Does Gon Get His Nen Back and When?

Does Gon Get His Nen Back and When?

Gon was a main character in the Hunter x Hunter anime series, but his story didn’t end as fans wanted. After losing the ability to use his Nen in the fight with Neferpitou, it wasn’t clear if he recovered it. But does Gon get back his Nen in Hunter x Hunter, and if so, when?

Gon doesn’t lose his Nen in the HxH story; he only loses the ability to use it. He may get over his deficiency and regain the ability to use his Nen, but that’s very unlikely. With the story currently on hiatus, it’s unlikely that we’ll ever see Gon use his Nen again in the story.

Hunter x Hunter has taken fans on a long but exciting journey, and everyone’s expectant to see how this plot will turn out. Naturally, most fans want Gon to regain control of his Nen to become a proficient hunter once again. This article will analyze relevant circumstances to determine if Gon will ever regain his Nen.

How Did Gon Lose His Nen?

Does Gon Get His Nen Back and When?

Gon had been slowly developing his Nen before setting out to find his father. Together with Killua, he has to first return to Kite, the apprentice who had told him that his father was still alive. Kite was researching Neferpitou, a large ant that had built a colony by devouring people and re-creating monsters.

When the trio faced Neferpitou’s soldiers, Kite sacrificed himself to let Gon and Killua escape safely. Since Gon wasn’t the type to let his comrade die unavenged, he returned to fight Neferpitou. 

After the battle with Neferpitou, however, Gon lost his Nen. According to his friends, his emotions had pushed him over the edge. Kite’s death had hurt him so much that he made a pact with his Nen.

The contract made him powerful enough to beat Neferpitou to death with his bare hands. Once the temporary pact was sealed, his Nen grew so much that his young body couldn’t handle the transformation. The result was a mutation where Gon developed into a full-grown adult, how he’d have looked 20 years into the future.

The fight was one to the death where he succeeded in destroying the ant queen. While he lost his arm and control of his Nen, he was satisfied, as he succeeded in avenging his friend.

After defeating Neferpitou, Gon’s transformation was halted, and he returned to being a normal boy. However, he lost the ability to feel, sense, or use his aura, depriving him of his powers.

Will Gon Get His Nen Back?

Does Gon Get His Nen Back and When?

While there isn’t any indication that Gon has regained his Nen, he hasn’t lost it completely either. From his conversation with Ging, fans learned that he only lost the ability to use the Nen.

However, that doesn’t answer if Gon will get back the Nen. If you have some experience with other anime series, you’ll notice that the ambiguity on this topic isn’t abnormal. As it stands, Gon may or may not get back his Nen, depending on if he’s needed again in the series.

With the story’s original creator presently battling with illness, it’s very unlikely that we’ll see the story’s conclusion. Until the writer becomes healthy or someone else takes control of his story, the story will likely stay the same.

We know he still possesses his Nen, thanks to Alluka restoring him to his normal self. During his conversation with Ging, he also learned that his Nen was still intact. However, his father said he might be unable to see, feel, or use it anymore.

Ging also tells Gon that being alive is more important than getting his Nen back. He advised that Gon finds something else to do with his life, especially now that Gon had found Ging. Despite this, he added that if Gon wanted his Nen back, he’d have to pay the price.

If Gon were ever relevant to the story, the writers could make him pay the price, reviving his aura. Still, Gon getting his Nen back is under a lot of debate. From the manga’s development, it’s only logical that he regains his use of Nen and achieves greater things

On the other hand, Togashi might decide to take the focus from Gon and direct it to another character in the series. Another possible scenario is that we never get to see the end of Hunter x Hunter. Whatever happens, there’s only so much that the fans can do.

Is Gon’s Story Over?

Does Gon Get His Nen Back and When?

The end scene of Hunter x Hunter looks like the end of Gon’s story. One of the reasons this looks so is that Gon has completed his primary mission – finding his father. This mission started the entire story and pushed him out of Whale Island on a quest to become a hunter. 

If he had never learned that his father was alive, he would never have embarked on a journey, and there’d be no story about Gon. He would never have faced the Chimera ant or known any of his three friends.

Now that he had found his father, it looked as though there was nothing more for Gon to do. Aside from this, he and Killua seemed to have separated permanently after deciding on what they’d probably do in the future. 

This development has brought the story to a momentary standstill. The writer could end the story if he willed, but interviews from Yoshihiro Togashi indicate that the story isn’t over yet.

With the story currently on a hiatus, we may never see the end of Hunter x Hunter. The story has taken long breaks in the past, but the most recent one is starting to look endless. While  Yohishiro Togashi has expressed willingness to complete the manga before he dies, his health issues make him incapable. 

The anime has been on an even longer hiatus than the manga. While the last manga chapter was released in 2018, the anime hasn’t received an update since 2014. So until new updates pop up, anime fans will have to wait.

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