, the loss of focus could impact how successful they are. It could cause them to make mistakes they could have avoided or miss things due to a lack of concentration on the game. It leads to some players muting the sound of the game or choosing their own music.

Keep You Playing For Longer

Have you ever stayed in a store a little longer than needed because you liked the song playing in the background? You are not alone. Recent research found that 41% of customers would spend longer in a shop because of the song playing over the speakers. The same can be applied to music playing whilst playing games. If a gamer had a playlist of their choosing playing in the background, they might continue playing their game for longer because they like the music. If they were to be at the point of logging off a game, it could take one catchy song they adore to keep them playing for a bit longer.

The game’s music could also help keep you playing for longer, especially if it alludes to more happening. For instance, when playing a horror game, the music might have a noticeable change, which could indicate something is about to occur. If a player was just about to sign off, the sudden change in music could entice them to continue playing, so they could see what caused the shift in the game’s music. Some games have popular songs playing throughout the game. Players might like the choice of songs on the playlist, and every time a new song starts, they might delay signing off.

The Verdict

Can listening to music impact the way we play games? The answer: depends on the player. Every gamer is different, from their choice of games to what music options they prefer to have on whilst playing. Some might enjoy the music the game has playing as it helps them fully immerse themselves in the game. Others might prefer to sit in silence as they find any form of music, whether it be from the game or their own playlists, too distracting whilst playing.

The music in games and personal music choices whilst playing games can vary on an individual. As mentioned, music will impact gamers differently. The only person that can decide on music preference is the individual playing their chosen games. In doing so, they can see what music works best for them and what impacts their gameplay.