Date A Live Watch Order: The Complete Anime Guide 

Date A Live Watch Order: The Complete Anime Guide 

Harem anime are usually just being watched casually since the settings and situations seem to never fit into reality too well. However, despite that knowledge, there are some harem anime that have stolen the hearts of millions across the globe.

Date A Live is one of those types of anime that fans just cannot get enough off. The anime is your typical multiple girl-dating and world-saving harem anime. Still, its popularity has given the franchise four anime seasons, three movies, and four video games. This harem franchise is a league of its own.

If you are curious about the phenomenon of Date A Live, we highly recommend giving the anime a tryout for yourself. I am providing my recommended watch order for this harem anime in this article. 

Date A Live

Date A Live Watch Order: The Complete Anime Guide 

Original Run: April 6 – June 22, 2013

Number of Episodes: 12

Produced By: Anime International Company

It’s important to start Date A Live from its first anime release, which is Date A Live season 1, the anime adaptation of the first set of light novels released back in 2013. Based on the story written by Koshi Tachibana and illustrated by Tsunako, the anime follows closely to its source material. 

Similar to the light novels, fans follow the adventure of Shido Itsuka and the Spirits. The Spirits are a group of supernatural female beings who have somehow fallen in love with Shido. It all started when Shido met the first girl who he named Tohka. Tohka was a Spirit rejected by the world. Tohka is apparently the Spirit responsible for wiping out humanity 30 years ago. The only way to stop her from bringing an end to humanity is to date her.

Apparently, he has to date the other Spirits to seal their power and keep the world safe. The first season of Date A Live covers the first four volumes of the light novel.

Date A Live: Date to Date

Date A Live Watch Order: The Complete Anime Guide 

Aired: December 9, 2013

Produced by: Anime International Company

Date A Live: Date to Date is both the thirteenth episode and first OVA episode of the hit harem series that was released on December 9, 2013. Since it is also to be treated as the 13th episode, fans should watch this directly after season 1.

However, there doesn’t seem to be much story in this OVA. This OVA can be treated as an extra episode for laughs and fan service. The other Spirits do not have a significant role in this OVA as the extra focuses on Shido, Tobiichii, and Tohka, the central two girls of the series.

In the story, Shidou no longer wants Tobiichii to date him, so he tries to devise a plan with Kotori to make Tobiichii dislike him. However, none of the plans they came up with seem to be working since Tobiishii’s love for him seems to be unwavering. Tohka enters the picture and constantly tries to prove that she loves Shidou more than anyone else.

Date A Live II

Date A Live Watch Order: The Complete Anime Guide 

Original Run: April 12 – Jun 14, 2014

Number of Episodes: 10

Produced By: Production IMS

This is the continuation of the first season. By now, we are already familiar with the concepts of Spirits. From what was revealed in the first season, viewers are aware of these Spirit entities. These beings are granted immense powers and are capable of creating spatial quakes whenever and wherever they appear. 

In order to stop them, people have the option of using brute force. However, this does not guarantee success. Another more effective way to seal their power is by making these entities fall in love with you, which is what the protagonist of Date A Live has decided to do. 

In the previous season, Shido has managed to seal 3 Spirits and now continues the mission with Ratatoskr to locate more spirits and date them. The more Spirits he dates, the safer the world will become. However, it seems there is an even greater Threat the world has to face on top of the Spirits. 

Date A Live II: Kurumi Star Festival

Date A Live Watch Order: The Complete Anime Guide 

Aired: December 8, 2014

Produced By: Production IMS

Right before the Tanabata festival, Shidou meets the mysterious Kurumi  Tokisaki, who has asked him to be her date. Shidou decides to accept. They visit the planetarium and buy food at the festival stalls. The date goes as far as trying out the mock wedding ceremony. While all of this is happening, his friends are all at the festival, wondering what happened to Shidou.

Kurumi is known to be the Worst Spirit. However, through their Tanabata date, Shidou discovers a much softer side to Kurumi.

Date A Live Movie: Mayuri Judgment

Date A Live Watch Order: The Complete Anime Guide 

Aired: August 22, 2015

Produced By: Production IMS

With all the Female Spirits happy, Shidou and Tengu city are at peace living their daily lives. However, a huge sphere suddenly appears and begins emitting mysterious spiritual waves to the city. Meanwhile, a mysterious girl has shown up and seems to be stalking Shidou. 

Shidou starts to notice this. What exactly is the reason why this girl is so transfixed with him is something he has to figure out in the movie.

Date A Live III

Date A Live Watch Order: The Complete Anime Guide 

Original Run: January 11 – March 29, 2019

Number of Episodes: 12

Produced By: Nippon Columbia, Kadokawa

Things are starting to be normal for Shidou as he is getting used to handling his Spirits and his aggressive classmate. However, peaceful times come to an end as another spatial quake warning sends him to venture around an abandoned amusement park to meet a new Spirit. Unfortunately, as he tries to learn more about this Spirit, he unknowingly offends her.

It looks like the fate of the world is once again put into the hands of Shidou as he must now make a new Spirit and possibly others fall for him.

Date A Bullet: Dead or Bullet

Date A Live Watch Order: The Complete Anime Guide 

Aired: August 14, 2020

Produced By: Nippon Columbia

Shindou takes a seat back for this movie. This movie focuses on the OVA star Kurumi and a quasi-Spirit named Hibiki Higoromo. Kurumi finds herself in a different world, befriending a white-furred cat. However, the two soon part ways. She later meets a female quasi-Spirit, Hibiki. The mysterious girl tells Kurumi that they are currently in the middle of a war game.

According to Hibiki, the killing game is participated among neighboring quasi-Spirits. They compete for their wish to be granted, which will be given to the lone survivor of the game. After Kurumi understands the game’s rules, she and Hibiki form a temporary alliance.

Date A Bullet: Nightmare or Queen

Date A Live Watch Order: The Complete Anime Guide 

Aired: November 13, 2020

Produced By: Nippon Columbia

The last movie didn’t end the story of Date A Bullet. After only two months of waiting, fans got to watch the film’s second installment, Date A Bullet. Here we get to see what exactly will happen to the two Spirits who decided to make a temporary alliance.

From the title itself, fans can already guess this is a face-off between Kurumi, who is also known as Nightmare, and Hibiki, who is also nicknamed White Queen. Just which of them will win the final battle, and what would be the victor’s wish?

Date A Live IV

Date A Live Watch Order: The Complete Anime Guide 

Original Run: Still Airing as of Writing

Number of Episodes: 12

Produced By: Nippon Columbia, Kadokawa, AT-X, Docomo Anime Store

Despite gathering a harem of Spirits, it seems Shidou is about to face his largest challenge. Shidou runs into a starving woman in the street and decides to help her. He brings her back to her apartment, where she introduces herself as Nia Honjou, a manga artist. However, she doesn’t say much about her work. She reveals that she is, in fact, a Spirit and knows about Shidou’s mission.

Apparently, Nia wants to witness first-hand how Shidou works his charm into a Spirit’s heart. Nia challenges the boy to make her fall in love with him through a date. Determined to seal her powers as a Spirit, Shidou accepts.

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