Does Midnight Die in My Hero Academia?

As the students of U.A. become more involved with pro-hero work, the more they are exposed to the harsh reality of death among heroes. What’s worse is that they are starting to lose people they have personal attachments to. It probably won’t be long till U.A. loses a staff member, but who would be a victim?

Unfortunately, the staff member who dies in My Hero Academia is Midnight. Her death wasn’t apparent because it was done off-screen. However, she was confirmed to be one of the casualties during the war against the Paranormal Liberation Front.

Of all the Pro Heroes, why did it have to be Midnight, and how did she go down? How does the death of Midnight affect the morale of her students and the other teacher’s U.A.? This article will discuss more details about her death and the effects it had on the story of My Hero Academia.

When and How Did Midnight Die?

Midnight died off-screen in Chapter 278, she and Kamui Woods were tasked to get close enough to Gigantomachia’s face so Midnight could use her Quirk to put the giant to sleep. Unfortunately, the two were stopped by Dabi’s fire hitting Kamui, causing both heroes to fall. 

In addition, Midnight was also hit by debris that was released by the villain Mr. Compress and flames from Dabi. The villains following Gigantomachia later engaged Midnight, who was already in bad shape. After she gives her final instructions to Yaoyorozu, it is believed that she died a few moments later.

Her death was later confirmed in Chapter 296, where a panel with her beat-up mask depicted her death. On the same page, a group of 1-A students presumably found her dead body in the forest. She is later added to the list of casualties of the war.

What Was Her Last Order to Yaoyorozu?

Midnight trusted Yaoyorozu with the mission to get classes 1-A and 1-B to sedate  Gigantomachia. Putting the giant to sleep was Midnight’s mission before she died, and she decided to pass on the mission to Yaoyorozu, believing she was capable of leading this mission alongside the other students.

Momo decided to have Gigantomachia swallow 30 liters of a sedative to stop his rampage. Following her lead, the students of U.A. started to proceed with the operation. Kirishima managed to get the vial into the giant’s mouth. Eventually, while the students shifted their focus to rescue, aid, and assist missions, the sedatives finally took effect.

Who Mourned for the Death of Midnight?

It’s possible the entire staff, faculty, and students mourned the loss of Midnight. However, they probably did so off-screen. Those who were shown to be visibly upset about her death among the faculty are Eraserhead and Present Mic. Midnight was a senior to them during their days as students and even when Present Mic and Aizawa decided to teach in U.A.

Her students in class 1-A, particularly Mina, Kirishima, Yaoyorozu, and Rikido, were shown to mourn when they discovered her dead body in the woods. Mina is also seen to be deeply affected by the death of Midnight as she is shown crying over death in another instance.

Why Was Midnight an Important Character to U.A.?

Despite not having a good amount of screen time as Eraserhead, Present Mic, and All Might, she is one of the main teachers that handled the freshmen in U.A. High School. She taught Modern Hero Art History and helped train the kids in combat and strategy. 

While it was hardly shown in manga or anime, it was hinted that she grew attached to her first-year students and greatly believed in their potential. How she comments on her student’s growth and abilities hints that she has been watching over the kids for a significant amount of time while they were under her.

She also served as a good friend to her juniors. She was particularly close to Eraserhead, Present Mic, and Shirakumo. She took care of the cat the three of them found while they were still students. It is also said that Midnight will send photos of the same cat to Eraserhead. When Shirakumo died, she openly mourned for him alongside Eraserhead and Present Mic.

In addition, Midnight also acted as a substitute homeroom teacher to class 1-A at certain times. For example, when it was time for them to pick hero names, Eraserhead asked her to take charge of his class. In a way, we can owe a portion to Midnight for helping the students come up with amazing hero names.

What Fights Did Midnight Participate in to Help the Heroes?

Midnight isn’t known for her fighting abilities, but just like the hero she strives to be, she is always ready to put her life on the line for the safety of society. At the beginning of My Hero Academia, she was one of the staff members that fought off the villains who had attacked the U.S.J.

During the Final Exams Arc, Midnight was tasked to fight against Mineta and Sero. She had to prevent the students from reaching a particular area. If the students managed to get past her, the team would be considered “passed” for the finals.

Sero eventually fell victim to her Quirk, but Mineta, a fan of hers, knew her Quirk’s weakness. Mineta managed to get past Midnight and rescue Sero. The students eventually managed to make it past the gate and pass the exam.

Midnight also helped Eraserheads class prepare for their provisional hero license exam. She focused on helping discover their own special moves or sharpen particular abilities that they have been working on.

The last time she was seen in action was during the Paranormal Liberation War. Midnight was part of a pro-hero group that was tasked to raid the Gunga Mountain Villa. However, when Gigantomachia awoke, she and Kamui were assigned to sedate the giant since other attacks seemed to have no effect on Gigantomachia.

The battle against Gigantomachia is the final time fans get to see her in action and alive. It wasn’t even Gigantomachia that killed her. A group of unknown villains who were part of the Paranormal Liberation Front did her in. However, no one can argue that Midnight died as a true hero in battle. Midnight not only fought, but she also influenced a great number of young heroes with her teachings and sacrifices. 

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